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OASIS Basics: How to Start a New Home Health Patient
A general explanation of practical processes involved in a Start of Care assessment set-up in OASIS (Outcome and Assessment Information Set). Closed ....
4 years ago - 22,947 views
5 Tips for Completing the OASIS Start of Care
For Home Health Physical Therapists, the OASIS Start of Care can be the most daunting assessment. I give you 5 tips to break it down and get it done q...
1 year ago - 1,745 views
CMS 485 Plan of Care - MEDSYS2
00:03 - MEDSYS2 CMS 485 Plan of Care Overview, MEDSYS2 is the least expensive Home Health EMR costing only $199 per license.
8 years ago - 1,127 views
Axxess | The Importance of OASIS-D Accuracy - Part 1 of 4
In this session, you will be able to: - Verbalize understanding of purpose of OASIS-D - Understand official OASIS-D Guidelines and Conventions - Learn...
3 years ago - 8,324 views
Axxess | The Importance of OASIS-D Accuracy - Part 2 of 4
In this session, learn CMS' official guidelines or rules that are applied to the #OASIS assessment to ensure accurate answers. Since OASIS accuracy is...
3 years ago - 5,629 views
Medicare Home Health Eligibility Criteria - The Plan of Care
Watch this five-minute video to learn about Medicare Home Health eligibility criteria and the plan of care.
8 months ago - 772 views
OASIS c System Overview
Overview of the OASIS-c form home health management system.
7 years ago - 1,747 views
Documentation for home health care
Avoiding malpractice is more than avoiding a lawsuit, it is avoiding the litigation process altogether. Proper documentation is arguably the most impo...
11 years ago - 92,973 views
SETUP: Agency Information
SETUP: Agency Information.
9 years ago - 1,811 views
The Drug Regimen Review in Home Care
This video teaches all home care clinicians how to obtain a medication history and perform an accurate drug regimen review. Nurses and therapists will...
6 years ago - 1,017 views
Axxess | Pre-Claim Review Model: The History and Authority
In this second part of our pre-claim review webinar series presented by Jennifer Gibson, we will look at the home health pre-claim review model and ho...
5 years ago - 50 views
Home Health Plan of Care - MEDSYS2
03:17 - The 485 Plan of Care is the coordination of care between the physician andd the home health caregiver. MEDSYS2 provides a ...
8 years ago - 414 views
GLMI Expert Webinar - QIRT Presents Coding and OASIS Review
Quality In Real Time Webinar Coding and OASIS Review 4 17 12.
10 years ago - 290 views
Accurately Responding to Process Items: Plan of Care Synopsis (M2250)
This video explains how home health agencies can accurately respond to process items in OASIS-C. This video clarifies responses to M102 and M104, M173...
11 years ago - 8,649 views
The Battle Cats - Jizo's 𝙢𝙸𝙢𝙰 Castle
Jizo's Mega Castle, the true form of Kasa Jizo is - in my opinion - rather underrated. A 485-ranged nuker with multihit, tanky health and great typing...
3 years ago - 8,475 views
Covana: The 2-in-1 automated solution to cover your spa
Spa pleasure simplified all year round - Covana products offer solutions to cover spas and swim spas. It is fully automated and can be raised and lowe...
7 years ago - 231,808 views
RT Podcast: Ep. 486 - What Makes It An Ocean?
Watch it on the new video site ( and iOS/Android mobile apps! Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Burnie Burns, and s...
4 years ago - 488,819 views
Katie Piper - To Do's and To Don'ts #LovelyDoesIt
Fake it until you make it. Keep laughing. Do burpees. Katie reveals her To Do's & To Don'ts. Discover our latest campaign
3 years ago - 538 views
Where We Stand
Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Where We Stand Β· James Francies Purest Form β„— Blue Note Records; β„— 2021 UMG Recordings, Inc. Release...
5 months ago - 2,322 views
How to track your immigration case status | myUSCIS Account Case Status
THIS VIDEO IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. ESTE VIDEO NO ES UN ASESORAMIENTO LEGAL ***** I am not an immigration attorney, therefore I cannot consult you ...
4 months ago - 620 views
Axxess | The Pre-Claim Review Model: What You Need to Know
Can you confidently say you know pre-claim review and how it impacts you and your organization? This Pre-Claim Review webinar presented by Jennifer .....
5 years ago - 6,321 views
Export OASIS
5 years ago - 577 views
Home Health: Certifying Physician Documentation
This video explains the certifying physician's role in the home health Pre-Claim Review demonstration. From face-to-face clinical encounter documentat...
5 years ago - 7,934 views
Admission Series #3 Standardized Goals for Admissions
Guide for selecting standard goals for Admissions.
1 year ago - 182 views
Medicare Conditions of Participation for Home Health Overview Webinar
This webinar recording and question-and-answer session will help you understand the β€œwhy's” for our comprehensive Home Health Medicare Conditions ...
4 years ago - 7,439 views
How to Answer M2102 on the OASIS - Part III (OASIS Tip by PPS Plus) - October 2017
Conquer your coding & OASIS challenges with the best home health tips on YouTube: This tip is provided by our Director of Coding a...
4 years ago - 1,806 views
Point Care Training Therapist Evaluations, Discharges, Re-evaluations, Supervision
General Video to teach therapist how to navigate Point Care.
4 weeks ago - 269 views

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