What are proteins? Proteins are an essential part of the human diet. They are found in a variety of foods like eggs, dairy, seafood, legumes, meats, n...
3 years ago - 589,169 views
Protein Synthesis (Updated)
Explore the steps of transcription and translation in protein synthesis! This video explains several reasons why proteins are so important before expl...
4 years ago - 3,857,153 views
Does Protein Powder Work? (Spoiler: YES, but there's a catch)
Protein powders (aka protein shakes) are commonly believed to help build muscle. A recent review published in The British Journal of Sports Medicine l...
3 years ago - 4,615,209 views
What are proteins? - Healthy Eating for Kids
Educational video for children to learn what proteins are and how to include them in their diet. Proteins are nutrients that make up the tissues of ou...
10 months ago - 57,493 views
Why do our bodies need protein?
Fish, meat and eggs all contain a nutrient called protein. Different types of proteins do different jobs – some mend us when we are hurt and protect...
5 years ago - 308,129 views
From DNA to protein - 3D
This 3D animation shows how proteins are made in the cell from the information in the DNA code. To download the subtitles (.srt) for this site, please...
7 years ago - 11,943,021 views
How much protein should you eat?
How much protein should we eat for ideal health? While definitions and goals matter, a new study shows we need far more than what the RDA recommends.
1 year ago - 82,668 views
The Deal with Protein
People like to say all kinds of things about protein – like, you need to eat lots of it to build muscle and lose weight. The truth is, the science o...
5 years ago - 928,016 views
Protein: Chemistry for Understanding Nutrition by Milton Mills, MD
Milton Mills, MD is a Plant Based Physician that practices urgent care medicine in the Washington DC. He is a prolific presenter and has appeared in s...
2 years ago - 200,537 views
Paul Andersen explains the structure and importance of proteins. He describes how proteins are created from amino acids connected by dehydration synth...
9 years ago - 1,251,222 views
20 Foods High In Protein That You Should Be Eating
Cottage cheese? Chicken breast? Black beans? Watch till the end to learn about foods that are delicious and rich in protein. Other videos recommended ...
9 months ago - 1,160,444 views
What is a Protein? (from PDB-101)
Proteins play countless roles throughout the biological world, from catalyzing chemical reactions to building the structures of all living things. Des...
4 years ago - 1,899,039 views
Protein Structure and Folding
After a polypeptide is produced in protein synthesis, it's not necessarily a functional protein yet! Explore protein folding that occurs within levels...
3 years ago - 953,215 views
Use THIS Protein NOT that Protein - Protein Powder Guide
Click Here to Subscribe: Check Out SunWarrior's Plant-Based Protein Blend: My Website: ...
3 years ago - 648,937 views
5 challenges we could solve by designing new proteins | David Baker
Proteins are remarkable molecular machines: they digest your food, fire your neurons, power your immune system and so much more. What if we could desi...
2 years ago - 94,781 views
protein shake
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Benefits of Protein For Gym and Hair | जिम और बालों के लिए प्रोटीन कितना फायदेमंद | Hindi |
Protein is considered the building block of life and is found in every cell of the body. Protein is made up of amino acids that are attached to one an...
11 months ago - 918,438 views
Everything You NEED To Know About Protein & Building Muscle!
Alright, today we're going in-depth on everything to do with protein and building muscle so let's get after it. **NEW FULL GYM PROGRAM: ...
2 weeks ago - 172,278 views
What is a protein? A biologist explains
Nathan Ahlgren is a professor of biology at Clark University. In this interview, he explains exactly what a protein is, how they are made, and the wid...
9 months ago - 6,518 views
Protein — The most important nutrient for health - Diet Doctor Podcast
Protein may be the most important nutrient for health and weight loss. In this episode, we discuss the importance and practical aspects of eating enou...
6 months ago - 158,830 views
Protein Structure
Everyone has heard of proteins. What are they on the molecular level? They're polymers of amino acids, of course. They make up most of your body, so w...
5 years ago - 718,046 views
Kegunaan Whey Protein
Ni ke yang orang duk cakap makan/minum protein tu? #nxsrlz #kesihatan.
1 year ago - 33,987 views
Quais os benefícios do WHEY PROTEIN? Descubra se você precisa tomar
ACESSE O LINK PARA RECEBER CONTEÚDOS EXCLUSIVOS DO DR. SAMUEL: Vamos desmistificar a Whey Protein? Ela é um alimento ...
1 year ago - 820,874 views
Proteinshakes: Welche Vorteile haben Proteinpulver aus ärztlicher Sicht? Muskelwachstum & Abnehmen?
Jetzt meinem neuen Ratgeber bestellen: Welche Nahrungsergänzungsmittel Ihr Herz & Herz-Kreislauf-System stärken: ✓ ...
12 months ago - 305,843 views
Top 10 Foods High In Protein That You Should Eat
Have you ever wondered what the top high protein foods are and if you should eat them? You might think steak is the highest food in protein, but that ...
3 months ago - 642,723 views
प्रोटीन आपके शरीर में क्या क्या करता है || WHAT PROTEIN DOES FOR YOUR BODY
proteinfood #proteinbreakfast #proteinbenefits प्रोटीन आपके शरीर में क्या क्या करता है...
1 week ago - 53,470 views
Protein System - Application
Protein System provides: • True Brazilian Keratin • Thermal Realignment • Volume Reducer • No Formaldehyde • Amino acids recharge • Amino ...
5 years ago - 372,185 views
Protein Salad | प्रोटीन सलाद | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana
Loaded with high proteins, this nutritious salad is super yummy to fill up your bellies! PROTEIN SALAD Ingredients 1 cup Tata Sampann Kala Chana ¾ cu...
2 years ago - 28,167,201 views
Protein Comparison : Highest Protein Foods In The World
Protein is a macronutrient necessary for the proper growth and function of the human body. A deficiency in protein leads to muscle atrophy and impaire...
1 year ago - 2,812,027 views

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