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Idiots Of The Internet
Joe Santagato

Joe Santagato

Published on 4 years ago

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Sean Lewis

Sean Lewis . 13 hours ago

you're hot and really funny

Just rose

Just rose . 5 days ago

To try and explain a bit better for Joe :) a colon is an extra part of digestion, which helps digest your food and give you nutrients. At a young age i had to have my colon removed due to a bad infection, so i have a illeostomy and missing that extra step. So it would actually be half digested food and shit sprayed onto her :) You almost had it though joe!

cassidy harrop

cassidy harrop . 7 days ago

1:42 that voice crack tho


mai . 2 weeks ago

0:39 that dudes comment underneath says "are you fucking kidding me?" 😂😂😂 omg

Iamlordofthe Internet

Iamlordofthe Internet . 3 weeks ago

As someone from Arkansas, I can confirm we fuck horses there.

fading infinity

fading infinity . 3 weeks ago

2 people raped a horse and then died because it was too big....


PAUL FERGUSON . 3 weeks ago

I am from arkansas, and I can safely say that even though we have a lot of methheads and crime, we don't fuck horses.

Moonstone Thoughts

Moonstone Thoughts . 4 weeks ago


John Rogan

John Rogan . 4 weeks ago

Mark Levine show sponsors the people of Walmart...that makes sense...nauseating!

Kelani Ermis

Kelani Ermis . 4 weeks ago

He lookd like ryan reynolds and nick jonas

V 707

V 707 . 4 weeks ago

He lowkey has Kermit voice lmao 😂

Todd Linton

Todd Linton . 1 month ago

u kill me bro keep ur funny shit up

Kraig Butcher

Kraig Butcher . 1 month ago

Omg its like a woofle ball bat hahahab

caitlynn fair

caitlynn fair . 1 month ago

You look like Jeff wittek

Wilson Ben

Wilson Ben . 1 month ago

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Cansel Erkal Eğitim TV

Cansel Erkal Eğitim TV . 1 month ago

She is very clever and found a new way to make her first million

Даниел Петров

Даниел Петров . 1 month ago

Only gies to show how stupid "pro-life" conservatives are. According to medicine, before the 4th monts, it's not a baby yet. Also, if smart people, studying and practicing medicine for years, say abortion before the 4th month is not a murder, then who are you(a religious/conservative idiot with no biological knowledge whatsoever) to state otherwise? Don't you think, when it comes to biology, those people know better than you?!

Mrk Williams

Mrk Williams . 1 month ago

Watched an arsehole for 33 seconds gone

Milia Clabaugh

Milia Clabaugh . 1 month ago

just made some synonym rolls 😂😂😂😂😅😆😆😄

Christopher Thompson

Christopher Thompson . 1 month ago

Now I get that it is almost TOO easy to mock the American education system, but I'm going to anyway. It is easy to assume full on retards like this are a minority, but that honestly isn't the case. This is the average person. People wonder why you ended up with such a fucktard president? He is literally 'of the people' Good luck retards.

Maria S

Maria S . 1 month ago

Wow #smart?? Yeppp. Have absolute faith in future generations. I hope they were just being funny. If Not #moron #usecondoms atalltimes #backtosexed #justsayno #selfinglictedlabotomytopreventmoredumbness

Maria S

Maria S . 1 month ago

Kinda hate that your funny 😡😤😤😒😒😒😒

Stop !

Stop ! . 1 month ago


dates jamika

dates jamika . 1 month ago

he shartted nasty ass

Heartfelt Studio Productions

Heartfelt Studio Productions . 2 months ago

Sprayed his *man perfume* lol

Holliann Gresham

Holliann Gresham . 2 months ago

Joe, you should do a funny X Factor TV show reaction video but the funny and cringe versions!😂


AFTERSHOCK 7582 . 2 months ago

1:00 This is what happens if you do meth guys... You become retarded

Tammy McMullen

Tammy McMullen . 2 months ago

https://www.illumeably.com/dumbest-people-on-internet/?utm_source=quora&utm_medium=c1...THIS IS FOR YOU AND YOUR SEGMENTS ON IDIOTS ON THE INTERNET. LMAO

Lord Julius

Lord Julius . 2 months ago

🎅🐱 (If you don't get the joke, it's *Santagato* -Gato means cat in Spanish- )

melissa craig

melissa craig . 2 months ago

Joe you think a penis couldn't fit in another penis then you watch 2 kids in a sandbox and emotionally destroy your penis and sex drive.

rvg meowth

rvg meowth . 2 months ago

Synonim rols Just like grammar used to make

Banana Astorga

Banana Astorga . 2 months ago

I've seen people but bug shit in there pee holes lol look it up . You'd be surprised

Madden Elliott

Madden Elliott . 2 months ago

You need to save $913 a day to make a million in 3 years


GodOfMaddness . 2 months ago

Total for saving $38 every week for 3 years is just over $5,944

Project WarFare

Project WarFare . 2 months ago

at 3:40 the total amount isn't 6000 it's 1368 dollars!

thomas lp2

thomas lp2 . 2 months ago

I'm from Oklahoma everyone does everything in Arkansas that probably includes eating your brother's ass fuck I don't know

Sam The Gamer

Sam The Gamer . 2 months ago

You would save 28,728


Demonetized . 2 months ago

Some of them just r/woosh

Republic Of Utopia

Republic Of Utopia . 2 months ago

sorry. (im not a hater)

Republic Of Utopia

Republic Of Utopia . 2 months ago

god freak i meant im not doing this on purpose

Republic Of Utopia

Republic Of Utopia . 2 months ago

im not

Republic Of Utopia

Republic Of Utopia . 2 months ago

if they did sorry (im doing this on purpose ) see i made a mistake

Republic Of Utopia

Republic Of Utopia . 2 months ago

who cares if did something wrong or misspelled something.......why does it affects you cause they're idiots for some reasons

Your Will to live

Your Will to live . 2 months ago

I’m a simple person I drink a big glass of milk then spin around in a swivel chair for an hour.

Skelton Slay8er

Skelton Slay8er . 2 months ago

38 a week for 3 weeks is just shy of 6000 at about 5900

Joanna Karaoglanyan

Joanna Karaoglanyan . 2 months ago

passed 3:59 is sooooooooooooooooo cringe!!!!1 NO HATE!! I love Joe santagato so much.


Jevon ENNIS . 2 months ago



AbledBeast . 2 months ago

Got a cousin named Kirsten?

Destiny Myers / sun flower Super myers family team

Destiny Myers / sun flower Super myers family team . 2 months ago

Hey Joe, can you do a crossover with Antscanada or DanTDM please?

TheLoneWolf YT

TheLoneWolf YT . 2 months ago

1 year is 52 weeks. Three years is 156 weeks. Multiply by 38 and you get 5928. You were only off by 72 joe

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