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On Indigo Milkies
In this video I give a brief overview of the Indigo Milky as a wild edible mushroom. Go to for more about real food, healthy living...
5 years ago - 15,618 views
Indigo milkycap mushroom, Lactarius indigo group
How to ID Lactarius indigo group, a handful of species with bright blue juice!
9 months ago - 1,323 views
Indigo milk cap mushroom
Lactarius indigo, commonly known as the indigo milk cap, the indigo (or blue) lactarius, or the blue milk mushroom, is a species of agaric fungus in t...
2 years ago - 2,754 views
How to ID Lactarius paradoxus mushrooms
How to ID blue-and-pink Lactarius paradoxus mushrooms. L. paradoxus is a multicolored mushroom that is sometimes mistaken for Lactarius indigo group.
10 months ago - 354 views
Indigo Milk Cap
Very choice edible indigo lactarius or "blue milk cap" mushroom. Be sure to cook for a long time until the blue color fades to a grey or pale green co...
12 months ago - 48 views
Foraging Milk Cap Mushrooms
Let's forage some milk cap mushrooms... specifically Voluminous Latex Milky Mushrooms (Lactifluus volemus)! Follow Adam Haritan online here: Email ...
3 years ago - 53,236 views
I'm Blue. Foraging Vibrant Blue Mushroom. Indigo Milk Cap. Wild edible in the summer. #shorts
Foraging Vibrant Blue Mushroom. Indigo Milk Cap. Wild edible in the summer. #shorts Eiffel 65 - I'm Blue (da ba dee)
5 months ago - 121 views
Indigo Milk Cap Mushroom
Lactarius indigo exuding its blue latex. Ron Kerner.
9 years ago - 1,892 views
Edible Blue Mushroom: Lactarius Indigo!
More on Lactarius indigo, the edible blue mushroom, can be found in the great mushroom foraging books here: ...
6 years ago - 18,493 views
Indigo Milk Cap Mushroom
Burgess Falls State Park TN.
11 months ago - 410 views
Indigo Milk Cap
Provided to YouTube by DistroKid Indigo Milk Cap · Darling Disconnector Baba Charade ℗ Disconnection Records Released on: 2020-09-11 Auto-generated...
6 months ago - 8 views
Indigo Milk Cap Mushroom. Foraging wild edible mushrooms #shorts
Indigo Milk Cap Mushroom. Foraging wild edible mushrooms #shorts.
7 months ago - 927 views
North Saskatchewan Chanterelles Pt. 3: Indigo Milk Cap
Here is another tasty mushroom native to Saskatchewan's northern jackpine forests; the indigo milk cap! It is vibrantly blue, even extruding a blue la...
4 years ago - 1,516 views
True Blue - Lactarius Indigo Mushroom
Lactarius Indigo (aka: indigo milk cap) is a wild, edible mushroom, that has a striking deep blue color. Found a few in my yard the other day! Learn m...
2 years ago - 2,498 views
Indigo Milk Cap Mushroom #shorts
Foraging Indigo Milk Cap Mushrooms ( Lactarius indigo) #shorts This mushroom is edible and produces a vibrant blue dye. I'm testing out this shorts fe...
10 months ago - 818 views
Indigo milk cap / the Blue milk mushroom - Млечник голубой [Lactarius indigo] |NC|
Very yummy :)
6 years ago - 4,981 views
Blue Indigo milk cap
forraging in Virginia for edible mushrooms.
9 months ago - 6 views
Indigo Milk Cap
Provided to YouTube by DistroKid Indigo Milk Cap · Logan Gibson LG ℗ Canned Coffee Records Released on: 2019-09-20 Auto-generated by YouTube.
2 years ago - 14 views
Indigo Milky: Cutting a blue mushroom in half
Talking about the blue mushroom I found.
11 years ago - 3,913 views
Lactarius indigo Or milky blue mushroom
Sound is so satisfying, blue milky mushroom slicing.
2 years ago - 66 views
Mushroom Indigo Farm
5 years ago - 941 views
Indigo Milk Cap (Lactarius indigo)
Today's #FnFPicks #CreatureOfTheDay is #IndigoMilkCap (#LactariusIndigo) [aka Indigo (or Blue) Lactarius, or the Blue Milk Mushroom] #DidYouKnow Like ...
1 year ago - 209 views
Milk cap mushroom identification
Milk cap mushroom identification can be tricky. Often closely related species display very similar characteristics, in this video, two common edible m...
2 weeks ago - 147 views
เห็ดน้ำนมสีคราม Lactarius indigo, Indigo milk cap, Blue mushroom
เจอเห็ดใหม่อีกแล้วค่ะ เห็ดน้ำนมสีคราม Lactarius indigo, Indigo milk cap, Blue ...
2 years ago - 1,238 views
Mini Facts #001 | Indigo Milkcap | Yeast | Largest Doors
Mini Facts Indigo Milkcap Yeast Largest Doors in the world.
4 years ago - 70 views
Meet WILD Gourmet Hygrophorus Milky MUSHROOM (new video lesson)
Wild Food Health Boosters & Herbal Remedies - explore this new powerful online course here: ▻ Lemon Balm ...
12 months ago - 705 views
The Intrepid Forager: Episode 16 Indigo Lactarius
Hey guys! Here's my newest episode on foraging the beautiful Indigo Lactarius! Its a very easy mushroom to identify and no lookalikes, so its also ver...
3 years ago - 1,684 views

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