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Indigo Yoga Studio - Testimonial
Genya, the owner of Indigo Yoga Studio, reviews his work with Arthur, website designer at ClickTie ( By the way - if you live in Ric...
5 years ago - 106 views
Welcome to Indigo Yoga Quests
Watch this special video from Indigo Yoga which invites you to begin a transformational yoga quest program.
2 years ago - 152 views
Kids Yoga, Wheel on the bus-yoga style, Physical Literacy!
Join us for kids and teens classes at Indigo Yoga Studio.
2 years ago - 580 views
Indigo Yoga
5 years ago - 286 views
Nestled in the eclectic downtown area of Aberdeen, Indigo Yoga and Healing Arts sets a different standard with a highly competent and experienced ...
2 weeks ago - 160 views
Blue Indigo yoga siem reap Madhav Surya namaskar
Thank you Yogi Madhav for teaching at Blue Indigo.
3 years ago - 148 views
Moon Day Rocket !
Gentle, modified Rocket 1 class perfect for beginners, moon days and anytime!
2 years ago - 87 views
Is your neck too rigid? Are your shoulders stiff? A Weekly tip by Rachel from Indigo Yoga Barre
Rachel Piccolo, an instructor at Indigo Yoga Barre, Richmond Hill is showing how to release the tension off the neck and shoulders through a yoga rout...
7 years ago - 229 views
Blue Indigo Yoga center
Happy new year Khmer, at blue indigo yoga center, Bun Choul Chhnam Khmer.
4 years ago - 59 views
Josef Langstrof Yoga Teacher at Indigo Yoga Studio Salem Oregon
Yoga is for everyone, regardless of your age or present physical ability, and the results are entirely beneficial, healthful and helpful. In Yoga ever...
10 years ago - 234 views
Benito Bikyasa!
2 years ago - 476 views
Indigo Yoga's Beginner Workshop
We invite you to join us for a beginner workshop on Saturday, February 15th from 1-3 pm. We will have a Q&A session, demonstrations and a light practi...
8 years ago - 197 views
Indigo Yoga Fort Worth
Produced by Spotted Moose Media in 2015.
6 years ago - 337 views
Hot Yoga at Indigo
As we approach our one year mark in May of opening Hot Yoga at Indigo we wanted to extend the deepest gratitude to the teachers, therapists, specialis...
2 years ago - 109 views
Testimonial #1
Testimonial about Indigo Yoga Barre.
7 years ago - 307 views
The Indigo Ballroom, Dance & Yoga for Everyone!
The Indigo Ballroom is a Pop Up style ballroom dance and yoga studio located in Maricopa, AZ offering group classes, private lessons, socials, and mor...
2 months ago - 40 views
Indigo Yoga Weekly Tip - Strengthen Your Glutes with a Jelly Fish Exercise
Our team instructor, Susanne Bertolas, is showing you how to strengthen your glutes with an exercise called Jelly Fish. Indigo Yoga Barre Studio is lo...
6 years ago - 169 views
Blue Indigo Siem Reap - Yoga and more
Yoga and more in Downtown Siem Reap Let us reach bliss together... exploring, discovering, playing, meditating, practicing yoga to unite with ourselve...
5 years ago - 155 views
Indigo Yoga: Yoga for Wellness
Yoga for Wellness.
2 years ago - 172 views
Blue Indigo Aerial yoga
Nina, aerial yoga instructor at Blue Indigo Yoga in Siem Reap. Daily classes, check our schedule online!
5 years ago - 890 views
Testimonial #4
Testimonial about Indigo Yoga Barre.
7 years ago - 356 views

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