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Oasis Tears Plus
Oasis Tears Plus are preservative free glycerin based drops for severe dry eyes. Product is at this link:
2 years ago - 3,111 views
Oasis Tears Eye Drops | Your Eyes Matter
SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE Video Rebranding for Oasis Medical. Product: Oasis Tears + Oasis Tears PF. Are you a brand/e-commerce business looking for ...
1 year ago - 271 views
Oasis TEARS PF Lubricating eye drops for dry eyes
Oasis TEARS PF is a preservative-free lubricating eye drop in a bottle. The formulation is designed for mild to moderate dry eyes. These are only avai...
10 months ago - 138 views
Top 5 Artificial Tears | Best Eye Drops For Dry Eyes
In a sea of artificial tears, which ones should you pick? In this video, I'll cover my top 5 picks. #ArtificialTears #DryEye #EyeDoctor Filming and ed...
4 months ago - 5,022 views
Best Dry Eye Drops - My Top 3 Artificial Tears Eye Drops
Trying to find the best eye drop for dry eyes? These 3 eye drops address all layers of the tear film. What dry eye treatments are for you? Find out wi...
3 years ago - 259,618 views
How to Use Eye Drops PROPERLY! - Eye Drop Tutorial
Learn how to use eye drops PROPERLY! If you are struggling with how to put in eye drops by yourself, this video will review how to apply eye drops pro...
10 months ago - 258,321 views
#Oasis Eye Drop #Shorts ओएसिस आई ड्रॉप
Beneficial for Dry eyes provides lubricant to the eyes.Reduced irritation discomfort of eyes.
3 days ago - 3 views
Product Review: Similasan homeopathic eye drops - Dry Eye Relief
After recovering from cataract/lens replacement surgery in both eyes, I noticed that my eyes tend to dry out, which is a bit uncomfortable. I research...
5 days ago - 11 views
Irritated, burning eyes resulting from dry eye (DED) doesn't go away, however we can bring relief.
Irritated, burning eyes resulting from dry eye (DED) doesn't go away, however we can bring relief. Learn more about Oasis TEARS and Oasis TEARS PLUS ....
11 months ago - 76 views
How To Get Rid Of Dry Eyes - 4 Advanced Home Treatments
A lot of people ask how to get rid of dry eyes. Dry Eyes can be very overwhelming and sometimes complicated to treat. Dr. EyeGuy has put together his ...
11 months ago - 11,524 views
Which artificial tears do you recommend?
When you go to the store, there are so many choices of artificial tears. How do you know which one would be best for you? Dr. Michael Camp talks about...
3 years ago - 1,613 views
How to Open the Eye-drop Bottle
Open the eye drops with all sterile precautions... #trinityeyehospital #palakkad #precautions #howtoopeneyedrops.
1 year ago - 18,858 views
MGD (Dry Eye) Treatment Guide - How to Treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction
Learn about meibomian gland dysfunction treatment strategies and dry eye syndrome! Learn more about dry eye treatment here: ...
8 months ago - 148,755 views
The Truth about Preservatives in Artificial Tears
Preservatives in your eye drops help fight off contamination, but sometimes they can hurt your eyes. Fortunately, not all preservatives are created eq...
11 months ago - 290 views
How to use unit dose eye drops
A short video from Moorfields Pharmaceuticals showing you how to instil unit dose eye drops such as Hydromoor or Lubristil.
8 years ago - 88,361 views
How to Safely Instill Eye Drops - Mayo Clinic
Brigitte Keener, O.D., optometrist at #MayoClinicFL, demonstrates how to safely and effectively instill eye drops for patients who have prescribed dro...
8 years ago - 630,712 views
Oasis Form Fit Hydrogel Intracanalicular Plug
Form Fit Hydrogel Intracanalicular Plug by Oasis Medical. Now available at Form Fit is truly a one size plug solution.
1 year ago - 533 views
Top 5 Warm Compresses For MGD | At Home Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Treatment
In this video, Dr. D goes through her top choices for warm compresses to help dry eyes. She also explains the importance of utilizing a warm compress ...
7 months ago - 8,992 views
How to use a warm compress mask? Oasis REST & RELIEF Hot & Cold Eye Mask.
Patient with Dry Eyes? This video shows how to use a warming compress such as the Oasis REST & RELIEF Eye Mask for hot and cold use. Set up an ...
11 months ago - 252 views
7 important steps and pro tips on instilling eyedrops
There are many kinds of eye drops, and any of them could be a challenge to get into your eye. But with a few tips and some practice, you'll get more c...
7 months ago - 30 views
Eyelid Warm Compress - Easy Hot Compress for Dry Eyes
How to warm compress? Here I review how I like to do them. Warm compresses work best by Providing constant heat Do them for at LEAST 10 minutes at a t...
3 years ago - 105,160 views
APAO 2021 - LASER TREATMENT TRENDS IN 2021: FROM GLAUCOMA TO RETINA Dr Jimmy Lai, Dr Jaromir Wasyluk, Dr Victor Chong & Dr Kenneth Fong ...
1 month ago - 299 views
NKG vs PANIK @Kafe | NA Challenger League 2021 Stage 3 | Week 6 | 24 October 2021
NKG vs PANIK @Kafe | NA Challenger League 2021 Stage 3 | Week 6 | 24 October 2021 Full VOD - Nokturns vs Panik Gaming at NA Challenger League 2021 ...
3 days ago - 137 views
Dr Teh Wee Min - I Only Want Glasses
What do you do when you can't see clearly? Most people go to the optical shop to get their power check for a pair of glasses. An eye examination isn't...
2 months ago - 61 views
Night Dry Eye Protection: EyeLocc
Description: EyeLocc is an adhesive strip designed specially for the eyelids, and provides a convenient alternative to using medical tape for sealing ...
3 years ago - 3,743 views
Eyedrop Bottle Opener
Eyedrop Bottle Opener is designed for helping patients to twist open the cap of multi-dose eye drop bottles. It has two different ends, fitting variou...
3 years ago - 17,760 views
Eyelid Heat Compress - Bruder Mask for Instant Dry Eye Relief
If you have dry eye, you're probably looking for ideas for relief. This is one of our favorite eyelid hot compress solution, the Bruder mask! The Brud...
3 years ago - 11,960 views
73* Questions With Adele | Vogue
If you're hoping to hear Adele belt out some "Hello" lyrics and put them through the *Alvin and the Chipmunks* simulator on her phone,'re i...
1 week ago - 11,048,129 views
Rebel Eye - Death Seller (Official Video)
03:57 Cameraman - Laimonas Čužauskas Montage - Simonas Sadauskas Make Up ...
6 years ago - 4,395 views

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