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Total War

Total War

Published on 2 weeks ago

An ancient empire lies far beyond the Dark Lands and the snowfields of Kislev... Ruled by the Celestial Dragon Emperor and the Moon Empress, Grand Cathay is a mysterious land of incredible military might. Prepare to defend the Great Bastion and be inspired by the harmony.

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Any questions? Check out the FAQ: https://www.totalwar.com/blog/total-war-warhammer-3-grand-cathay-faq/


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Comments :

Total War

Total War . 2 weeks ago

Any questions? Check out the FAQ: https://www.totalwar.com/blog/total-war-warhammer-3-grand-cathay-faq/

Guilherme Henrique

Guilherme Henrique . 6 hours ago

Thank you for the goosebumps.


SALdosry . 9 hours ago

“I am green” -Sun Tzu the Art of Waaagh!

Eric Posey

Eric Posey . 11 hours ago

Welp its wuxia time.

Xin yong Wong

Xin yong Wong . 11 hours ago

Love it CA, thanks for reviving warhammer fantasy and whoever did those monster roars in all those trailers, sick man keep it up!

Julien Peyrol

Julien Peyrol . 13 hours ago

Where can we find the ost in this


baron226 . 19 hours ago

totalwar access website login button is broken pls fix

Mohaimenur Rashid

Mohaimenur Rashid . 23 hours ago

Time to break into that Chinese market lads.

bastian 260

bastian 260 . 1 day ago

monkey king??; new lustrian army??; and new assasin??; that’s possible??; misterssssss)))); 👍👍😏😇@@


. 1 day ago

When will there be total war : spring autumn warring states?


stalwart56k . 1 day ago

Ok great, we have a white people's favorite "exotic" non white people who are still pretty lite on melanin in a game universe where no humans have very little melanin. Warhammer=non-white human erasure

Sr Souka

Sr Souka . 1 day ago


Parlons Astro(nomie)

Parlons Astro(nomie) . 1 day ago

I wasn't aware of these nations, nice discovery


Estheor . 1 day ago



Fifth . 1 day ago

Eh, can't help but feel a little disappointed; wondering if this was always the vision for Cathay, or the modern GW version. Those Chaos guys on flying saucers are a bit suspect too - they letting AOS influence this one? Not familiar with the Warhammer Fantasy chaos units, (never played the tabletop) can someone tell me if they were the in the old ruleset? Still gonna buy and play, mind you, just a bit underwhelmed by Cathay, probably won't play as them.

W2452 D Dragon

W2452 D Dragon . 1 day ago

Game workshop and ca well done you made a little boy happy I'm now 38 years old thank you ca you take 100% for making dream come true for me see grand cathly please I want to see monkey King fight one of the dragon empire children son third colour be pink and green


Marcus . 1 day ago

Sieges? 😇

Berserker Khorne

Berserker Khorne . 1 day ago

Yes Tzzentch

Recreant Raze

Recreant Raze . 2 days ago

Last week of September sad to see no video this morning. We were promised pre-order race and siege rework this month. Even tho that was before the delay. But if the news is gonna trickle this slow and be ridiculously tiny then the game must be in worse shape than we feared 😨

Ari Weinryt

Ari Weinryt . 2 days ago

Can't stop watching

Night Owl

Night Owl . 2 days ago

That voice actress did a phenominal job. Awesome Trailer.


TakCWAL . 2 days ago

"I do not speak with an accent!" Sun Tzu


KANTEI KAKU . 2 days ago

i like!


Bix . 2 days ago

Not bad🔥👌🏾

Corn pop

Corn pop . 2 days ago

Wait wait wait they already have 3 kingdoms.....the hell is this ?

Oliver Richardson

Oliver Richardson . 2 days ago

Am I the only one disappointed by the lack of terracotta soldiers

Ve Geto

Ve Geto . 2 days ago

We new trailer 😭😭😭


Penttipistooli . 2 days ago

Total war warhammer 3: kingdoms


Drunkscottsman . 2 days ago

I was so excited for WH3.. but with the release so close and the little info. I feel like it's a necessity because they're rushing it.

Mk Mason

Mk Mason . 3 days ago

i can foresee the three kingdom 2 now

Ren Joker

Ren Joker . 3 days ago

I have problems in my life - Football Friday III


ThaStrum . 3 days ago

The joke here is that the battle ended after the trailer cuz battles dont last more than 5min in any Total War Game.

B. W

B. W . 3 days ago

Right enough come out with more stuff, it's been over a week now.

Turbulent Thrombosis

Turbulent Thrombosis . 3 days ago

Ah I see bow to china

Irtifa Irshad

Irtifa Irshad . 3 days ago

I find it so tough to understand the game's logistic when I watch it but the battle aspect is just so cool. This video, you can show it to anyone and they'll say it is an epic finale of 15 series show.

Arkadiusz Kaczmarek

Arkadiusz Kaczmarek . 3 days ago

It's looks AMAZING🥰😍 Something like GREAT buff for Grimmgor 😈🤥

Teo b

Teo b . 3 days ago

"when in Rome, bang Caligula" - Tzeentch

Yannh Vanel

Yannh Vanel . 3 days ago

Bring the franchise to consoles they support mouse and keyboards now


ChillingSpree . 3 days ago

damn she yells a lot


Youwotmate? . 3 days ago

I don't even remember the last time I was this excited for a game lmao. This is going to be nuts!

Chasseur de Leprechaun

Chasseur de Leprechaun . 4 days ago

Feminist clan

Matt Tumberman

Matt Tumberman . 4 days ago

"China Numba Wan!" - Sun Tzu probably

wang lear

wang lear . 4 days ago



Protosszergling . 4 days ago

I don't understand why everyone is so excited about this faction. Didn't you already get your "Cathay" in TW:Three Kigndoms?

Heavy Hitter

Heavy Hitter . 4 days ago

Please take my money

Sweep Machine

Sweep Machine . 4 days ago


James Cathey

James Cathey . 4 days ago

I hate y’all, please just make legit historical titles. No gimmic stuff, I’m saying no hero’s no special monster units. Total war rome 2 was the peak take us back to those days please

John Lambert

John Lambert . 4 days ago

I liked that earth bender doing their best.


PepoG . 4 days ago

Damn they played Spider-Man 2 music when she fell. Amazun


Belsazer . 4 days ago

It seems that they didnt change siege battles.

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