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Idiots Of The Internet
Joe Santagato

Joe Santagato

Published on 5 years ago

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Comments :


Infusion . 3 hours ago

Idiots on the Internet T hen just don't watch the Internet

Lodemé Carp

Lodemé Carp . 1 day ago


Curious Umbreon

Curious Umbreon . 4 days ago

I bet none of these people went to school.

Kenneth White

Kenneth White . 1 week ago


xTrinity Divinex

xTrinity Divinex . 2 weeks ago

I still like going back and watching these vidoes over again. Is there going to be any more?

bonbonplays boi

bonbonplays boi . 2 weeks ago

A colon is this :

Katie Lee

Katie Lee . 3 weeks ago

Someone is using your photo as a catfish on Instagram


lili . 3 weeks ago

come on, none of these can be real lol


SMALL FRY 11 . 3 weeks ago


Lexie Neevel

Lexie Neevel . 3 weeks ago

I live in Wisconsin, we DON'T fuck horses.

Denzel Whalley

Denzel Whalley . 4 weeks ago

Where it all started 👌🏽🙏🏽

Weglarz TV

Weglarz TV . 4 weeks ago

Ur so handsome and funny content but what’s with the foul language on each comment :/

Alex Myers

Alex Myers . 4 weeks ago

yeah i was constipated until i was 6.

vinaasha rajbansie

vinaasha rajbansie . 4 weeks ago

2+2= dog shit 😂😂😂😂😂

Don Whitmen

Don Whitmen . 4 weeks ago

How is your head still in one piece, my brains would be all over the room from the explosion, because this crap would drive me insane! My oldest daughter in a total airhead, after 5 minutes I have to get some air and it also it keeps me from wanting to choke the living crap out of her.. you sir are a better man then me


MFXdump . 4 weeks ago

If I see looser misused as the word loser one more time, I’m getting a fucking wrench out to start tightening shit all over the internet!

Flying V

Flying V . 1 month ago

For your information: In Arkansas, bestiality is a misdemeanor. Don’t know what the lady is smoking but it ain’t weed.


dinnerandashow . 1 month ago

Spell and grammar nazi? Maybe English is not their native language. As far as the gay question, the person could be a child. But yes, I agree with you, shockingly many idiots on the Internet. I did not believe the global I.Q. test statistics until I discovered YouTube.

Triggered Satellite

Triggered Satellite . 1 month ago

I can watch this series all day.

David H

David H . 1 month ago

1:41 WHaiy WHaii

Nimeeta Adk

Nimeeta Adk . 2 months ago

Why is Kansas pronounced as Kansas and Arkansas pronounced as Ar-ken-so?? Science side of YouTube EXPLAIN

chris conrad

chris conrad . 2 months ago

3:25 no offense joe but its $4368.00 but hey you tried and thats all that matters bud.

wraithrater 76

wraithrater 76 . 2 months ago

Actually, about that $38 a week lady: I calculated it, and she would have about 41 grand in 3 years. Either way, still dumb.

Ville K.

Ville K. . 2 months ago

2:26 okay now I spilled tea on my feet

Scott's Tots

Scott's Tots . 2 months ago

This series will never get old.

Rose Undertale

Rose Undertale . 2 months ago

I didn’t notice I till now but the intro is 3...1

MyBreakfast MyDinnerIsShrimp

MyBreakfast MyDinnerIsShrimp . 2 months ago

She said the thing about Arkansas because she probably lives there and doesn't want to be made fun of. <3

Michael Coulson

Michael Coulson . 2 months ago

Smug cunt its 365 x3 x38 is like 42 thousand

Mo Aoun

Mo Aoun . 2 months ago

3:43 I honestly would put 2+2 is dogshit on a test if I didn’t know that on a test

Sensai Geo

Sensai Geo . 2 months ago


queen moran

queen moran . 2 months ago


Crystal Rodriguez

Crystal Rodriguez . 2 months ago

Haha people are so stupid!! Oh yes and he is handsome! 😉

Wrath hawk

Wrath hawk . 3 months ago

You asked why would you experiment with a horse "because there is no cock like horse cock" props if you know this song No homo.

Jay Bodie

Jay Bodie . 3 months ago

Ummm WTF

The Catfather

The Catfather . 3 months ago

You were close, if You saved $38 a Week for 3 Years You'd have $56.98 short of Six Grand.

Gary Sherman

Gary Sherman . 3 months ago

looked up the twitter name for the dummy at 3:24. shit is hilarious https://twitter.com/brownlady25?lang=en

Steven Habegger

Steven Habegger . 3 months ago

You’re so cute


blugeagua . 3 months ago

Funny how they say gay PEOPLE but they only talked about men.

Tay Woode

Tay Woode . 3 months ago

These people will call you a grammar Nazi if corrected. Then they believe the Mandela effect is real but will call it the Mandela affect.


PetiteDoll . 3 months ago

Still funny, still relevant. I watched this the week he uploaded it and I still laugh as much as the first time.


DRAGON GAMING . 3 months ago

The lady would get 5472 dollars 3:30

Stacey !

Stacey ! . 3 months ago

“2+2= Dog shit” Best line that has been ever said in the history of time.

Armaan Dhanoa

Armaan Dhanoa . 3 months ago

3:25 damn Joe was only $72 off


Z3 . 3 months ago

Bro just imagine he did more of these

octumusblob scp reader

octumusblob scp reader . 3 months ago

They don't eat sister ass in Arkansas But in Alabama...

Michael Smith

Michael Smith . 3 months ago

Over explaining every funny post ruins the humor man.

Brody McGoldrick

Brody McGoldrick . 3 months ago

Absolutely fucking love your stuff! I literally cry laughing no matter how many times I watch it

Dave Chapman

Dave Chapman . 3 months ago

My mum says hi back. She is baking sone exclaimation cakes for you. She says she would love to meet up, but will have to wait a few weeks as she is expecting a foal very soon.

- I•WhiteNøise•l -

- I•WhiteNøise•l - . 3 months ago

#Youareafuckingidiot 2:54

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