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Penn Urban Oasis
Penn South is a remarkable limited equity, non profit, housing cooperative, in the heart of New York.
12 years ago - 1,145 views
Disparities in Substance-Use Disorder Treatments
On October 14, 2021, the Rockefeller Institute brought together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers for the "Developing Evidence-Based Drug P...
7 days ago - 84 views
La gracia de Dios en nuestras debilidades - Pastor Antonio Arias
MOMENTOS DE LA TRANSMISIÓN: 00:00 Empezamos 06:10 Bienvenida 11:36 Alabanzas 27:14 Adoración 38:40 ​Prédica 01:26:41 Anuncios y ​Despedida ...
5 days ago - 419 views
Under Deck Oasis Commercial
Discover the amazing benefits of the Under Deck Oasis deck drainage ceiling. Never cancel a party or cook out ever again! Collect and redistribute unw...
4 years ago - 2,862 views
William Penn music department practices "Wonderwall" by Oasis. @theWPBearcat @yorkhigh2016 @2015prid
William Penn music department practices "Wonderwall" by Oasis. @theWPBearcat @yorkhigh2016 @2015pride By: Mark Walters - Covering York city and ...
6 years ago - 3 views
オアシスへ..~.To Oasis..~/ canaan moriya, illustration / アキム・ペン ~Akim Penn~
To Oasis... Better things happen to you After something bad happened There is a reward from God in any small test You may cry as much Rainbow in your ...
2 years ago - 441 views
Mechagodzilla's Ready Player One Appearance
I do not one any of the content. All rights go to Warner Bros. Ready Player One is a 2018 American science fiction adventure film based on Ernest Clin...
9 hours ago - 56 views
EFC 92: Renan Barao (Oasis-of-Reason) (1-0) -vs- BJ Penn (AkeemDream562) (1-1)
EFC featherweight fight from the under card of EFC 92 Souza vs Sakuraba.
5 years ago - 20 views
73* Questions With Adele | Vogue
If you're hoping to hear Adele belt out some "Hello" lyrics and put them through the *Alvin and the Chipmunks* simulator on her phone,'re i...
4 days ago - 9,526,320 views
David Penn @ Oasis Club Teatro Zaragoza
Sesionaza que se marco el señor Penn en Zaragoza Sonando Sunshine People!!!
11 years ago - 340 views
William Penn music department practices "Wonderwall" by Oasis in Cherry Lane. @theWPBearcat @yorkhig
William Penn music department practices "Wonderwall" by Oasis in Cherry Lane. @theWPBearcat @yorkhigh2016 @2015pride By: Mark Walters - Covering ...
6 years ago - 31 views
FINALLY!! Jig Star Slow Pitch Jigging Rods ARE in USA | Rod Info | JohnnyJigs | Offshore Fishing
Jig Star Slow Pitch Jigging Rods We have had our eyes on Jig Star slow pitch jigging rods for some time now. They are now available in the USA through...
4 days ago - 2,986 views
Testing out new Luna Henna Acoustic
It sounds pretty good.
7 years ago - 2,239 views
OU Football Preview Show: Oklahoma vs Kansas (10/23/21)
With Al Eschbach and Rick Heath.
6 days ago - 228 views
Penn State's Kpop Dance Club [VLOG]
Just figured out there's a Kpop Dance Group at Penn State called KPMD! Had to check it out! You DEFINITELY need to check them out! Here's a link to th...
6 years ago - 6,233 views
Pirate Radio LIVE 10-18-21- Ellerbe, Brian Bailey, Player's Lounge
Pirate Radio LIVE 10-18-21- Ellerbe, Brian Bailey, Player's Lounge.
7 days ago - 189 views
"Kibbitzing with Kagan" featuring Nancy Pickard, Exec Director of Peerless Rockville
Peerless Rockville is one of the very best local nonprofits in its mission to protect our history. From the Red Brick Courthouse to the Montrose Schoo...
1 week ago - 35 views
Catching Keeper Halibut From LEAKING Kayak! [Ft. Die Hard Fishing]
I set out for my first recorded trip on the kayak with @Die Hard Fishing and managed to find the school. Didn't do as well as there last few times I w...
1 year ago - 4,553 views
Here and Now - PANINAP live @ Jazz Grill (under the bridge downtown!!!)
Here and Now from Paninap's first Album "Love Something Different" Live at Ian Penn's End of Tou...
3 years ago - 3,266 views
No Boundaries Oman x Morning Tide Fishing Part 1: Land of the Giants
A mish-mash of footage from the first half of my trip to Oman. Monster GT's, camels, desert island landscapes, camels, a hidden oasis and a few camels...
2 years ago - 1,600 views
Julia Gundlach über Digitale Ethik – Wie die Bertelsmann Stiftung Algo.Rules und Ethik verbindet
Wie bekommen wir die Ethik in die Algorithmen? Damit beschäftigt sich Julia Gundlach von der Bertelsmann Stiftung. Ein Podcast von Rieke C. Harmsen u...
1 hour ago - 4 views
Ancient Star With Jupiter Like Planet Strangely Resembles Our System
Good telescope that I've used to learn the basics: Get a Wonderful Person shirt: Alter...
6 days ago - 103,175 views
#EnVivo | #LaTertulia | Entrevista a Juan Villoro | Ian McEwan vs Oscar Wilde
Visita Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ...
6 days ago - 15,465 views
LilAle #Golderzam #Huancayo #DalemamiRemix Sígueme en redes sociales: ➡️Instagram: ➡️Facebook: ....
1 week ago - 787 views
Novotny Tropical Ecology Lectures: 02 Janzen-Connell Hypothesis
Part of the Tropical Ecology Course. mechanisms maintaining high tree diversity in tropical rainforests, part 1: Janzen-Connell Hypothesis.
2 days ago - 93 views

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