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Slime Rancher - Update Indigo Quarry Location Rad Slime - Slime Rancher Indigo Quarry Preview Update
Slime Rancher Update Indigo Quarry Location Rad Slime Gameplay! Today Brbteabreak shows you the new update for Slime Rancher! The new update for ...
6 years ago - 35,059 views
How to get to Indigo Quarry in Slime Rancher without a Key
How to get into Indigo Quarry in Slime Rancher without a Key. I will also show you how to get into the Indigo Quarry using a Slime Key so you can deci...
4 years ago - 20,837 views
All Treasure Pods in the Indigo Quarry! - Slime Rancher
Another Slime Rancher video. Let me show you how you can open every Treasure Pods in the indigo Quarry in 8 minutes! ▻ Subscribe for more gaming vid...
2 years ago - 4,874 views
Slime Rancher-All INDIGO QUARRY Treasure Pods!!!
DISCORD SERVER DONATE!!!! Liberapay: ...
2 years ago - 9,106 views
Slime Rancher - Indigo Quarry Location Rad Gordo Location - Slime Rancher Indigo Quarry Slime Key
Slime Rancher Update Indigo Quarry Location Rad Slime Gameplay! Today Brbteabreak shows you the new update for Slime Rancher! The new update for ...
6 years ago - 121,636 views
Slime gordos - The Indigo Quarry
Created with Wondershare Filmora Game Reviews ~ Discord ~
4 years ago - 4,037 views
Slime Rancher - Map Node Locations
Each biome has one; The Dry Reef- 0:00 The Indigo Quarry - 0:35 The Moss Blanket - 1:23 The Ancient Ruins - 2:40 The Glass Desert - 3:54 Hope this gui...
4 years ago - 104,126 views
Slime Rancher - All 3 Vault Locations [400+ Gold Loot]
How to find the hidden Vaults Hobson Twillgers left for you. You can only get to the vaults once you have "completed" the adventure mode. Each Vault r...
4 years ago - 144,663 views
Guide to the INDIGO QUARRY | Slime Rancher 2021
A 2021 beginner's guide through The Indigo Quarry in Slime Rancher, which is now plortable on the Nintendo Switch. As Beatrix LeBeau, collect and care...
2 months ago - 163 views
Slime Rancher : INDIGO QUARRY ~ Sqaishey
Next Episode : SQAISHEY PLUSHIES!!!!! - -------------------------------------------- Hello everyone...
5 years ago - 245,110 views
Slime Rancher - All Gordo Locations (2021)
All gordo locations are shown including the location on the map, their favorite food, and the reward from each! This video is a step-by-step guide to ...
10 months ago - 178,990 views
All Slime Gate Locations Guide - Slime Rancher
Slime Gate Location Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:08 The Beach Entrance 0:39 Moss Blanket Entrance 1:07 West Courtyard Gate 1:33 Indigo Quarry Entrance 1:5...
1 year ago - 76,204 views
Indigo Quarry [Hard] | Flood Escape 2 Community Maps
Indigo Quarry [Hard] ID: 7j54wm1 Creator: XxrobloxmsterxX BGM: Slime Rancher - Ancient Ruins OST.
1 month ago - 17 views
How to get to indigo Quarry - Slime Rancher
I don't know what to put in the description :)
4 years ago - 201 views
How to find All Treasure Pods in Indigo Quarry | Slime Rancher
Welcome back to Slime Rancher. Today i wanna show you all treasure pod locations in Indigo Quarry. I hope you enjoy. ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ OPEN THE VIDEO .....
3 years ago - 6,503 views
All Gordo locations in Slime Rancher!
A complete list of where you can find each gordo in Slime Rancher! Complete with not only maps, but also their favorite food and how many you need to ...
2 years ago - 1,047,647 views
[FE2] Indigo Quarry {Awesome Hard} | By: XxrobloxmasterxX
Super fun map for sure Map Name: Indigo Quarry Map Code: 7j54wm1 Difficulty: Hard Creator(s): XxrobloxmsterxX BGM: Slime Rancher - Ancient Ruins OST ....
4 weeks ago - 33 views
Indigo Quarry [Hard] + Escapee by XxrobloxmsterxX - FE2CM
ddd BGM: Slime Rancher - Ancient Ruins OST ID: 7j54wm1 Forum Post:
4 weeks ago - 194 views
Slime Rancher: Indigo quarry Rock Gordo #2
How to get the second rock gordo in slime rancher.
4 years ago - 10,054 views
SLIME RANCHER INDIGO QUARRY UPDATE! (Let's Play Slime Rancher Indigo Quarry Gameplay)
Slime Rancher Indigo Quarry Update gameplay is finally here! The patch is also known as Slime Rancher Update 0.30. Officially introduced in this slime...
6 years ago - 9,855 views
Ring Island and Indigo Quarry Treasure Vaults - Slime Rancher part 18
Oh and the maps for indigo quarry and glass desert :3.
4 years ago - 3,535 views
INDIGO QUARRY - New Rad Slimes and Gordos! - Slime Rancher #8
The new update for Slime Rancher is here with the new Indigo Quarry location, Rad Slimes and 4 new Gordos! Subscribe for more Slime Rancher!
6 years ago - 187,837 views
EXPLORING THE NEW INDIGO QUARRY! | Slime Rancher w/Lachlan #3
5 years ago - 344,607 views
Slime Rancher | How to get to the Ash and Ring islands!
How to get to the Ash and Ring islands in SLIME RANCHER! Let's get in touch: ▻Be sure to join our Discord server to talk with me and other Indie Gam...
9 months ago - 9,800 views
All Map Node Locations Guide - Slime Rancher
Map Node Location Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:08 Dry Reef 0:33 Moss Blanket 1:10 Indigo Quarry 1:33 Ancient Ruins 1:54 Glass Desert.
2 years ago - 2,597 views
💣 BOOM SLIMES & CRYSTAL SLIMES, THE GROTTO, INDIGO QUARRY! - Slime Rancher Ep.4 (Gameplay Lets Play)
Slime Rancher gameplay / let's play / playthrough with Waffle! Slime Rancher is a charming sandbox game where you attempt to amass a great fortune in ...
8 months ago - 149,151 views
Slime Rancher Lucky Slime! - INDIGO QUARRY UPDATE - Slime Rancher Indigo Quarry Gameplay
The Slime Rancher Indigo Quarry update is out and there's a new Lucky Slime! In the Indigo Quarry update they've added the Rad Slimes and a whole mass...
6 years ago - 74,732 views
SLIME RANCHER - Crystal Cave Slimes & Island!
Slime Rancher is at it again with brand new and dangerous slimes with fun new locales to explore! Buy on Early Access: ...
5 years ago - 148,634 views
SECRET WAY Into The INDIGO QUARRY WITHOUT A KEY! #7 - Slime Rancher [4k]
In this episode I manage to get into the Indigo Quarry from the Dry Reef by floating over the slime sea and without using a key 7:30 . I ended up open...
4 years ago - 1,006 views

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