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20 Avengers: Endgame Theories That Could Be True

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Published on 26 February 2019

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If you thought Marvel Studios and the MCU had a lot of movies, well, then just imagine how many theories have come from all of them. Before you waste any more time scrolling through reddit and looking for more insight on the latest Iron Man meme -- let us break things down for you. We’ve gathered together some of the top Avengers: Endgame theories and check this out: a majority of them could be true! So don’t worry, we’re not going to try and convince you that Wolverine and Deadpool are hiding on Tony Stark’s ship back to Earth! Now let’s dive right in!

Our list of theories includes everything from crazy deaths, the appearances of characters, and the return of Hawkeye. Who from the original Avengers will meet their demise? All signs seem to be pointing to Captain America, but will that be the case? Also, keep an eye out for Iron Man and some possible ways the hero can continue to fight crime even after his possible death. Thanos wasn’t stopped in Infinity War, but he may not even be the huge villain the heroes have to take on in Endgame. Will there be a new Black Panther and could it be his own little sister? Theories have spread online like wildfire and we’re here to help break them all down for you! Thanks to toys and other products, we already know a few plot spoilers from the movie! Watch to see all of these theories and predict which ones will actually come true!

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