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BLUE KYANITE Crystal: Powerful Astral Travel, Dreams, Angels (Spirit Guide) Crystal
Got Blue Kyanite Crystal? This Powerful Magical Blue Kyanite crystal is a high vibration crystal for the third eye, lucid dreams, obe, astral travel, ...
8 years ago - 23,791 views
The Innate Energies of Indigo Kyanite
How to properly care for your crystals, stones, and other sacred energy tools so that they can partner with you to create empowerment and transformati...
3 months ago - 8 views
Indigo Kyanite Beaded Bracelet
Indigo Kyanite Beaded Bracelet.
2 years ago - 12 views
BLUE KYANITE - Crystal Healing Meaning, Uses and Properties (Zodiac, Chakra healing...)
Before you go, make sure you subscribe for more free videos : -​​​​ BLUE KYANITE - Crystal Healing Meaning, Uses a...
4 months ago - 889 views
Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children Pt. 1
This is a discussion by Iana Rain on Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. In it she shares with us, many of the traits and characteristics of these t...
5 years ago - 26,501 views
POWERFUL Blue Kyanite Crystal Energy and Attunement Transmission (Please read the description) 💙💙💙
Today I am bringing you another AMAZING and POWERFUL crystal energy and attunement transmission! And today's featured stone is the HIGH vibration ...
4 weeks ago - 115 views
Indigo Kyanite Adjustable Copper Ring for Men & Women by SilkWire Jewelry
Indigo Kyanite Adjustable Copper Ring for Men & Women handmade by SilkWire Jewelry. While this gemstone comes in different colors, I usually see the l...
3 years ago - 122 views
Blue Kyanite Healing Benefits
In this video, Christa the Crystal Expert discusses the healing benefits of blue kyanite gemstone. To find out more about online crystal classes and i...
7 years ago - 32,504 views
Jeff Segal Talks About Kyanite - A Crystal of Connection
Need to find inner peace? Open psychic channels and speak your truth with Kyanite Kyanite, also called Disthene, is an extraordinary crystal of connec...
2 years ago - 576 views
Blue Kyanite - The Crystal of Natural Balance
Imagine you were to take a week away in the middle of a forest staying in a homely log cabin where friends, family and colleagues could not contact yo...
6 years ago - 34,437 views
Divine Union Meditation
Hello everyone! Thank you for joining me today in this meditation. I have been guided to expand my tools in energy reading and healing. I have recentl...
1 year ago - 21 views
PICK-A-CARD 🧠 Your Special Kind of Genius
Welcome to Psychic Renegade Tarot!! What is your special kind of genius? What makes you unique? Let's dig into what spirit has to say about you.... TI...
9 months ago - 302 views
🌝Full Moon in Aquarius July 23 2021: Pick A Card🔮♒👽🛸🔥
This Pick A Card will reveal what you need to know for the full moon in Aquarius 7/23 ✨What do you need to know? ✨What is blocking you? ✨What co...
2 days ago - 4,315 views
My struggles at the moment // Starseed Life
Video Source: "Among the Stars" YouTube Channel Channel link: Posted on December 5th, ...
2 years ago - 175 views
Gemstones of the Bible: Aaron's Breastplate
Imagine walking around with the holiest of holy pieces of clothing you could own. Well, you don't have to imagine. In this episode of Hidden Gems, Nat...
1 year ago - 49,591 views
4.4" Indigo Blueberry Blue KYANITE Lustrous Crystal Mass Bahia Brazil for sale
Please visit us at to see this and over 2000 more fine mineral specimens.
5 years ago - 49 views
Backpacking Paraty, Rio de Janeiro 2017/2018
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1 month ago - 682 views
Salsa, Kizomba & our amazing Casa Particular in Havana, Cuba
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4 weeks ago - 24 views
Which Crystal 💎 is Most ⚡️Powerful ??
Click over to for all the resources, photos, and related links referred to h...
4 years ago - 185,726 views
Indigo NB1 | Pigment Spotlight
Want the swatch sheet? Get it here: My Shop! Get 2 months of Skillshare for free! : ...
2 years ago - 11,088 views
Indigo Dreams
Interior and Exterior video of Indego Dreams.
10 years ago - 33 views
Top Crystals For Travel - Don't Forget to Pack These!
What crystals should you bring with you the next time you travel? Here are my top travel crystal picks and the crystals and gemstones I have with me w...
2 years ago - 21,146 views
🔮Week Ahead Aurascope - Full Moon in Aquarius👽🛸🌝
This is a collective reading for what you need to know for the week ahead ✨Which do you need to know right now? ✨What is blocking you? ✨What Sel...
3 days ago - 3,806 views
The Most Powerful Astral Projection Technique [WARNING! This Will Get You Dimension Travelling!]
If you have ever wondered about other dimensions or parallel universe or astral travelling, this video will show you how to use the most powerful astr...
12 months ago - 201,849 views
Which merlinite is which?
Mystic merlinite, merlinite, indigo gabbro, dendritic agate, blizzard stone??? What's going on here?
3 years ago - 1,695 views
एक ही बार में मेहन्दी का जबरदस्त गहरा रंग पाने के लिए बस एक चम्मच ये मिलाये और पार्लर को भूल जाये
Watch all mehandi hair pack videos - Henna - natural hair dye |indigo powder for hair, How to make henna paste for darker hair ...
1 year ago - 858,607 views
Cosmic Intelligence Agency - Merkaba - Blue Kyanite Flame.
Merkaba Activation - Athena's Birthday, Twin Flame.
5 years ago - 74 views
Arosa Switzerland Vlog 2018
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1 month ago - 38 views
All About Blue Kyanite Healing Properties [Learn Crystal Healing]
Hello, and welcome to my channel! I'm excited to share more videos about crystal healing and crystal healing properties with you. Today I'm sharing al...
4 months ago - 68 views
Blue Kyanite: Crystal Meanings & Uses
Blue Kyanite is a high vibration stone that is popular for its action to quickly align the chakras & bridge energy gaps from injuries. Want to discove...
6 months ago - 179 views

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