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Oasis 3DP, an open source powder and inkjet 3D printer
Oasis is an open source 3DP 3D printer. 3DP uses inkjet to print binder into special powders. This way complex parts can be printed in a wide array of...
3 years ago - 121,476 views
Printing bones on a DIY powder bed 3d printer
More info on:
4 years ago - 22,884 views
Plan B overview, Open source 3DP printer
For more info, visit: Plan B is an open source 3DP printer. It prints in powder with a special binder. 3DP printing requires...
7 years ago - 73,135 views
Open-Source SLS 3D Printer: Project OpenFuse
THIS IS THE ONLY LINK YOU NEED. CLICK IT. Seriously, its the central hub of the whole project. It will take you to joi...
12 months ago - 16,940 views
3DP tutorial | create system no external axis
This tutorial shows the workflow for how to create a system with the 3DP RobotWare Add-In, setup a RobotStudio station with the same system, and how t...
5 months ago - 568 views
3DP WorkCenter 500 at RAPID+TCT 2019
John Good introduces the WorkCenter 500 3D printer at RAPID+TCT 2019. 3D Platform expands on their large format 3D printing with a build area of 1400 ...
2 years ago - 1,792 views
Lite3DP S1: Complete workflow. Crowd Supply Update.
5 minutes real time, from the STL model to the start of 3D printing.
10 months ago - 2,201 views
Metal 3D Printing - An Update | Metal Matters
Development of an i3 based metal 3D printing platform, printing 316 stainless steel. This project aims to establish a cost effective opensource metal ...
9 months ago - 119,090 views
Large Scale Robotic 3D Printing by 3Dp technology of "Ai Build" | QPT
3D Printing is a fascinating technology that makes it possible to manufacture incredibly complex forms which would not have been possible with other m...
5 years ago - 6,129 views
full color 3dp
Printing a smurf with the colorpod in an ultimaker.
6 years ago - 11,487 views
DIY SLS 3D Printer || Part 1
Follow along as I take a budget 3D printer and turn it into an SLS machine, hopefully bringing the industrial level capabilities to the hobbyist level...
1 year ago - 13,222 views
[3DP Technology] 3D Printer Robot I
During MakerCon, Gael Langevin presented his 3D printed life size humanoid robot called INMOOV. It's open-source technology that's available on Thingi...
6 years ago - 123 views
Direct 3D priinting of recylced polycarbonate chips with the open source GigabotX
This is a summary of the paper: Properties & Applications of Recycled Polycarbonate Particle Material Extrusion-based Additive Manufacturing. The arti...
2 years ago - 483 views
Inkjet Printed Thermite
Full story: Purdue University hosts w...
4 years ago - 19,298 views
Inkjet 3D Printing Mortar
1 year ago - 36 views
The World of Digital Dentistry- 3DP
Digital Precision is a division of Precision Dental Arts. With locations in Boise and Twin Falls Idaho. Precision is a leader in Digital Dentistry in ...
4 years ago - 158 views
[3D 프린터] HP 3DP 300 500 series HOW IT WORKS FINAL
HP 3D 프린터 300/500 시리즈 작동방법.
2 years ago - 57 views
NT$ 25000 Fully Assembled Delta 3DP Print Test
7 years ago - 443 views
Impressora 3d - 3DP Open Source
Neste vídeo mostro o desenvolvimento de um protótipo pela Ytec3d de uma impressora 3d usando a técnica de polyject. A principal vantagem desse proj...
11 months ago - 242 views
Jurassic World Aftermath VR - Does It Live Up To The HYPE?
I play Jurassic World Aftermath on the Oculus Quest 2. Jurassic World Aftermath is a surprise release for the end of the year exclusive to both Oculus...
10 months ago - 188,811 views
3D-Printed Skeletonized V-Twin!
Ever wondered how an engine looks like on the inside? I made this to show you! The Skeletonized V-twin STL's can be found here: ...
12 months ago - 9,149 views
18" Bracket Print on 3DP Printer
Quick shot of the our large format printer at work on 18" long brackets for holding spools of PLA filament.
8 years ago - 2,825 views
HP 3DP How It Works Live Action FINAL
Future 4PLM is the distributor of HP 3D Printing Solutions for Middle East.
4 years ago - 51 views
Photopolymer Jetting with BASF 3D-Printing Solutions and XAAR
Enable manufacturing through high throughput, high viscose material jetting and unique material properties. András Marton, Senior Business Developmen...
3 years ago - 531 views
Animation VITSLS 3D Printer Operation
Animation of the operation of our VIT SLS printer.
4 years ago - 5,305 views
2018 3DP Christmas Tree Print
Six Section Christmas Tree 36" x 55.5" (915mm x 1410mm)
3 years ago - 455 views
Additive Manufacturing 3D Print - gypsum
This video shows the description of technology of 3D gypsum printing located in ZF Engineering Pilsen.
2 years ago - 1,678 views

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