Which Diets Actually Work?
Debunking some common diets, and seeing which work! More Food and Health Science videos!
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What's the Best Diet? Healthy Eating 101
Check out our new website http://www.reframehealthlab.com/ Follow Dr. Mike for new videos! http://twitter.com/docmikeevans The Centre for Child Nutrit...
6 years ago - 888,242 views
What is the best diet for humans? | Eran Segal | TEDxRuppin
Prof. Eran Segal presented conclusions from the research on the TEDxRuppin stage and made us question common dietary beliefs. For additional informati...
5 years ago - 3,228,469 views
What's the DASH Diet and Why Doctors Call It the Best Diet
How to lose belly fat? How to lose weight fast without exercises? Doctors say that this diet is the most effective way to improve your overall conditi...
4 years ago - 7,666,663 views
Diets! Which Ones Work for Losing Weight and Keeping it Off?
There are so, so many diets out there. Some are low in fat, others are low in carbs. Some involve special foods, others tell you to avoid them. So wha...
7 years ago - 135,329 views
Best And Worst Diets Of 2019, Including Keto And DASH | TODAY
Looking to lose weight in the new year? Good Housekeeping nutrition director and registered dietitian Jackie London weighs in on which diet plans to f...
3 years ago - 44,070 views
The Truth About Fad Diets
Fad diets are surging in popularity as individuals are looking for quick and easy ways to shed extra pounds. This video explores four popular fad diet...
4 years ago - 8,480 views
How to spot a fad diet - Mia Nacamulli
View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/do-fad-diets-work-mia-nacamulli Conventional wisdom about diets, including government health recommendatio...
6 years ago - 698,954 views
US News and World Report's best diets of 2021 l GMA
Dr. Jennifer Ashton breaks down the top diet trends for the year and why the Mediterranean Diet is an overall favorite. LEARN MORE: https://gma.abc/3p...
9 months ago - 13,105 views
Doctor Mike On Diets: Intermittent Fasting | Diet Review
Hey guys! I've seen over and over questions and comments regarding dieting so I decided to start a series where I conduct a diet review in detail. I k...
4 years ago - 4,345,707 views
Why dieting doesn't usually work | Sandra Aamodt
In the US, 80% of girls have been on a diet by the time they're 10 years old. In this honest, raw talk, neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt uses her personal...
8 years ago - 624,308 views
A healthy diet, a healthier world
Today there is a new nutrition reality. It is a reality where undernutrition (such as micronutrient deficiencies, stunting and wasting) , overweight, ...
1 year ago - 89,232 views
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease & Diet | Diets to Prevent and Reduce Severity of NAFLD
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease & Diet | Diets to Prevent and Reduce Severity of NAFLD Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is the most common ...
12 months ago - 276,282 views
The Truth About Diets with Dr Giles Yeo
Each New Year brings new diets and health fads; carnivore, keto, paleo, plant-based. But what actually works? Dr Giles Yeo explores how to break the c...
9 months ago - 10,061 views
Diets Uncovered
Look at all of that delicious fuel! That's what food is, fuel for your body. If you are trying to lose weight, choosing the best fuel can be confusing...
2 years ago - 1,705 views
Why diets fail; it's not what you think. | Krzysztof Czaja | TEDxPeachtree
What if nonfat foods are actually making us less likely to lose weight? Neuroscientist Krzysztof Czaja's research focuses on obesity and finding no-su...
4 years ago - 81,376 views
New Research On Plant-Based Diets and Mortality
A new study out this month claims plant-based diets are associated with lower risk of not only cardiovascular disease and mortality but of all-cause m...
2 years ago - 267,955 views
4 Fad Diets That Actually Work
Fad diets are extremely popular for losing weight. They typically promise rapid weight loss and other health benefits, based on no evidence whatsoever...
4 years ago - 18,210 views
Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review
Hey guys! I am back with the next installment of my diet review series. This week I am covering the incredibly popular ketogenic diet. Within the last...
3 years ago - 2,150,066 views
Which is better- low carb or Mediterranean diets?
A new study suggests low carb and Mediterranean diets are similar for blood sugar control despite better weight loss from low carb diet. But what do t...
5 months ago - 25,309 views
The Truth About Low-Carb Diets and 'Slow Carbs'
To learn more about Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic, please visit https://cle.clinic/2EK9DBw While low-carb diets have become a popular fad, ....
6 years ago - 823,329 views
The Best Science-Based Diet for Fat Loss (ALL MEALS SHOWN!)
When it comes to "the best diet to lose weight" (also known as a "cutting diet"), you'll get A LOT of suggestions as to which diet to lose weight fast...
3 years ago - 6,802,741 views
A keto diet for beginners
How do you eat a keto diet? How do you maximize weight loss, increased energy, appetite control, and other potential health benefits? Check out our fu...
4 years ago - 6,137,636 views
Nutrition Therapy Overview: Specialty Diets, Administration Methods & Benefits | Lecturio Nursing
In this video “Nutrition Therapy Overview: Specialty Diets, Administration Methods & Benefits” you will learn about: ▻the benefits of adequate n...
2 months ago - 1,769 views
Diets to Improve Type 2 Diabetes | The Food Hospital | Tonic
Under the care of The Food Hospital team, six obese women with type 2 diabetes are monitored 24 hours a day as they live in the same house, battling h...
1 year ago - 13,781 views
Honest Whole30 Diet Review | Doctor Mike On Diets | Wednesday Checkup
https://ThriveMarket.com/ThriveMike to sign up for your special offer from Thrive Market! Since I've covered Keto and intermittent fasting I decided t...
2 years ago - 546,982 views
ADHD Diets
Dr. Nicholas Levy of Children's Physicians Medical Group (CPMG), practicing at El Camino Pediatrics in Encinitas, discusses the importance of a health...
6 years ago - 2,428 views
How Diets Became A $71 Billion Industry, From Atkins To Noom
It's that time of the year—holiday feasts, January 1st, new year's resolutions. And if you've told yourself, “this is the year I'm going to lose t...
9 months ago - 42,024 views
Is the Mediterranean Diet the Healthiest Diet? | Eat Smarter | Dietitian Q&A
The Mediterranean diet may be the healthiest diet in the world. Rather than a strict meal plan, it's a way of eating that emphasizes enjoying whole fo...
2 years ago - 63,822 views
Low Histamine Diets for MCAS and Long COVID Patients
Please read and agree to the disclaimer before watching this video. . Low Histamine Diets for MCAS and Long COVID Patients Let's continue our discussi...
5 months ago - 22,512 views

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