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LSF Oasis Youth Shelter
Our Youth Shelter in Fort Myers Florida ensures runaways have a safe place to live while they receive counseling. Please consider donating to help ren...
4 years ago - 477 views
Youth Oasis Children's Shelter Promotional Video
Promotional video for the Youth Oasis Children's Shelter created by LSU public relations seniors in partnership with the McKinley High School theater ...
6 years ago - 71 views
Youth Oasis Children's Shelter
Youth Oasis Children's Shelter is an emergency shelter for at-risk youth between the ages of 10 and 17. Located in Baton Rouge, the shelter provides h...
6 years ago - 125 views
Emergency Shelter at Oasis Center
The Emergency Shelter at Oasis Center is a two-week residential program for teens aged 13-17. While at the shelter, residents receive individual and f...
9 years ago - 52 views
Tour of YOU’s Housing First Youth Shelter, created by
Featuring 30 individual units, in a low-barrier and pet-friendly environment, the YOU Housing First Youth Shelter located on Clarke Road will ensure y...
1 year ago - 992 views
Oasis Shelter Home
12:37 A non profit organization in Gold Beach Oregon helping families in the community.
5 years ago - 274 views
Why Oasis: Abby Elam, intern at Emergency Youth Shelter
Why Oasis? Because the Emergency Youth Shelter is the only place in Middle TN where youth in crisis aged 13-17 can go.
9 years ago - 10 views
Why Oasis: Alexandra Brown, Emergency Youth Shelter
Why Oasis? Because the lessons that the residents learn from their time at the Emergency Youth Shelter will stay with them well into the future.
9 years ago - 6 views
The Oasis [part01] - A Shark Island Productions Film
Every night across Australia over 32000 young people have nowhere to sleep. Filmed over two years, this documentary follows Captain Paul Moulds of the...
11 years ago - 158,303 views
Hope Gala 2021
Join us for this live streaming event to hear about the difference you are making—or can make—in the lives of homeless youth in Kitsap County. Wan...
2 days ago - 111 views
Youth Shelter Introduction
Come down to the Youth Shelter today.
7 months ago - 202 views
Oasis Youth Center
CDC Performance1.
5 years ago - 175 views
Counselor Carolyn Ozimok Talks About Drum Group at Casa Youth Shelter
Casa Youth Shelter's Awareness Through Art Virtual Open House presents Counselor Carolyn Ozimok talking about how drumming is used as part of our ...
1 year ago - 21 views
Atma Shanto dénonce la «privatisation» des shelters Oasis et La Colombe
04:31 -- Subscribe to ION News HERE FOLLOW US Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:...
2 years ago - 547 views
Fighting for a cause at Undercard
A charity series where we Box, Run, Eat. All participants secure their place by donating to Oasis Youth Support, in exchange we cover the workout and ...
2 years ago - 43 views
Virtual Worship Service | 17th Oct 2021 | Oasis Youth Point
Worship Band: Oasis Music Songs: Indescribable by Chris Tomlin How great thou art by Hillsong Preacher: Rev Thanreiso Kasar Powered by Shai A.Chihui ....
3 days ago - 190 views
*Youth oasis* teen homeless center.
Uncle Damien has a quick word of motivation before speaking to a group of homeless youths in baton rouge Louisiana. *Uncledamienspeaks/YouTube Damien ...
2 years ago - 47 views
Voices from Out in the Park 2016
The audio in this piece was recorded at Tacoma Pride's Out in the Park event. It feature's voices from Tacoma Stands Up, The Grand Cinema, Oasis Youth...
5 years ago - 34 views
Oasis Shelter Program
Housing the Arts benefiting Youth Oasis Children's Shelter
Housing the Arts was a night of live music, food, drinks and a silent auction of local artists' work. All proceeds went to Youth Oasis Children's Shel...
7 years ago - 28 views
Documentry at Youth Shelter
This was my final peice for my grade 12 film class. This was filmed a couple months ago. We were to document anything we felt was important to us, so ...
11 years ago - 144 views
Support this channel (a large THANK YOU to those who do/have): Camera: ...
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~ANNOYING The Oasis PART: 2!~ SHRO!! ||ROBLOX: Creatures of Sonaria||
Please go subscribe to my friend, Hiko! It'll mean so much to them! ^^ Link to their channel: Tha...
1 day ago - 813 views
Oasis for Youth: 2020 in review
Oasis for Youth has been working with youth ages 16-24 experiencing homelessness and housing instability in Bloomington, Richfield and Edina for a dec...
10 months ago - 446 views

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