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Indigo Quilts
Available here: The beauty of Indigo quilts is undeniable. Step inside the Poos Collection of quilts, one of the l...
6 years ago - 2,949 views
Indigo Patchwork Blanket For David Choe / Reflow No.20 / Mutsu
Indigo Patchwork Blanket For David Choe / Reflow No.20 / Mutsu Subscribe! ▻▻ "Mutsu By ...
2 years ago - 246,633 views
Quilting Quickly - Indigo Spin
Indigo Spin Quilt Kit: Are you in the mood for something new? For starters, choose this lovely Japanese shibori fabric, one of t...
5 years ago - 13,467 views
Indigo Squares #1 - Indigo Star Quilt Block
This is the first block from the 5 block group of kits that I received for Christmas. It is a kit, comes with precut fabrics and full instructions on ...
5 years ago - 301 views
Indigo Squares Quilt - completed!!
Hi Y'all. Hope you enjoy this last part of the Indigo Squares quilt. Here I have put the top together, adding 4 extra blocks to offset the 5 pieced bl...
5 years ago - 159 views
Indigo sampler, Quilt by Sandi, Aug 2010
indigo quilt, sampler quilt.
11 years ago - 1,053 views
Quilts from the Lynn Evans Miller Collection.
9 months ago - 62 views
Binding the indigo flying goose quilt in the sunshine
if you are new here - welcome - thank you! but if you are not, you may remember this quilt. At Easter I made the 'warm up' quilt for this commission. ...
3 years ago - 18,306 views
How to Make the Chantrell Simplish Quilt | A Shabby Fabrics Sewing Tutorial
Tammy's back with another wonderful Wilmington project for you—and it's another FREE download! Learn how to make the Simplish quilt using precut fab...
3 years ago - 66,601 views
Indigo Patchwork Tote Bag / Reflow No.49 / Making
Indigo Patchwork Tote Bag / Reflow No.49 / Making Mutsu is going to make the indigo patchwork tote bag. He mixes some fundamental color combination of...
11 months ago - 68,435 views
How to create 3D Quilt Designs
Create a stunning quilt that will have your friends asking, “How did you do that?” Believe it or not, these attention-grabbing projects come toget...
11 months ago - 12,454 views
Stack and Slash Stained Glass Quilt Block Technique
Stack and Slash Technique - In this video, we show you how to create a stack and slash quilt block AND provide instructions on how to apply a stained ...
4 years ago - 93,383 views
Quilting 1st Block of Indigo Sampler Quilt
I've taken the quilting technique from the book "Crazy Shortcut Quilts" by Marguerita McManus & Sarah Raffuse. It was a lot of fun choosing my stitch,...
11 years ago - 4,009 views
Make a Dream Weaver Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Video Tutorial)
Click here for supplies: Jenny Doan demonstrates how to create the look of a woven block using 2.5 inch strips of precut ...
4 years ago - 306,598 views
Debbie Maddy Introduction to my quilting and shibori/indigo dyeing lectures and workshops
For more information go to my website If your guild, shop or group is interested in shibori and indigo dye or my quilting tech...
1 year ago - 469 views
Indigo Sampler quilt
When trying to decide what color to paint the guest room, I went to the quilt/fabric store and looked for fabric that I liked first. The "sunflower" f...
11 years ago - 2,071 views
Sew Easy: Making Half Clamshell Blocks
Quilting notions, patterns, and other items you need to create your quilting projects can be found at, including: Fons & Porter ...
5 years ago - 15,096 views
The Sewing Studio are specialists in patchwork and quilting fabric, sewing machines and sewing accessories from the best brands. Shop online: ...
1 week ago - 3,500 views
Quilt Tour with Zak Foster: Indigo and Avocado
I share the sweet stories behind the indigo and avocado dyes, as well as share some thoughts on geometry and zero waste as they relate to quilting Mor...
5 months ago - 75 views
New Quilt! Indigo Squares
This is the introduction video to a new quilt I'm sewing, called "Indigo Blocks". Each block comes as a kit (minus the sewing machine and thread :) )....
6 years ago - 98 views
Indigo Philadelphia Block Quilt from Feathered Farm Quilts
This Indigo Philadelphia Block Quilt from is Amazing! Size: 82X80 This Quilt is one of many Quilts you can find at ...
3 weeks ago - 9 views
Karen Combs' Quilt Illusions
11 years ago - 14,779 views
Cary Quilting Company, 7/14/21: Tochi Indigo Fabrics
Today, Julianne shows some to-die-for Indigos by Debbie Maddy for Moda Fabrics. These would be gorgeous bags or quilts, with the quilt patterns we hav...
3 months ago - 437 views
Indigo Squares Quilt Block #2 "Anvil"
This is the second block in the 5-block set I am doing of the Indigo Squares quilt kit set from Joann Fabrics. This pattern is the "Anvil. (Some of yo...
5 years ago - 184 views
Moody Bloom - Create Joy Project
Moody Bloom by Laura Muir of Create Joy Project evokes a feeling of wild abandon in its brightly colored blossoms, lush watercolor washes and textural...
1 year ago - 8,377 views
Sew Easy: Clamshell Template
The Fons & Porter Clamshell Template is perfect for creating accurate patchwork shapes. Our Sew Easy techniques will assist you in the assembly for a ...
5 years ago - 20,748 views
USA Denim - Quilt Cotton Indigo 14oz
01:01 #Denim #Indigo #Quilt.
2 years ago - 567 views
Indigo and Yellow Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt TOP from Feathered Farm Quilts
This Indigo and Yellow Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt TOP from is Amazing! This Quilt top is one of many Quilts you ...
2 months ago - 8 views
Luana Rubin on Quilting Arts TV - Japanese Taupe and Indigo Color Trends - Episode 504
Luana Rubin - owner of - talks with Pokey Bolton on Quilting Arts TV about Japanese Taupe and Indigo. These traditional colors are influe...
12 years ago - 15,730 views
Using the Fons & Porter Clamshell Template
Quilting notions, patterns, and other items you need to create your quilting projects can be found at, including: Fons & Porter ...
5 years ago - 4,290 views

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