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Auras, Indigos & Wisdom
Auras, Indigo & Wisdom - In todays video I go over what auras are and what "indigo children / people" are... Also I talk about how wisdom is not depen...
1 year ago - 1,236 views
The Indigo Aura. A New Age Aura?
A new aura? Here is a short description of one of the most fascinating auras in the aura spectrum. For support or counseling: Much of my art work is r...
1 year ago - 1,610 views
The Indigo Aura And What Having An Indigo Aura Means For You
Indigo, associated with Ajna or the Third Eye Chakra links physically with our pituitary gland. In the spiritual Indigo is associated with intuition, ...
3 years ago - 10,672 views
Indigo Children & Adults- (5 - Signs you're an Indigo Soul)
Indigo children and adults are highly unique spirits. They are very much needed at this time of transformation. Indigos are game-changers and love to ...
6 years ago - 357,284 views
Pam Oslie | Love Colors | Indigo Aura
01:46 our new, fun and exciting dating site is live and FREE! is designed to help you find the love of your life...
11 years ago - 8,301 views
Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children
Gavin Haynes has come from England to America to investigate the secret world of Indigo Children, a select group of people who believe they were born ...
6 years ago - 6,360,836 views
The 4 Types of Indigos!
Indigochild #highlysensitiveperson #lightworker Spiritual Coach Candace van Dell talks about the 4 types of Indigos! Yes we are all here to change the...
5 years ago - 140,939 views
Your Aura Color Meanings Explained by Top Psychic Medium.
This video explains the colors of the aura and their meanings. For detailed articles see here: Would you ...
2 years ago - 18,302 views
Indigo Cypher Ft. 3rd Eye Indigo, Illuminati Congo, Aura Da Prophet, Drok The Menace, Kyle Bent
This is a conscious hip-hop indigo cypher featuring Illuminati Congo, Aura Da Prophet, Drok The Menace and Kyle Bent off of 3rd Eye's new album "Indig...
3 years ago - 84,142 views
Indigo Children - Who Are They? (4 Types Of Indigos And Their Mission)
Indigo children are very special and like crystal children and rainbow children, collectively, their purpose is to change the course of the world. If ...
11 months ago - 25,271 views
13 Things Only Indigos Understand
Now Available: The New Book: Feel Alive By Ralph Smart: Get Infinite Waters Clothing Now: ...
6 years ago - 340,099 views
What is an indigo aura?
Colour Indigo • What is an indigo aura? ---------- The purpose of our channel is to create informational videos. With this video, our goal is to spr...
1 year ago - 64 views
Colores del aura: indigo
Significado del color indigo en el aura de una persona, tanto las cualidades positivas como las negativas. Te puede interesar: Colores del Aura: ...
8 years ago - 60,890 views
EL MISTERIO DE LOS ÍNDIGOS ¿Eres uno de ellos?
Aún no estás suscrito a nuestro canal?, hazlo siguiendo este enlace, muchas gracias!: Síguenos en: Facebook: ...
3 years ago - 77,073 views
What is an Indigo? - The 4 Types of Indigos & How to Tell If You Are One - Spiritual Awakening 101
Are you waking up and realizing you're here on a specific mission!? You are more than likely an Indigo soul. Great! In this video, we'll explore the I...
9 months ago - 1,891 views
Indigo Aura - Third Eye (Instrumental Music / Meditation / Sleep / Yoga / Isochronic Tones)
Indigo Aura Music: Books: ...
10 months ago - 99 views
Are You An Indigo Soul? (Indigo Child & Adult Personality Test)
An indigo child or adult is a UNIQUE soul... a "free spirit".. an "outlier"... a "rebel." This video contains (7-Questions) to ask yourself that will ...
4 years ago - 30,022 views
Indigo Adults | Characteristics and Traits
Free Guided Meditation! Intuitive Coaching with Corey!
3 years ago - 8,365 views
What is an indigo person?
Facebook [The Ramblings of Bry]- YouTube [The Ramblings of Bry]- ...
2 years ago - 8,713 views
Indigo Aura Light Activation
Indigo Auras transition into a Crystal Aura during the Ascension or Enlightenment process.The Symptoms can be a little emotional. To speed it up a lit...
7 years ago - 3,048 views
Indigo Aura - Mars (With soft epsilon isochronic tones)
Indigo Aura Music: Books: ...
10 months ago - 48 views
Ride (feat. Wav7)
Provided to YouTube by DistroKid Ride (feat. Wav7) · Indigo The Aura Ride (feat. Wav7) ℗ Backseat Bangers Released on: 2021-08-13 Auto-generated by...
2 months ago - 80 views
Indigo Aura Feat. Stellar - Divine Harmony.
Stellar has teamed up with Francis Presley who has created amazing sun-disks inspired by ancient Irish rock art which refracts light and creates visua...
6 years ago - 27,824 views
Este vídeo explico que significa el color violeta en el aura. Es un azul oscuro que se acerca al violeta. Indica una mezcla de intuición y espiritua...
7 months ago - 190 views
Aura Ungu Indigo#part lll#kellychannelkelly
Aura Ungu Indigo Aura Manusia tak pernah tanpa warna walaupun warna-warna Aura dapat berbeda Aura lazimnya di Cirikan oleh sebuah warna jika terlihat ...
5 months ago - 643 views
Indigo Aura - Crown Chakra (Instrumental / Meditation / Sleep / Yoga Music / Isochronic Tones)
Indigo Aura Music: Books: ...
10 months ago - 75 views
Características de un adulto indigo
Características de un adulto indigo. Te puede interesar: Comportamiento de los niños indigo Tipos de niños indigo ...
8 years ago - 350,205 views
Indigo Aura - Heart Chakra (Instrumental Meditation / Sleep / Yoga Music / Isochronic tones)
Indigo Aura Music: Books: ...
10 months ago - 68 views

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