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Wavelength - Young Indigo
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Visible Light Spectrum Explained - Wavelength Range / Color Chart Diagram - Chemistry
This chemistry video tutorial explains the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It discusses the wavelength of light in nm that corr...
5 years ago - 152,091 views
Speed of Light, Frequency, and Wavelength Calculations - Chemistry Practice Problems
This chemistry video tutorial explains how to solve problems involving the speed of light, wavelength, and frequency of a photon. It also explains how...
4 years ago - 488,861 views
Why is Indigo in the Rainbow?
Indigo may be a very vague and unnecessary color, but it has an interesting history that involves some plants, turmoil, and Isaac Newton's interest in...
5 years ago - 883,881 views
The Science of Light and Color for Kids: Rainbows and the Electromagnetic Spectrum - FreeSchool
04:38 - Help support more content like this! Light is everywhere! Have you ever wondered what light is, or where it comes fro...
4 years ago - 635,650 views
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Scientific wavelength calibration protocol of an IndiGo spectrometer.
Scientific wavelength calibration protocol of an IndiGo spectrometer with a Mercure Argon & Neon lamp sources. This scientific calibration leverages a...
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GCSE Physics - Visible Light and Colour #71
This video covers: - Why objects appear the colour they do - What happens when light is absorbed, reflected and transmitted - What makes objects appea...
2 years ago - 45,253 views
Absorption in the visible region | Spectroscopy | Organic chemistry | Khan Academy
Physical basis of our perception of color. Example of beta-carotene, the molecule that makes carrots orange. Created by Jay. Watch the next lesson: .....
7 years ago - 107,045 views
Chromatic Dispersion in Prisms
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Wavelength, Frequency, Energy, Speed, Amplitude, Period Equations & Formulas - Chemistry & Physics
This chemistry and physics video tutorial focuses on electromagnetic waves. It shows you how to calculate the wavelength, period, frequency, and ampli...
5 years ago - 582,644 views
GCSE Physics - Electromagnetic Waves #64
In this video we cover the following: - The 7 different types, and order, of the waves in the electromagnetic spectrum - The phrase ROYGBIV to help yo...
2 years ago - 151,914 views
Why This Color Doesn't Actually Exist
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Electromagnetic Spectrum Explained - Gamma X rays Microwaves Infrared Radio Waves UV Visble Light
This physics and chemistry video tutorial focuses on the electromagnetic spectrum. It discusses the relationship between wavelength, energy, and frequ...
5 years ago - 228,115 views
The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Visible Light
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Why is the Sky Blue? | Don't Memorise
"Why the sky is blue while the clouds aren't?”, “Why is the sun yellow?” and “Why does it turn reddish-orange during sunrise and sunset?” Th...
3 years ago - 604,087 views
Cone Cells and the Color Vision
Cone cells, or cones, are one of three types of photoreceptor cells in the retina of mammalian eyes (e.g. the human eye). They are responsible for col...
4 years ago - 22,807 views
Are Tanning Beds Safe? | How to Tan Safely | with Dr. Sandra Lee
So... summer is coming!! Many of you have been asking questions about the sun and the effects that it has on your skin. I thought I would take some ti...
5 years ago - 469,153 views
Beer Lambert's Law, Absorbance & Transmittance - Spectrophotometry, Basic Introduction - Chemistry
This chemistry video tutorial provides a basic introduction into spectrophotometry and beer lambert's law also known as beer's law. It briefly explain...
4 years ago - 251,060 views
Dispersion of Light
Dispersion of Light and Spectrum are discussed in this Colorful video! Is White Light really white in color? How is a Rainbow formed? These are discus...
3 years ago - 619,765 views
Why Is The Sunset Red?
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WHAT is the COLOR of SOUND Music Sources: Erik Satie Gymnopedie Beethoven Fur Elise FrankJavCee unreleased beat Sources: Sound Color Calculator ...
5 years ago - 157,211 views
7.3.1 Characteristics of Electromagnetic Waves
10 years ago - 15,224 views
Quantum Creativity - Increase Creativity / Imagination / Visualization - Binaural Beats Meditation
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Quantum Focus - Increase Focus / Concentration / Memory - Binaural Beats - Focus Music
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ABC Zoom - Refraction: why glass prisms bend and separate light
Zoom inside a glass prism and see why glass makes light bend, and how the glass molecules make different colours of light bend different amounts.
8 years ago - 561,352 views
Tyndall Effect - Why does the sky appear blue? | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children
Topic: Tyndall Effect Why does the sky appear blue? It is such a beautiful rainbow. Have you ever wondered, how it is formed? A rainbow is formed when...
5 years ago - 1,245,503 views
Live Classes, Video Lectures, Test Series, Lecturewise notes, topicwise DPP, dynamic Exercise and much more on Physicswallah App. Download the App fro...
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Write a short note on electromagnetic Spectrum. #Spectroscopy | Organic Chemistry
For More Details Visit The energy which travels in the form of waves is called electromagnetic radiation. It can propagate wit...
2 years ago - 7,121 views
Understanding Absorption of Light - Why do we see different colors?
Join Rebecca Emerich, Educational Outreach Manager, as she uses everyday objects to explain absorption and reflection of light. With flashlights, filt...
4 years ago - 220,413 views

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