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Body Restoration Philadelphia
00:42 Body Restoration Philadelphia is an urban spa specializing in skin and body. Massage therapy, facials, body treatments and hai...
8 years ago - 84 views
Oasis Beauty Day Spa
In the centre of bustling Warsaw, there is an oasis, a beauty day spa of the same name, which offers a range of treatments designed to bring out the b...
8 years ago - 8,945 views
Couples Massage - Rittenhouse Spa Philadelphia
Rittenhouse Spa -The Body Klinic provide spa services in Philadelphia: SkinCare, Massage Therapy, Body Treatments, Couples Massage, SPA Packages, ...
8 years ago - 2,143 views
How sensory deprivation and floating impacts the brain
Our series Pay Attention looks at how to retrain our focus and recapture our attention under the bombardment of technology and information that distra...
3 years ago - 1,106,282 views
Philadelphia Kensington Avenue, What happened on Monday, June 28 2021.
Most dangerous street in Philadelphia Kensington Philadelphia Drug & Crime Problems Violent crime and drug abuse in Philadelphia as a whole is a major...
4 months ago - 1,365,195 views
QUARANTINE SELF CARE // Foot Peel Mask in Self Isolation DID IT WORK?!?
although i aim to give myself a pedicure every week, this is the result of waiting SIX WEEKS! i've never been keen on using peels because they take se...
2 years ago - 2,761,650 views
Welcome to True REST Float Spa!
True REST® (Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy) is a zero-gravity environment that allows the mind and body to completely let go, relax, and r...
4 years ago - 225,948 views
Take in an entirely new view of Philadelphia | Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center
In a city where history inspires and culture captivates, you'll discover the best of Philadelphia from high atop the city skyline. On the uppermost fl...
1 year ago - 12,554 views
Yoni Pearls : Vag!na Detox | RAW AND UNCENSORED REVIEW *Graphic VIDEOS * 2021
Y'all I don't have a link to where this was sorry! But I heard it has a site called yoni detox pearl I think lmaooo anyways I hope y'all enjoy my vide...
8 months ago - 66,389 views
How To Do A Basic Vajacial | Step by Step | Bk Beauty Spa
Hey yall!!! This is a full basic vajacial protocol!! If you are not already you should definitely incorporate this service into your business! Its...
11 months ago - 4,430,450 views
Streets of Philadelphia, Kensington Ave Story, Here’s What Happened Today, Tuesday, Sept 7, 2021.
Philadelphia's most dangerous street. Problems with Drugs and Crime in Kensington Ave, Philadelphia In Philadelphia as a whole, violent crime and drug...
2 months ago - 4,423,073 views
I lost 6 lbs in one Hour | colonic hydrotherapy session | Colonics Before and after
This video Details my experience getting my first colonic. I also show mine before and after photos along with video comparisons. I hope this video he...
3 years ago - 108,148 views
Spa Marbella's Hot Steam Room
Try out our Hot Steam Room at Spa Marbella ♥️ Like us on Facebook: ♥️ Follow us on Instagram: ...
9 months ago - 111 views
Shout out to @Street Cruise go subscribe and watch him daily Support this channel: ...
8 months ago - 648,152 views
Always Place A Bag On Your Car Mirror When Traveling Alone, Here’s Why !
Always Place A Bag On Your Car Mirror When Traveling Alone, Here's Why Yes, you may know how to operate your vehicle. You may haven't even read your ....
4 months ago - 724,410 views
Spoil yourself at Tres Aurae Spa
Spoil yourself at Tres Aurae Spa.
1 year ago - 73 views
SpongeBob NoPants! 👖 | Every Time SpongeBob WASN'T Wearing Pants
When you have the last name "SquarePants" not wearing pants just hits different! After all he's not named SpongeBob NoPants. Here's every time that .....
6 months ago - 6,810,187 views
Four charged with prostitution in massage parlor raid
Deputies charged four workers at four separate massage parlors with prostitution and solicitation after a widespread raid Wednesday afternoon. "I live...
4 years ago - 204,509 views
How Much It Costs to Live on a Cruise Ship For a Year
Ever wonder if you could afford to live on a cruise ship full time? It's likely more expensive than you think! We recently priced out an entire year o...
1 year ago - 1,023,633 views
What Not To Do At All-inclusive Resorts In Cancun 2021 Travel Tips Guide Mexico
If you Traveling to Cancun Mexico and staying at an all-inclusive resort we have put together the don'ts of Cancun all inclusive resorts, what not to ...
6 months ago - 29,895 views
Drone Captures What No One Was Supposed to See
Drones have changed the way we see the world. Literally! Because it turns out humans can't fly, so... it's handy! But sometimes, drones pick up some t...
3 months ago - 1,175,157 views
Philadelphia Breast Augmentation: Computer Imaging Previews Results
Dr. Paul Glat shows how the "Vectra" imaging system can give patients a preview of their possible results before having a facial cosmetic procedure or...
9 years ago - 172 views
Skin Perfect Oasis 1/12/17
Start the new year with healthier skin. Jaclyn Peresetsky of Skin Perfect Oasis in Naples shows us how. Go to for more infor...
5 years ago - 95 views
EEE 690 Seminar - Dr. Jade Mitchell - October 13, 2020
Dr. Jade Mitchell Associate Professor in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Michigan State University Managing Unintentional Consequences: Predic...
10 months ago - 10 views
Urban Massage Spa
10 years ago - 729 views
[ PREPARE NOW!!! ] - It's Getting REALLY Serious" (2021)
Join The Truth Seekers Club ▻ "People Have No Idea What's Coming" [ PREPARE ...
2 months ago - 650,055 views
15 Craziest Things Money Can Actually Buy
Some people have some much money that is hard to put in perspective, but asides the classic splurge items that wealth can buy like a sports car or a m...
2 months ago - 703,189 views
Yoni Pearl Results | Very DETAILED and GRAPHIC
Im not a recommending you do pearls just sharing my EXPERIENCE. Consult with your doctor and/or use at your own RISK! These Yoni Pearls DOES NOT cure ...
1 year ago - 432,113 views
Wood & Ice PureSculpt Training (Wood Therapy / Ice Therapy )
PureSculpt Beauty Is the Nations leader in Wood Therapy and Ice Therapy trainings. We also provide the products after your training. Contact us if you...
3 years ago - 25,010 views

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