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Indigo Credit Card Review - Is Indigo Mastercard a good unsecured credit card for bad credit?
Depends on how bad your credit history is. [Click "See More" for Advertiser Disclosure] You can support our channel by choosing your next credit card ...
9 months ago - 6,690 views
How Do You Compare To The Average Financial Advisor? | Indigo Marketing Agency
Do you ever wonder how your business compares to other financial advisors? Watch this short video to find out: • The average AUM per advisor • How...
5 months ago - 60 views
Interglobe Aviation (Indigo) Earnings Call for Q1FY22
Conference Call with Indigo Management and Analysts on Q1FY22 Performance and Outlook. To download the Trendlyne app: ...
1 week ago - 118 views
12 Books You Need To Read As A Financial Advisor
I've read hundreds of books for financial advisors over the years. Some of them were okay and others completely revolutionized the way I do business.
2 days ago - 19 views
SEO for Financial Advisors - Improve Your Google Website Ranking | Indigo Marketing Agency
It's more important than ever for financial advisory firms to complete basic foundational steps to improve their Google website ranking. SEO for finan...
7 months ago - 40 views
10 Steps to Market Your New Financial Advisory Company or RIA | Indigo Marketing Agency
Going independent as a financial advisor with an RIA model is a huge step for many advisors. Several important tasks such as branding, launching, and ...
6 months ago - 70 views
Why Financial Advisors Should Embrace Digital Marketing - Indigo Marketing Agency
There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about marketing for financial advisors, but let me let you in on a secret… it isn't easy. Most peo...
2 years ago - 128 views
The Total Marketing Plan for Financial Advisors | Indigo Marketing Agency
Join us for an exclusive webinar on how we help top independent financial advisors get more clients and grow their AUM. Find out what we do and how we...
2 years ago - 184 views
Grow Your Business With Indigo Marketing Agency - Full Service Marketing for Financial Advisors
If you're not utilizing online marketing, your firm isn't growing nearly as fast as it could be. But as an independent financial advisor, you don't ha...
2 years ago - 355 views
Our new Financial Planning office
We are super excited to share the good news about our new office in Townsville! Like squirrels we've been saving up for a new home for Indigo Financia...
3 years ago - 38 views
IndiGo: As financials improve, chances of raising funds via QIP is 50:50
Financials of India's largest airline IndiGo were severely hit due to the Covid-19 lockdown as the company posted the biggest quarterly loss of of nea...
11 months ago - 172 views
Meet Claire Akin - Indigo Marketing Agency - Digital Marketing For Financial Advisors
Meet Claire Akin—founder and owner of Indigo Marketing Agency. Claire studied under the Nobel Prize-winning economist, Harry Markowitz while earning...
2 years ago - 168 views
Why Financial Advisors Choose Indigo Marketing Agency - Digital Marketing For Financial Advisors
Most of our clients don't have the time, resources, or expertise to do their own marketing. Instead, our financial advisor clients choose to outsource...
2 years ago - 185 views
Top Secrets of Webinar Marketing for Financial Advisors | Indigo Marketing Agency
Webinar marketing for Financial Advisors is the key to unlocking high conversion rates. When done correctly, webinars have a 20% to 40% conversion rat...
6 months ago - 77 views
Right decision to close but 'massive financial burden': Indigo CEO
Heather Reisman, chair and CEO of Indigo joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss how the company is preparing as provinces unveil their reopening plans. She sa...
1 year ago - 807 views
How Often Should Financial Advisors Post on Social Media? | Indigo Marketing Agency
This week's marketing tip is covering the questions: How often to post on social media? How can we know the ideal financial advisor social media post ...
1 year ago - 129 views
Google Analytics for Financial Advisors Webinar - Marketing Goals & KPIs | Indigo Marketing Agency
Many financial advisors are not well informed about how their professional website is performing. Google Analytics is the tool to understand who is vi...
9 months ago - 79 views
Marketing for Financial Advisors in 6 Easy Steps | Indigo Marketing Agency
There's so much to know about marketing for financial advisors that I decided to create a webinar about this topic. We'll discuss all important areas ...
3 months ago - 43 views
How To Make a Website for Financial Advisors Webinar - choosing CMS | Indigo Marketing Agency
Choosing the best website platform (CMS - Content Management System) for your financial advisor business can be tricky and depends on a number of fact...
9 months ago - 78 views
♍Virgo💖 You were suppose to marry this person. July 2021
1 week ago - 376 views
Which Marketing Metrics Should Financial Advisors Track? | Indigo Marketing Agency
Google Analytics is a common tool to track traffic to your website. The issue is that your website only tells part of your overall marketing story. It...
9 months ago - 56 views
IndigoFS - Why is Estate Planning so Important?
02:34 - Estate Planning It is important to have an up-to-date Will and Power of Attorney. Without a valid Will your estate procee...
8 years ago - 109 views
An intro to us!
Hello! Our first video! A snippet on our love of what we do when working with our clients. Hope you enjoy x.
4 years ago - 119 views
The Truth About Marketing for Financial Advisors | Indigo Marketing Agency
In this exclusive webinar, Claire Akin from Indigo Marketing Agency (a financial advisor marketing agency) will share the truth about marketing for fi...
3 years ago - 263 views
Tip for Financial Advisors: How To Add Email Contacts To MailChimp | Indigo Marketing Agency
When I work with advisors to grow their businesses, we always start with assessing their email list. Email is still the bread and butter of marketing....
2 years ago - 55 views
Who are you called to serve? Marketing tip for Financial advisors | Indigo Marketing Agency
Who are you called to serve? The answer to this question should be at the very heart of your marketing message. When I went to business school and stu...
4 months ago - 29 views
$10 Challenge in VENEZUELA (14 MILLION Bolívares)
Book your next trip here for the best deals! ▻ SUBSCRIBE for more travel videos: ▻ Join my Ne...
4 months ago - 1,105,120 views
In This Video We will talk about : Instagram : For Queries & Business Inquiry: Email ...
1 week ago - 150 views
Indigo Paints - accelerating growth in the paints company can propel it higher
Indigo Paints - accelerating growth in the paints company can propel it higher Disclaimer - This video is for educational purposes only, I am only exp...
16 minutes ago - 0 views
Indigo Lavender Farm continues to grow
This week on Farm News Five: We get up close and personal with one of Michigan's lavender farms, August 3 is election day in 54 counties, and Farm Bur...
6 days ago - 181 views

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