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Indigo Dyeing, full video
Carrie Sundra of Alpenglow Yarn shares her method for dyeing yarn with indigo, as well as a basic explanation of the chemistry behind indigo.
7 years ago - 118,711 views
Dyeing a Ball of Yarn in an Indigo Vat for a Stunning Gradient
I love dyeing balls of yarn to get some really fun gradients. What will happen if I take a 100 g ball of cotton yarn and toss it into my hydrosulfite ...
3 years ago - 2,591 views
Dyepot Weekly #67 - Multiple Dips into the Indigo Vat; Dyeing a Gradient Set of Yarn
My hydrosulfite indigo vat is up and running, so let's see if we can create multiple shades of blue by varying the number of dips into the vat. In thi...
3 years ago - 7,168 views
More indigo with Alpenglow Yarn
Another quick video showing the oxidation of indigo-dyed yarn as it's lifted from the vat.
6 years ago - 1,275 views
Overdyeing a Twisted Hank of Yarn in an Indigo Vat
Let's dye some more yarn in my hydrosulfite indigo vat... with a twist! Let's toss in a twisted hank of lily sugar'n'cream in mod blue (113 g) to get ...
3 years ago - 2,128 views
Denim Production for more sustainable denim colors and effects #denim #denimproduction #denimfabrics
Breakthrough technology for eco-advanced colors Brands are becoming more and more eco-conscious in their choice of materials and suppliers, and are .....
5 years ago - 16,594 views
01 KURUME KASURI 久留米絣 - Japanese ikat / Traditional technique (hand weaving, natural indigo dye)
KURUME KASURI - Japanese ikat / Traditional technique (hand weaving, natural indigo dye) 久留米絣の工程 / 藍染手織り(伝統的な技法...
5 years ago - 45,118 views
Indigo Yarn on Japanese TV
Japanese reporters visit Michael Quinnen at the Indigo Yarn factory.
13 years ago - 925 views
Rope dyeing process for denim/Denim Yarn dyeing
Import Good Quality Garments Items: Facebook page: WhatsApp: +8801775820948 Rope dyeing consists of twisting the ...
6 months ago - 210 views
How to Mix an Indigo Dye Vat
This video was originally on my Instagram stories but I think you will find it educational if you have never dyed with indigo before or if you have tr...
2 years ago - 8,987 views
indigo la End「蒼糸」
2019/10/9(水)Major 5th Full Album『濡れゆく私小説』発売】 *************************************** 「蒼...
3 years ago - 3,009,275 views
Indigo Yarn Dyeing Machine
R. B. Electronic and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. For more info visit
8 years ago - 12,075 views
Dyepot Weekly #66 - Dyeing Yarn in a Hydrosulfite Indigo Vat; Fixing My Failed Iron Vat
After the epic fail of my first iron vat attempt, I am going to try to start fresh and convert it to a hydrosulfite indigo vat to dye some yarn. How w...
3 years ago - 3,687 views
Scheepjes Skies Indigo Dyed Yarn Assortment Unboxing
The Scheepjes Skies assortment boxes are now back in stock. Sara is taking a look inside at the beautiful mini hanks of indigo dyed yarn. The hanks ar...
2 years ago - 1,839 views
How to Prepare an Indigo Vat
Learn how to prepare an indigo dye vat for Shibori dyeing projects. The process for making the indigo dye vat is simple, b...
6 years ago - 50,874 views
So guys, this video is about my recent visit in the south of India where i experienced the traditional art of Indigo Dyeing which was being done. This...
2 years ago - 394 views
Watch the denim production process by Orta Anadolu Denim Academy #denim #denimacademy #ortaanadolu
Orta Anadolu, Denim Academy is structured as a training program and online reference dedicated to all aspects of denim fabric production. The aim is t...
6 years ago - 29,221 views
Spinning Silk from the Sea
For over a thousand years, Chiara Vigo's family has been keeping up an ancient tradition, spinning silk from the sea. Creating the sea silk, or byssus...
3 years ago - 829,976 views
BIGASURI | Silk yarn dyed with Ryukyu indigo | Okikazu Maeshiro
My works. It is a yarn that becomes a kimono. #kimono #indigo #okinawa.
5 months ago - 83 views
Natural indigo yarn dyeing
How to Dye Yarn with ARNE & CARLOS
Join us for our new miniseries "ARNE & CARLOS do things they know nothing about"! In our first episode, Ragnhild Lie from Lofoten Wool is back to show...
11 months ago - 23,164 views
Dyeing yarn in indigo vat.
Taking yarn out of indigo vat. The oxygenation makes yarn turn blue.
12 months ago - 51 views
Carding Wool like a Ghost
Preparing wool with wool cards for light, fluffy rolls or rolags to use with the long draw spinning method. Both flat back and curved back cards are d...
6 years ago - 130,171 views
Original Blues indigo knitwear -FUJI TV.
3 years ago - 37 views
The NEW Tarana Indigo skin is finally available if you complete 38 epic quests in Fortnite! In this video I will show you some gameplay of the Tarana ...
3 months ago - 1,709 views
Indigo Dyeing Yarn - The Magical Reveal
Just a quick video showing the color changing magic of indigo dye as it oxidizes on yarn.
4 years ago - 23 views
Process Flow for Denim Manufacturing
Warp yarns used in indigo denim fabrics must go through numerous unique processing steps before they are ready to be placed on the weaving machine.
5 years ago - 3,159 views
Live Office Hours // June 2021 // School of SweetGeorgia
Join Felicia Lo for our monthly School of SweetGeorgia Live Office Hours. We'll be answering SOS member questions and chatting about all things fibre ...
1 day ago - 688 views

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