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Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019) | Ultimate eReader?
Unboxing and review of Amazon's 3rd-generation Kindle Oasis eReader, fresh for 2019, complete with new display temperature controls. All of the best f...
2 years ago - 413,542 views
Kindle Oasis Review - Is Worth The Buy in 2021?
Kindle Oasis ✓US Price - ✓UK Price - ✓CA Price - There are e-Readers, an...
2 years ago - 125,111 views
7" Kindle Oasis 2 Review - 2017 Model
A review of the new 7-inch Kindle Oasis for 2017, showing the new features like Audible support, inverted text, bold fonts, and the main reading featu...
4 years ago - 82,843 views
墨案MIX 7电子书阅读器评测:Kindle Oasis最佳平替!
14 hours ago - 134 views
Kindle Oasis 7" 2017 - Quick unboxing and review
A quick unboxing and comparison of the new Amazon Kindle Oasis 7" to last year's Kindle Oasis.
4 years ago - 35,019 views
Kindle Oasis Case Review - Which is best?
The Kindle Oasis is a great device, but it feels a big fragile and slippery. Because of this, I wanted to get a case for the device. In this video, I ...
1 month ago - 3,423 views
Kindle oasis 6inch vs 7inch overview
Digitalcrack looks at the difference after firmware upgrades.
4 years ago - 8,381 views
ОБЗОР | Электронная книга Amazon Kindle Oasis 2019
Выгодно купить: Наш сайт: Наш Twitter: Наш В...
2 years ago - 59,624 views
Should you upgrade your Paperwhite to the Oasis? | Kindle Oasis First 30 Days Impression
I recently decided to get a Kindle Oasis and figured I would share my impressions after 30 days. It's been a really interesting 30 days with my new ki...
6 months ago - 27,929 views
Kindle Oasis review, el MEJOR e-book HASTA LA FECHA
Cómpralo desde cualquier parte del mundo aquí: ▻▻Suscríbete a Topes de Gama: ▻▻Visita la web To...
4 years ago - 110,714 views
Unboxing New Amazon 7" Kindle Oasis
Let's open my brand-new Kindle Oasis.
4 years ago - 2,227 views
Kindle Oasis vs Paperwhite vs Basic | eReader Comparison
Comparing the 3rd-gen Kindle Oasis vs Amazon's Paperwhite and Basic eReaders, to see which is best for you. We cover the eInk display tech, battery li...
2 years ago - 1,051,943 views
DO NOT BUY the Kindle Paperwhite (Kindle Oasis vs Paperwhite)
Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Oasis? I say Kindle Oasis. Do NOT buy the Kindle Paperwhite if you read a lot. Unless you're on a budget, the features of ...
8 months ago - 102,331 views
Kindle Oasis Warm Light Demo and Comparison
This is what the warm frontlight looks like on the new Kindle Oasis 3 that Amazon released for 2019. It's the first Kindle with adjustable frontlight ...
2 years ago - 24,494 views
2021 Kindle Oasis Unboxing + First Impressions
Thank you for watching! Please subscribe if you feel so inclined! Follow me on social! - The Oasis that I ordered: ...
8 months ago - 19,561 views
Kindle Oasis Review: The Bookworm's Best Bud
The idea of a deluxe e-reader is almost an oxymoron, up there with “hot ice and wondrous strange snow.” The popular notion is that if you have eno...
3 years ago - 864,894 views
🔝Kindle OASIS en 2020🤔¿Merece la pena?
Review en español del Amazon Kindle Oasis de 32 Gb. y 4G integrado, el lector de libros electrónicos más premium de la compañía. Se trata del mej...
1 year ago - 29,995 views
Kindle Oasis vs. Paperwhite comparison
The new Kindle Oasis has a sleek profile and comes with a fancy leather case — but costs nearly $300. Is it worth your money? Subscribe: http://goo....
5 years ago - 302,928 views
All new Amazon Kindle Oasis e-reader Review
Follow me on Facebook: Read more: Anyone who's made the move to ...
2 years ago - 33,745 views
Amazon Kindle Oasis: The best-looking and most expensive Kindle yet
Read the CNET review: A luxury e-reader if there ever was one, the new top-of-the-line Kindle weighs a mere 4.6 ounces and incl...
6 years ago - 193,688 views
Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Oasis vs Basic (2021)|Best E Readers Comparison
Kindle Paperwhite ✓US Prices - ✓UK Prices - ✓CA Prices - ▻Kindle Oasis...
3 months ago - 55,374 views
Kindle Oasis Tips and Tricks Tutorial
14:44 This video walks through a bunch of tips and tricks for the Kindle Oasis, showing all the features to help get the most out of ...
5 years ago - 112,967 views
2019 Amazon Kindle Oasis 3: Unboxing & Quick Set-Up (4G LTE model)
Unboxing and quick set up of the all-new 2019 Kindle Oasis 3 32GB Graphite model with free 4G LTE cellular connectivity. Stay tuned next week for the ...
2 years ago - 16,890 views
Kindle Oasis 3 Ekitap Okuyucu Kutu Açılımı ve İnceleme (Unboxing / Quick Set-up)
Zaman Çizelgesi, açıklamanın devamında ;) Kindle Oasis 3 kutu açılımı için hazırladığım ve ilk izlenimlerimi paylaştığım video. Oasi...
7 months ago - 2,639 views
Kindle Oasis vs Likebook Mars Comparison Review
A comparison review between the 7" Kindle Oasis 2 and the 7.8" Likebook Mars. More info:
3 years ago - 31,578 views
Amazon Kindle Oasis 2017 vs Oasis 2016 - Comparison
In this video, we show you guys a comparison of the current generation of the Amazon Kindle Oasis (2017) and the previous generation. These 2 e-reader...
4 years ago - 53,978 views
Amazon Kindle Oasis unboxing and impressions
Unboxing and first impressions of Amazon's new Kindle Oasis Full review: ...
4 years ago - 20,569 views
New Kindle Oasis 7" version 2017 unboxing
Kindle Oasis Review // The Best Kindle in 2021
In this video, I review the Amazon Kindle Oasis 2019 Model, which falls under the 10th Generation line of Kindles. The Kindle Oasis is the best Kindle...
1 year ago - 39,800 views

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