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Inigo Jones - Architect
By Linda Alchin
8 years ago - 6,506 views
A Very British Renaissance: Episode 1 -- The Renaissance Arrives (BBC Documentary | 2014)
Art historian Dr James Fox makes the case for a singularly British renaissance, telling the stories of the artists and artisans who changed Britain fo...
7 years ago - 168,379 views
INIGO JONES [the architect]
Made this for p.4 Paarrkaaaahhh. This is my attempt at making some old dude look epic.
11 years ago - 4,952 views
Inigo Jones - Palladio - Vitruvius
Inigo Jones, Palladio, Vitruvius, William Cecil, James I, Henry Stuart Prince of Wales, Elizabeth Stuart Frederick V Palatinate, Ben Jonson, Sir John ...
2 years ago - 214 views ARTH207: "Inigo Jones and Palladianism in English Baroque Architecture"
This video is a lecture used in ARTH207 as part of our Art History area of study on This work is licensed under a Creative Commo...
10 years ago - 4,897 views
Inigo Jones - Scenic Designer to the Crown
In Shakespeare's era Inigo Jones changed the face of scenic design. Introducing the Proscenium Arch and movable scenery we take a quick look at his li...
6 months ago - 30 views
Inigo Jones Scenography
Sir Inigo Jones Final Justice
A sad story of workplace exploitation, clinical depression, redundancy, final justice and recovery. 2003.
1 year ago - 15 views
Inigo Jones
Inigo Jones (/ˈɪnɨɡoʊ/; 15 July 1573 – 21 June 1652) is the first significant British architect of the early modern period, and the first to em...
7 years ago - 1,697 views
The Queen's House Greenwich - a royal 'House of Delight'
To celebrate 400 years of Britain's first classical building, we've transformed our displays with beautiful artwork. From classic masterpieces to cont...
5 years ago - 26,635 views
Inigo Jones: THEA 2020
A video covering the life and accomplishments of Inigo Jones, for College Theatre History.
2 years ago - 60 views
Inigo Jones
Inigo Jones on Saturday morning the 12th November 2011.
10 years ago - 142 views
Indigo Jones x Don't Worry
Directed by @clearview_sk8 Signature Music Group IG: _IndigoJones.
2 years ago - 8,349 views
(9 Jul 1973) An issue of Inigo Jones stamps on the 400th anniversary of the famous architect's birth. Find out more about AP Archive: ...
6 years ago - 42 views
Inigo Jones
9 years ago - 1,295 views
Inigo Jones Drought N Floods
Australia's most famous long-term weather forecaster was Inigo Jones (1872- 1954) who lived in Crohamhurst, Queensland- a hinterland town of the Sunsh...
6 months ago - 52 views
Slim Dusty - Inigo Jones
Song about Inigo Jones long range weather forecaster 1/12/1872 - 14/11/1954.
11 years ago - 16,140 views
Tudor Minute July 15, 1573: Happy Birthday Inigo Jones
Today we mark the birthday, in 1573, of architect Inigo Jones. Inigo Jones was actually the first British architect of the early modern period, and de...
2 months ago - 89 views
Inigo Jones classical architecture design
Inigo Jones classical architecture design.
5 years ago - 297 views
The Banqueting House - London
The Banqueting House in London is the only building at the Whitehall Place to survive. It was built in 1622 by architect Indigo Jones. His design set ...
7 years ago - 9,130 views
9b - Inigo Jones Gateway
The gateway was designed by the celebrated architect Inigo Jones for Beaufort House in Chelsea in 1621.
10 years ago - 442 views
inigo jones PE with dub
15 July - Inigo Jones #shorts
On this day in Tudor history, 15th July 1573, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, architect and theatre designer Inigo Jones was born. Find out more ab...
3 months ago - 1,275 views
Architecture, Images and Image-Making under the Stuarts
Simon Thurley looks at how cultural ambition was an integral part of the political events of the Stuart era, and how Stuart patrons were more aware of...
3 years ago - 6,110 views
Inigo Jones
Video Software we use: Ad-free videos. You can support us by purchasing something through our Amazon-Url, thanks :) Inigo Jone...
5 years ago - 465 views
English Architecture, 1650 to 1760: The Rise of Consensus - Simon Thurley
Opened up to the world once more England drank in influences and ideas from abroad which were to infuse English building with widely held ideas and va...
10 years ago - 43,172 views
Indigo Jones - Melrose (Prod. Dreamlife)
Indigo Jones - Melrose (Prod. Dreamlife) Off the new EP "Long Story, Short" Subscribe: ...
3 years ago - 3,832 views
Focus on Design - Stephen Curtis on Inigo Jones' Dramaturgy
Currency House - Platform Papers 46 Launch - February, 2016 Full Video: THE DESIGNER: Decorator or Dramaturg? by Stephen ....
6 years ago - 152 views

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