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Published on 3 months ago

We add a KAREN IMPOSTER into Among Us

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Mod Maker: @LoafX

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Comments :

Niki Valadez

Niki Valadez . 3 hours ago

Yo this video is cool

Iman Abdifitah Omar

Iman Abdifitah Omar . 6 hours ago

Jag är det

Lin Lin htike Lin

Lin Lin htike Lin . 12 hours ago

I have a new idea for a new among us mod!!! ✨ ✨: The yo-yo mod (I don’t know if this mod was already used in one of your videos): Imposter’s role: The imposter (yo-yo) can absorb energy from the crew-mates by wrapping strings around the crew-mates Imposter’s abilities : The imposter can turn invisible, the imposter can also disguise their-self to look like one of the crew-mates, can hide in tasks, set down traps and can strangle the crew-mates by using the string ability, the coolest thing is that the imposter’s abilities change in certain places Crew-mate’s role: The crew-mates have to finish their tasks and try to escape the ship by entering a certain exit at a certain place

Diego Ture

Diego Ture . 13 hours ago

Carriage that's so funny I don't like in the bond that because I never got that

Comrade Stalin

Comrade Stalin . 20 hours ago

Yo my mom kinda sus Ngl

Judith Zwaigenbaum

Judith Zwaigenbaum . 1 day ago

I have a girl friend

Binod Sapkota

Binod Sapkota . 1 day ago

Karen is your mom😱😱😱


Ethan . 2 days ago

I literally saw the Karen role comment on another video


ROCKNROLLAx787 . 2 days ago

His eyes thow.🤣🤣🤣


Flippy . 2 days ago

Sniper mode ACTIVATED

Gideon Martin Dejucos

Gideon Martin Dejucos . 3 days ago

how can i get mod in among us


aquabeek . 3 days ago

Play more mod plz

Morgan Davis

Morgan Davis . 3 days ago


Aarón Boy

Aarón Boy . 3 days ago

my teacher name karen im not kidding

Marcus Qualey

Marcus Qualey . 4 days ago


Marcus Qualey

Marcus Qualey . 4 days ago

I like that

Jormea Pikapak

Jormea Pikapak . 5 days ago

Wait so Loaf X made this mod?

Zaijian boinks

Zaijian boinks . 6 days ago

Yo! lan Do the Eddworld Mod TordRobot ton ND the Green guy

Jacob Chin

Jacob Chin . 6 days ago

Now we need the Chad mod

Dylan Oneil

Dylan Oneil . 6 days ago

Wait is my mom in among us

Kevin stfleur

Kevin stfleur . 6 days ago

Chucky can be a mod

goaty channel

goaty channel . 6 days ago

While ssunde made biffle call a meeting I was eating a banana

patrick del rosario

patrick del rosario . 6 days ago

not close soooo glose🤣🤣🤣🤣


H BMGO . 7 days ago

They put my sis in among us

Amanda Reagan

Amanda Reagan . 7 days ago

0:07 me: SpongeBob

Lord Joseph B Recaña

Lord Joseph B Recaña . 7 days ago

New role : jollibee Ability 1: he can spawn 3 bees that stuns crewmate ability 2 eat the crews ability 2 he will be a giant bee ability 2 become invisible and the last one Ability 2 jumpscare

charmaine sia

charmaine sia . 7 days ago

Put squid game in among us

Kaison Aguilar

Kaison Aguilar . 7 days ago


Osiel Quezada

Osiel Quezada . 7 days ago

i have a sister name Karen

Red Baron

Red Baron . 1 week ago

Sorry Karen

Christian Palushaj

Christian Palushaj . 1 week ago

try spider man

Melissa Biron

Melissa Biron . 1 week ago

Sskaren is the only nice karen


DJW PLAYS . 1 week ago

AHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm scared of Karen's hold me


T J . 1 week ago

Do ken and then do karen vs ken

Legendary Crystal

Legendary Crystal . 1 week ago

biffle you look cute with the Karens hair on 🤩🤗🤗😙😙☺☺😍😍😘😘🥰😀😀😁😁

Braylon Raymer

Braylon Raymer . 1 week ago

ian your a caren get it care n

Trina Maclean

Trina Maclean . 1 week ago

WOW so

Merlexicorn Galexus

Merlexicorn Galexus . 1 week ago

I have a person on my bus who used to pretend to be a Karen it was funny 😆 😂

Merlexicorn Galexus

Merlexicorn Galexus . 1 week ago

Y y you so weird

Amber Beeles

Amber Beeles . 1 week ago


Call_Me_Enny 〈3

Call_Me_Enny 〈3 . 1 week ago

I'm glad he didn't actually scream at us at the beginning

Julie Cumiskey

Julie Cumiskey . 1 week ago

I am at a restaurant now

coolman grundy

coolman grundy . 1 week ago

new role: the star wars mod dearth vader has a lightsaver he can force choke people to death kill people with his light saver crewmates are luke and imposter is dearth vader

Ashley Neeimat

Ashley Neeimat . 1 week ago

Why do people dislike ur videos i love the videos


TREX WIRE . 1 week ago

Haha lol guy below me is funny as hell

Riley Fournier

Riley Fournier . 1 week ago

Is anyone a Karen in the group

Đinh Văn Khải

Đinh Văn Khải . 1 week ago


Luuk Hoogerdijk

Luuk Hoogerdijk . 1 week ago

Biffle was who got hit by the coffee

mamang mangmang

mamang mangmang . 2 weeks ago


Clew Emergency

Clew Emergency . 2 weeks ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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