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Published on 2 weeks ago

Watch the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Story Trailer and visit https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/home for more details.

A new war takes shape. Ready your defenses and cross into The Sideways.
After the Alien Mothership’s destruction, the Cubes crash-landed on the Island. They’ve begun spreading corruption, as well as portals to the dark, monster-filled “Sideways.” Fight for the survival of the Island… before it’s too late.

Comments :


ÑøTîtlêÇhãøs . 3 hours ago

Ay fortnite ill give all of your devs smacks to the jaw if you guys don't bring sledge back in a month or less. That's the only warning.


sus . 3 hours ago

add vaults and carnage boss please fortnite it Will help

Lisa Rhea

Lisa Rhea . 3 hours ago


Exotic Voltage

Exotic Voltage . 4 hours ago

always nice to see Kevin's family


FatJabbaHutt . 6 hours ago

Is peely gonna be return not with spartan outfit his classic yellow banana skin because some people keep asking about i said yeah image he came with skin on the item shop i said I wish

Traig jr's master channel

Traig jr's master channel . 14 hours ago

The foundation it’s getting rebooted

James's World

James's World . 14 hours ago


لايك زد\ like zed

لايك زد\ like zed . 14 hours ago

الله هم صلي وسلم على سيدنا محمد


EnderMateyS2010 . 15 hours ago


abbsnn cose

abbsnn cose . 20 hours ago

Esse passe tá incrível!!!!!!!

Hi I'm Joe

Hi I'm Joe . 21 hours ago

Kevins family here :)


Huddiehud . 1 day ago

Can you add mobile on the App Store please

Dada Hey

Dada Hey . 1 day ago

Put fortnite on iOS please

Felix Alejos

Felix Alejos . 1 day ago

This game is ass


PghUFilms . 1 day ago

This Is awesome New Chapter 2 Season 8 Also Why You Delete On App Store On Mobile I Was Playing New Skin But I Pass Season 1 Battle Pass and Season 2 I Don’t like Myself I can’t Play it


KuyanHits . 1 day ago

Of course the default is the one that died.

Wiktor Kryspowicki

Wiktor Kryspowicki . 1 day ago

Pls bring back Renegade raider back


YASSINYT . 1 day ago

Can you pls bring back formla dance party

Marcinho Santos

Marcinho Santos . 2 days ago

You could do championships worth vbucks

Ambrož Oblak 2

Ambrož Oblak 2 . 2 days ago

Is that a FAL?

dolita windo

dolita windo . 2 days ago

Crazy how their multilayer has a better story than its story mode

זאור רובין

זאור רובין . 2 days ago

Pls season 9 that the cube are gone forever and the alien ships are coming on again pls

Keith Sherman

Keith Sherman . 2 days ago

BTW I love your game I love it Soo soo much

Keith Sherman

Keith Sherman . 2 days ago

Fortnite ban this player he is bullying people with good aim no aimbot zero% aimbot and he said this to the inappropriate languages

Colton Marshall

Colton Marshall . 2 days ago

Anyone noticed the sliding? Will it be coming to the game?

TheGr8Ethan Boi

TheGr8Ethan Boi . 2 days ago

Just a suggestion but what if we could upgrade bandages or small shield potions like 5 bandages=1 medkit and 2 small shield potions=1 big shield potion


KevinGame3 . 2 days ago

1:22 is that dr.slone heading back to the io headquarters

aola wili

aola wili . 2 days ago

Can't wait for more info on the Foundation.

Joshua Lopes

Joshua Lopes . 2 days ago

When will naruto come in fortnite 🍲🦊🍥

Josiah James

Josiah James . 2 days ago

Plz for the love of God fix 2 player

Gabriel Carvalho Barreto

Gabriel Carvalho Barreto . 2 days ago

Passados por brawl stars no YouTube

Argelis Acosta

Argelis Acosta . 2 days ago

love the new season

amy spendlove

amy spendlove . 2 days ago

Fortnite can you kinda tell us about the zero point

Shot Marco

Shot Marco . 2 days ago



Rebusik . 2 days ago

could you make a xxxtencation skin for The tasks please and if you did you would write that is a Rebus idea please 🥺🥺

Tio do Lago

Tio do Lago . 2 days ago


AAplayz on YT

AAplayz on YT . 2 days ago

Fortnite can you add bubble wrap build builds bake

SniperDude 6000

SniperDude 6000 . 3 days ago

can anyone friend me on Fortnite? please. My name is Sniper Dude 6000

Kelly Leeks

Kelly Leeks . 3 days ago

Add something to save the world pls

PB Tails

PB Tails . 3 days ago


crazy_peanutYT 231

crazy_peanutYT 231 . 3 days ago

now listen guys isnt the squad supposed to be 4 but they were 5 people


RileyRadez . 3 days ago

imma tell my kids and grandkids that cubes can reproduce

The Knight Squad

The Knight Squad . 3 days ago

Can't wait for more info on the Foundation.

noam edri

noam edri . 3 days ago

why there is no pet in the buttle pass ?????

wnnalis cioov

wnnalis cioov . 3 days ago

O melhor passe do capítulo 2!! Com certeza!


Progamer27 . 3 days ago



SweatyBrody . 3 days ago

i want tilted back :(

Trevor Doyle

Trevor Doyle . 3 days ago

FUC* Epic games and everything they do(respectfully)


Nmckboss23 . 3 days ago

Remove the raptors I had a easy dub I lost because I GOT THIRD PARTY

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