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How to unlock all 11 TELEPORTERS in Slime Rancher!
Let me tell you how you can unlock all 11 teleporters in Slime Rancher! ▻ Subscribe for more gaming videos: ▻ Follow me on ...
2 years ago - 25,249 views
Slime Rancher - All 3 Vault Locations [400+ Gold Loot]
How to find the hidden Vaults Hobson Twillgers left for you. You can only get to the vaults once you have "completed" the adventure mode. Each Vault r...
4 years ago - 144,656 views
Slime Rancher Pt 25 The Indigo Quarry Teleporter
Slime Rancher: ▷ "ABOUT THIS GAME Slime Rancher is the tale of Beatrix LeBeau, a plucky, ...
4 years ago - 477 views
Slime Rancher - Update Indigo Quarry Location Rad Slime - Slime Rancher Indigo Quarry Preview Update
Slime Rancher Update Indigo Quarry Location Rad Slime Gameplay! Today Brbteabreak shows you the new update for Slime Rancher! The new update for ...
6 years ago - 35,058 views
🏛 EXPLORING ANCIENT RUINS, PINK TELEPORTER & WARP DEPOT! - Slime Rancher Ep.16 (Gameplay Let's Play)
Slime Rancher gameplay / let's play / playthrough with Waffle! Slime Rancher is a charming sandbox game where you attempt to amass a great fortune in ...
7 months ago - 40,995 views
All Slime Gate Locations Guide - Slime Rancher
Slime Gate Location Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:08 The Beach Entrance 0:39 Moss Blanket Entrance 1:07 West Courtyard Gate 1:33 Indigo Quarry Entrance 1:5...
1 year ago - 76,190 views
How to get to Indigo Quarry in Slime Rancher without a Key
How to get into Indigo Quarry in Slime Rancher without a Key. I will also show you how to get into the Indigo Quarry using a Slime Key so you can deci...
4 years ago - 20,836 views
The Ending and Secret Hobson Vault Locations - Slime Rancher Full Version Gameplay
Slime Rancher is finally in it's full version release, so here's the end of the game and the location of the secret Hobson vaults! This is a family fr...
4 years ago - 453,809 views
Slime Rancher | How to get to the Ash and Ring islands!
How to get to the Ash and Ring islands in SLIME RANCHER! Let's get in touch: ▻Be sure to join our Discord server to talk with me and other Indie Gam...
9 months ago - 9,799 views
Slime Rancher - Indigo Quarry Location Rad Gordo Location - Slime Rancher Indigo Quarry Slime Key
Slime Rancher Update Indigo Quarry Location Rad Slime Gameplay! Today Brbteabreak shows you the new update for Slime Rancher! The new update for ...
6 years ago - 121,631 views
Rad Slimes & Unlocking a Teleporter | Slime Rancher Gameplay (Part 5)
We're jetpacking past the Indigo Quarry to the island where the Rad Slimes live, and grabbing a few. We also overfeed another Gordo to unlock a telepo...
2 years ago - 1,824 views
Slime Rancher - All Gordo Locations (2021)
All gordo locations are shown including the location on the map, their favorite food, and the reward from each! This video is a step-by-step guide to ...
10 months ago - 178,967 views
All Treasure Pods in the Indigo Quarry! - Slime Rancher
Another Slime Rancher video. Let me show you how you can open every Treasure Pods in the indigo Quarry in 8 minutes! ▻ Subscribe for more gaming vid...
2 years ago - 4,874 views
A CRYSTAL GORDO?! - Finding Ash Isle! | Slime Rancher Ep. 4
In this Slime Rancher episode, I pop the second Rock Gordo to find a teleporter to a mysterious island outside Indigo Quarry, where a surprise Crystal...
4 years ago - 10,073 views
Slime Rancher Ep8-(An Island, a Teleporter, And a Secret Room)
In with video I explore and island to get us a key to open a door to a teleporter.
3 years ago - 33 views
Slime Rancher - How to Get to MUSTACHE ISLAND!
The best island.
4 years ago - 35,553 views
Guide to the INDIGO QUARRY | Slime Rancher 2021
A 2021 beginner's guide through The Indigo Quarry in Slime Rancher, which is now plortable on the Nintendo Switch. As Beatrix LeBeau, collect and care...
2 months ago - 163 views
BUILDING THE WARP STATION! - Slime Rancher Full Version Gameplay Part 8
We're heading to the Glass Desert in order to get ready for The Wilds update! This is a family friendly Slime Rancher gameplay video. Massive thanks t...
4 years ago - 79,693 views
How to Enter the Indigo Quarry WITHOUT a KEY - Slime Rancher Tips
In this video I show you how to enter the Indigo Quarry WITHOUT a KEY. I'll walk you to the exact spot in under 2 minutes. You'll need a jetpack and m...
4 years ago - 1,430 views
Ring Island and Indigo Quarry Treasure Vaults - Slime Rancher part 18
Oh and the maps for indigo quarry and glass desert :3.
4 years ago - 3,535 views
Slime Rancher - All Slimes And Where To Find Them
Are you wondering how to find all the slimes in the game Slime Rancher!? In this video I will be going step-by-step to show you all slimes and where t...
10 months ago - 241,086 views
Slime Rancher - Reaching Ring Island Without Teleporter(The Better Way)
Using an unused tech to get to Ring Island without the teleporter in Slime Rancher.
4 years ago - 3,620 views
SLIME RANCHER - Crystal Cave Slimes & Island!
Slime Rancher is at it again with brand new and dangerous slimes with fun new locales to explore! Buy on Early Access: ...
5 years ago - 148,634 views
Unlocking the Secret Hidden Vault! - Let's Play Slime Rancher Gameplay
Welcome back to the Slime Rancher! In today's video, we look at some of the new slimes from the Slime Desert Update! ▻ Watch the entire Slime Ranche...
4 years ago - 485,752 views
How to get to indigo Quarry - Slime Rancher
I don't know what to put in the description :)
4 years ago - 201 views
All Gordo locations in Slime Rancher!
A complete list of where you can find each gordo in Slime Rancher! Complete with not only maps, but also their favorite food and how many you need to ...
2 years ago - 1,047,534 views
Getting the Treasure Cracker Mk 3! - Slime Rancher Full Version Gameplay Part 11
Unlocking the Purple Treasure Crack Mark 3 in Slime Rancher! This is a family friendly Slime Rancher gameplay video. Massive thanks to these Patrons!
4 years ago - 96,177 views
SLIME RANCHER - Rad Slime Region! Indigo Quarry!
Slime Rancher returns with the Indigo Quarry region, brand new slimes, veggies, and more changes!! Buy on Early Access: ...
6 years ago - 55,015 views
INTO THE INDIGO QUARRY - Boom Rad Largo Corral! | Slime Rancher Ep. 3
In this episode of Slime Rancher, we head to the Indigo Quarry for the first time and collect Rad and Boom slimes to turn them into Largos! Previous E...
4 years ago - 721 views

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