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Amazing Things That ONLY Exist In Japan! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last vid https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/n96NJsnla3I Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf

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Comments :

Emma Armsworthy

Emma Armsworthy . -4 seconds ago

cold morning day?

DA potato lover

DA potato lover . 54 seconds ago

3:15 you can buy that at walmart


I_love_Selena_Quintanilla_RIPforever💜 . 1 minute ago

No, everything in Japan folks read their money like that


H0l1_Cro0z . 11 minutes ago

Theres a poop museum in japan

zeina rabah

zeina rabah . 12 minutes ago

3:47 the Guy in the subway is crying

TNL Spadez

TNL Spadez . 44 minutes ago

Why did she say free the white spike but if she knew that they made the human race be extinct

Fun with Clara and friends

Fun with Clara and friends . 1 hour ago

i was in ny and there was a produce store and it had no employes

Javian Montanez

Javian Montanez . 1 hour ago

This video makes me think is Elon musk from Japan?


E1 . 1 hour ago

I have mini pancake at mcdonald's in England

XxPurple TwinxX

XxPurple TwinxX . 1 hour ago

Minecraft watermelon irl belike :

Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima . 1 hour ago

WHAM BAM *insert shape* MAN

LPS Pearl productions

LPS Pearl productions . 1 hour ago

I’m going to Japan right now because I wanna because I want to see all this type of cool stuff


Anllazz . 1 hour ago

The clear bathroom is so you can see how clean it is before you go and when you lock it then you get privacy that’s why 🤓


ItzSummer . 2 hours ago

8:55 5 minute crafts be taking notes over here

Jack Lu

Jack Lu . 2 hours ago

i saw a review that was one star for a sushi restaurant and they were complaining that the sushi was cold 💀


CorruptedColors . 2 hours ago

USA: Our things are so lovely 😊 JAPAN: Yeah, try to get ahead now 😉

kareen kay King

kareen kay King . 2 hours ago

the first video, is for a movie called[ the tomorrow war] good movie.

jk potter

jk potter . 2 hours ago

What we really need are things to pick up the bug juices for people like me who are to squamish to even use a napkin

jk potter

jk potter . 2 hours ago

3:00 those are fun. they dont taste to good but is fun little "Cooking" for kids.


A . 2 hours ago

this video made me hungry with that poop emoji ice cream

Riley Redd

Riley Redd . 2 hours ago

3:41 for the other people watching us during covid, am I the only one triggered by this😅😅😅

Timothy Flechtner

Timothy Flechtner . 2 hours ago

0:11 actually don’t free him that thing is a dangerous alien from the future

Maria Kerkor

Maria Kerkor . 2 hours ago


Roxy Ryan

Roxy Ryan . 2 hours ago

We way behind

Vuqar Allahverdiyev

Vuqar Allahverdiyev . 3 hours ago

Can someone tell how does clear coca-cola taste?


RY RS . 3 hours ago

Can we pls have more japanese vids

Le Sleepy Narwhal

Le Sleepy Narwhal . 3 hours ago

Become a horse, with the new: tripod chin rester thingy that helps you sleep; it is foldable, compact and light weight, making travelling with it a breeze. Become and horse and sleep standing up, with the chin rester thingy that helps u sleep. Purchase today at the Japanese version of Walmart. Costs ¥1,000,000 (roughly $9,000 and £6,000) BAHAHAAHAH LMAOOOO I even spent my time googling the conversion prices so appreciate 💁‍♀️💅

- PanCake -

- PanCake - . 3 hours ago

If I saw a white spike, I would want it as a pet. The Tomorrow War was an amazing movie

Marinette Dupain-cheng

Marinette Dupain-cheng . 3 hours ago



bswartz1989 . 3 hours ago


Kara Todd

Kara Todd . 3 hours ago

I was surprised about most of these. Eeeeee

Carline D'abreau

Carline D'abreau . 3 hours ago

That's a white pike

a name

a name . 3 hours ago

person: your a karen me: what kind of karen likes anime person: KAREN YEAGER

Desire Goliath

Desire Goliath . 3 hours ago

Hi friens its meeeeeeeeeeeeee

Joey Carder

Joey Carder . 3 hours ago

Japan shouldn't be this advanced


potato . 3 hours ago


Uma Misi

Uma Misi . 4 hours ago

umm i Like it o.o

Marek Dupajas

Marek Dupajas . 4 hours ago

"Remember people, No matter what you do,there is always an Asian better then you"🥳🥳🥳🥳

Afiq Mua

Afiq Mua . 4 hours ago



Jaylyn . 4 hours ago

Nice 👍🏻

Robert Young

Robert Young . 4 hours ago

2:47. We have that in the UK too


AlphaGamingWolf . 4 hours ago

Fun fact: i dont watch sssniperwolfs videos for a week so at the end of the week i have 7 nice videos muah

Lia Thiery

Lia Thiery . 4 hours ago


Lindsay Snider

Lindsay Snider . 5 hours ago

Where’s her new house? Why is she in her old house? 🤭


Aye . 5 hours ago


Lantz Myth

Lantz Myth . 5 hours ago

What is your Fortnite name SSSniperWolf

Aloomena Gamez

Aloomena Gamez . 5 hours ago

2:34 ayo levi where u at

Joel Sweeting

Joel Sweeting . 5 hours ago

Sssniperwolf can you shout me out please on YouTube @joel sweeting

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