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Indigo Gabbro - The Stone of Earth's Secrets
Indigo Gabbro is a type of rock formed when molten magma is trapped beneath the Earth's surface and slowly cools. This variety of gabbro from Madagasc...
1 year ago - 5,483 views
INDIGO GABBRO: Mystic Merlinite Crystal ⚡ Powerful (RARE) Vibration for SPIRITUAL Growth!
Do You Have a Mystic Merlinite Crystal or Indigo Gabbro - Powerful, High vibration Upper Chakra Protection and Transmutation Crystal? Mystic Merlinite...
2 years ago - 4,480 views
INDIGO GABBRO 💎 TOP 4 Crystal Wisdom Benefits of Indigo Gabbro Crystal | Mystic Merlinite
Join us to Learn the TOP 4 Crystal Wisdom Benefits of Indigo Gabbro aka Mystic Merlinite - the Stone of Spiritual Evolution. It stimulates the Root & ...
2 years ago - 3,253 views
Indigo Gabbro: Mystic Merlinite, soul retrieval, shadow integration.
This video talks about thr metaphysical properties of Indigo Gabbro. Like my Fb page: Check out my Etsy store: ...
4 years ago - 3,521 views
DIVE INTO YOUR INTUITION with Mystic Merlinite- aka Indigo Gabbro -Crystal study and meditation!
Let's dig into this gorgeous, magical stone - Mystic Merlinite, also known as Indigo Gabbro. It's time to face our truth, opening up our intuition, ta...
1 year ago - 1,227 views
Soul Searching with Mystic Merlinite AKA Gabbro
Follow the links to my social media outlets: Instagram: Facebook:
5 years ago - 3,265 views
Hi everyone! Today, I'm sharing with you my 5 favorite crystals and the meanings & magic behind each of them as well as where I place them in my home.
1 year ago - 815 views
Channeled message from Indigo Gabbro
09:24 The lights and darks, blacks, whites and soft grays are an intricate blend of energ...
1 year ago - 168 views
🙏 INDIGO GABBRO Meditation 🙏 Mystic Merlinite | Stone of Evolution Crystal Wisdom Guided Meditation
Join us today for a Indigo Gabbro Meditation! No Gemstone is required. Mystic Merlinite aka Indigo Gabbro is the Stone of Spiritual Evolution. It stim...
2 years ago - 1,651 views
Crystal & Mineral Education: MERLINITE V.S. MYSTIC MERLINITE (Dendritic Opal & Indigo Gabbro)
My Collection: MERLINITE V.S. MYSTIC MERLINITE (Dendritic Opal & Indigo Gabbro) These two rocks are often confused with each other because of their .....
11 months ago - 722 views
Indigo Gabbro Crystal
IndigoGabbro #Crystal #Healing #Mystic #Merlinite.
2 years ago - 284 views
Indigo Gabbro – My New Favorite Crystal | BuzzFresh News
Learn More: Indigo Gabbro – My New Favorite Crystal | BuzzFresh News 433 SharesIndigo Gabbro aka Mystic Merlinite Indigo Gabbr...
2 years ago - 465 views
Indigo Gabbro Spheres - The Mystic Merlinite - Satin Crystals
Bring out your inner wizzard with Indigo Gabbro spheres. Discover Mystic Merlinite balls available at Satin Crystals: ...
2 years ago - 780 views
Join me to learn about Indigo Gabbro!
Join me to learn about Indigo Gabbro and how it can help you develop your intuition and psychic abilities! All products shown are available at: ...
9 months ago - 39 views
Crystals for Protection! These 7 Seriously Work Like Magic!
Discover the Top 7 Protection Crystals that seriously work like magic to protect you from all sorts of negativity, electromagnetic frequencies, though...
2 years ago - 46,792 views
Indigo Gabbro (Mystic Merlinite) Pronunciation | How to Pronounce Indigo Gabbro (Mystic Merlinite)
Looking to learn more about Indigo Gabbro (Mystic Merlinite)? Click Here:
2 weeks ago - 4 views
Top Crystals For Travel - Don't Forget to Pack These!
What crystals should you bring with you the next time you travel? Here are my top travel crystal picks and the crystals and gemstones I have with me w...
2 years ago - 21,218 views
Which merlinite is which?
Mystic merlinite, merlinite, indigo gabbro, dendritic agate, blizzard stone??? What's going on here?
3 years ago - 1,712 views
Embrace your magic with Indigo Gabbro
In this video, I share a really easy way to connect with your magic using Indigo Gabbro and the Tarot Magician card.
3 years ago - 180 views
Interesting Gabbro Facts
We wish you Good Health. Make sure you guys appreciate us and don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe. We need your valuable suggestions for ...
4 years ago - 3,329 views
Watch this rough stone transform into a quality gem with the help of The Chicken of Education!
This stone is Indigo Gabbro, and with some help from Heraldofratzz the Chicken of Education we cut learn some facts about this relatively new gemstone...
9 months ago - 308 views
Episode 10 Indigo Gabbro sphere ball 4K HD
Thanks for checking out the videos, this is a collection of my rockhounding finds, drop a comment below and let me know what you think. Indigo gabbro ...
10 months ago - 22 views
Indigo Gabbro Skull That Looks Kinda Like Hector from "Coco"
The resemblance isn't quite uncanny, but something about this Indigo Gabbro skull had "Coco" vibes. We're not even sure our carver had the movie in mi...
3 months ago - 45 views
Identifying Gabbro
Hand Sample Image:
7 years ago - 5,427 views
Crystal Comparison: Larvikite VS Labradorite VS Black Moonstone
This "Crystal Comparison" video shows the differences between Larvikite, Labradorite, and Black Moonstone. I have also included Indigo Gabbro (Mystic ...
1 year ago - 3,378 views
Mystic Merlinite- Reiki Enhancing Stone
Learn about the metaphysical properties of Mystic Merlinite (Indigo Gabbro) and strengthen your reiki healing abilities and so much more!
2 months ago - 15 views
13 "Weird" Things I Did That Opened My Third Eye ✨💜
Ready to OPEN your Third Eye (3rd Eye)? Here are 13 PROVEN Tricks for 3rd Eye Awakening that no one else is sharing! Opening Your Third Eye is an ...
1 year ago - 70,054 views
Get the Most out of 🌑 Eclipse ☀️ Energies with Crystals
Click over to to share your comments. Enjoy this video? Be sure to subscribe to my...
3 years ago - 6,853 views
The most POWERFUL Ascension Technique That You Need To Know!
The most Powerful Ascension Technique That You Need To Know! Developing this skill will be your spiritual awakening saving grace, assist with ascensio...
2 years ago - 13,152 views
Igneous Lab: Gabbro
1 year ago - 931 views

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