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Published on 2 months ago

We add a FAT vs WORKOUT Mod in Among Us!

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Comments :


Artical . 1 hour ago

It turns white. Me eating rn 🤬😡🤬😡😡😡🤬🤬😡😡😶‍🌫️


monsterman420 . 4 hours ago

Ok so i have apparently never eaten food before cause the like button turned black😮😯

Y Duong

Y Duong . 22 hours ago

Yes I do

M Bru

M Bru . 1 day ago

At 8:24 Henwy sounded like Ian

Nelli Kovács

Nelli Kovács . 1 day ago

Love your vids ssundee, btw shoutout? Please

Lea Premik

Lea Premik . 1 day ago

grizzy and the lemmings

April Shoemaker

April Shoemaker . 1 day ago


Alan Veve

Alan Veve . 2 days ago

the like button didn't turn blue... so did I lie...?

Evan Mosley

Evan Mosley . 2 days ago

Mines terms black


Shadowscorpian76 . 2 days ago

The like button is white so I haven’t eaten food

Andrea Pierce

Andrea Pierce . 2 days ago

The game is good Troy tiktok

Sssniperwolf Fan

Sssniperwolf Fan . 2 days ago


Lareana Abegail Berbecho

Lareana Abegail Berbecho . 2 days ago

Hi i68ggiyvvocycy8c hk hkj hi hi khif8y

Tayyaba Danysh

Tayyaba Danysh . 3 days ago

So um 5.2k people disliked this so that means that 5.2k people haven’t eaten food and I liked your video

nashwa salama

nashwa salama . 3 days ago

I want you to do a normal among us video

Mateusz Siwek

Mateusz Siwek . 3 days ago

this mod is broken

chris welder

chris welder . 4 days ago



DharkonFan . 4 days ago

2:18 3:31 10:12 12:40

Ari Alusarac

Ari Alusarac . 4 days ago

"If you ever eaten food before hit the like button" the 5.2K dislikes: My goals are beyond you understandings

shooting star

shooting star . 4 days ago



bartiYT . 4 days ago

How to install this mod on epic games


XxmidnightxX . 5 days ago

Can I join your discord server pleaseeee also what time do you do these videos and what day or days do you dothe videos on

May Lamin

May Lamin . 5 days ago

Can you please bring me your video’s

Taher Misbah

Taher Misbah . 5 days ago

Lol ssundee at the beggining: I 'FINALLY' got the workout role. xD

Connie Smith

Connie Smith . 5 days ago

Hey 👋

Dante Granados

Dante Granados . 5 days ago

2:16 at 0.25 the red buddy said: yeah perfect place to transform sundee: *not so perfect buddy*


MARCUS . 5 days ago



Abcd . 6 days ago

Like button turns black Me : dies

kirby genocide

kirby genocide . 6 days ago

the people who disliked must be starved..


speler¹⁰⁰⁰⁹ . 6 days ago

My like button is black

ruben castillo

ruben castillo . 6 days ago

Ssundee: Hit the like button and it'll turn blue. Me: but it turns black.

Mary Ann Lapuz

Mary Ann Lapuz . 6 days ago


Elisha Kaithlyn Fumar

Elisha Kaithlyn Fumar . 7 days ago

lala no no no mm

Manmeet Dhir

Manmeet Dhir . 7 days ago

w is ssundee huh?

Ma Margaret

Ma Margaret . 1 week ago

Space in Among Us


SURUCHI JOSHI . 1 week ago


Preston Marshall

Preston Marshall . 1 week ago

“If you have eaten hit that button” Newborn baby’s: no. I don’t think I will.


Imposter . 1 week ago

“lookems got ran over by a car” but Zud dod

Calvin Chen

Calvin Chen . 1 week ago

Wtf I just notice mas name is MasDaddy

Enos's Toy Review

Enos's Toy Review . 1 week ago

I love how he calls the food uppercuts

Dox Magallanes

Dox Magallanes . 1 week ago

like turned black 😢

Raj Sharma

Raj Sharma . 1 week ago

I 🫕🫕🫕🫕🫕🫕🫕

Rome Manipon

Rome Manipon . 1 week ago

youre video is so much cool make more please

Nicole Langat

Nicole Langat . 1 week ago

the fast mod


westside . 1 week ago

Can someone tell him the like button turns black

Ethan Levy

Ethan Levy . 1 week ago


Marwaan Mahamed

Marwaan Mahamed . 1 week ago


Marwaan Mahamed

Marwaan Mahamed . 1 week ago

In the cool day among us

Marwaan Mahamed

Marwaan Mahamed . 1 week ago

I fik

ميرا جبان

ميرا جبان . 1 week ago

Of course we eat food are you crazy 😂

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