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SGI Indigo2: An $86,000 Workstation from 1995
Diving into the Silicon Graphics Indigo² desktop workstation computer! This was a beast in 1995, and yes, "it's a UNIX system, I know this!" How do t...
5 years ago - 1,780,920 views
An SGI Indigo2 R10000 MAX IMPACT running various IRIX Demos
This video shows the performance demonstrated by a Silicon Graphics Indigo2 R10000 MAX IMPACT, while running various IRIX Demos.
2 years ago - 2,072 views
Blender on an SGI Indigo2 R10000 MAX IMPACT @ 195MHz
This video shows Blender test performance on an SGI Indigo2 R10000 MAX IMPACT @ 195MHz.
2 years ago - 766 views
Rendering an Indy case on an SGI Indigo2 R10000 MAX IMPACT using mental ray final gather in MAYA 6.5
This video shows Maya 6.5 demonstrated on an SGI Indigo2 R10000 MAX IMPACT.
2 years ago - 940 views
Rebuilding a $34K SGI Computer from 1994 | Indigo2 Extreme Retro Revisit
We rebuilt an SGI (Silicon Graphics) computer from 1994, sent to us by SGI Depot, to look at high-end graphics from an old flagship workstation. Ad: B...
3 years ago - 253,237 views
ioquake3 demonstrated on the Silicon Graphics Indigo2 R10000 MAX IMPACT
This video shows ioquake3 demonstrated on the best desktop graphics system available between 1995 and 1996.
2 years ago - 1,119 views
Sgi indigo2 impact 10000 silicon graphics workstation
Sgi indigo2 impact 10000 silicon graphics workstation.
4 years ago - 219 views
Hexen II demonstrated on a Silicon Graphics Indigo2 R10000 MAX IMPACT machine
This video shows Hexen II demonstrated on the most powerful desktop graphics available in 1996.
2 years ago - 493 views
Silicon Graphics INDIGO 2 IMPACT performance
General demos and media performance on the Silicon Graphics INDIGO 2 IMPACT.
2 years ago - 1,115 views
1995 Silicon Graphics Indigo2 IMPACT commercial
Silicon Graphics Indigo2 IMPACT commercial dated 1995-06-30.
5 years ago - 6,566 views
SGI's $250,000 Graphics Supercomputer from 1993 - Silicon Graphics Onyx RealityEngine²
An in-depth look at my Silicon Graphics Onyx RealityEngine², a $250000 graphics supercomputer from 1993. Includes some history and background regardi...
3 years ago - 2,012,985 views
SGI Indigo2 Impact R10000 Workstation - sample video
MPlayer sample video on Silicon Graphics Indigo2 IMPACT R10000 (195MHz) 384 MB RAM memory witch SI graphic card .
10 years ago - 1,898 views
Silicon Graphics Indigo2 Maximum Impact - Welcome to IRIX 5.3!
Here is a brief description of my Indigo 2's specifications (hinv): - Maximum Impact with 4 MB texture RAM - MIPS R4400 clocked at 200 MHz (2 MB L2 Ca...
10 years ago - 8,431 views
Alias Wavefront Studio on the Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 IMPACT
Modeling the Alessi kettle on the awesome Silicon Graphics Indigo 2 Impact graphics workstation! Dispersion Relation by Kevin MacLeod is licensed unde...
2 years ago - 521 views
Silicon Graphics Indigo2 Maximum Impact - IRIX 5.3 System Tour
This video demonstrates the System Tour which comes as a default application on your standard installation of IRIX 5.3! The purpose of this video is t...
10 years ago - 2,569 views
Silicon Graphics Indigo2 Maximum Impact - Desktop and folders (plus FSN)
This is a sample of me navigating through some folders and trying out some settings. I also demonstrate some simplistic functions of FSN ("File System...
10 years ago - 3,839 views
Silicon Graphics Indigo2 Maximum Impact - Newton (old-school physics demo)
This interesting application allows the user to mess with the laws of physics! By rotating the "playing field" cube, one can physically manipulate (or...
10 years ago - 5,317 views
Quake III auf der SGI Indigo 2 mit High-AA Impact
SGI Indigo² - MIPS R10000 175 MHz-CPU - 320 MB RAM - 73 GB SCSI-HDD - High Impact-AA-Grafik mit zusätzlichem TRAM - IRIX 6.5.22f.
6 years ago - 711 views
The Complete History of Silicon Graphics (1982 - 2009)
A video overview of the complete history of Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI), from their founding in 1982 through to their final bankruptcy in 2009. This v...
4 years ago - 143,037 views
SiliconGraphics Indigo 2
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
11 years ago - 11 views
INDIGO PART 2: An exploration of colour inspired by vibrant indigo, International Klein Blue and rich denim washes. ...
10 years ago - 13,721 views
How to Pass Journal Entry? Simple Logic & Rules of Debit & Credit - Accounting | Nov 2021 | May 2022
DoubleEntry #Accounting #CAFoundation #CBSE For courses / modules for CA Inter, CA IPCC, CA Final, CMA, CPA, CS please visit or r...
3 years ago - 14,351 views
Indigo Impact is an internal Garrison: Archangel Tournament for the employees of Indigo Entertainment. It features new bodies we have yet to release.
4 years ago - 149 views
This Is Only 2 Render Distance With This Amazing Minecraft Mod
With this Minecraft mod installed, even the lowest render distance settings can still look good. It truly changes how your world looks, and in the fut...
5 months ago - 707,816 views

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