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Published on 1 week ago

really amazing music by; https://soundcloud.com/tommynewport

thanks for the help Dan, great to be making videos again -- https://www.youtube.com/user/DanTheDirector1

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KD Vlogs y FÚTBOL . 2 hours ago

Thank you Casey for making your videos. You make my world a happier place 👏👏🤗🤗✨✨

Izhan Zubir 2

Izhan Zubir 2 . 3 hours ago

I have 2 daughters and a son. I discovered Casey's vlogs 2 years ago and currently on a binge through his vlogs from the first one, and still havent finished it all. And everytime i see one of your latest videos or tweets, and see Francine all grown up, i'd be like "awww, omg, how big you've grown!". You've touched people's lives more than you could possibly imagine. For that i say THANK YOU.

Julius Krebber

Julius Krebber . 3 hours ago

Ur the best!!! ❤️

Tony Zibizo

Tony Zibizo . 5 hours ago

Honestly been watching you for a long time Casey and it's good to see you enjoying other things than your career.

Rohil Agarwal

Rohil Agarwal . 5 hours ago

Your Content has Quality 💓

mohammad hossein shafinia

mohammad hossein shafinia . 5 hours ago

So sad hearing you wont be around any more

Sarker Anamul

Sarker Anamul . 5 hours ago

Thanks a lot you are back with mail time.

Addison Gordon

Addison Gordon . 6 hours ago

lowk. i few tears dropped at the end

scar lxrd

scar lxrd . 6 hours ago

When the big quake happens we gonna lose him

M. Major

M. Major . 6 hours ago

I live less than a 1/4 mile from Casey and haven’t seen him yet. One day

Reina Yeo

Reina Yeo . 6 hours ago

Casey answering the question "how are you?" in one video

Unlocking Your Energy

Unlocking Your Energy . 7 hours ago

Yeah he edited out all the homeless people, massive crowds, and gridlock traffic. Sorry but this is not what LA actually looks like.

Christine Beauty Expert

Christine Beauty Expert . 7 hours ago

Beautiful reset 💕 enjoy the moment and keep making your videos


itsnotme07 . 7 hours ago

In the words of Ferris Bueller: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it!" Nice to see you focus on the "important" stuff. Family dude. Everything else....is secondary.

Dat FX

Dat FX . 8 hours ago

bro we want to know all the sóngs on the video please

Blushy By Veronica

Blushy By Veronica . 8 hours ago

I’ll keep watching your videos Casey!! I’m glad you realized what your real priorities are...our kids grow in a blink of an eye and right now is when they need YOU! Coming from a mom and coming from always seeing my parents work all day, I know my mom missed a lot of important things in my life. That I why I have chosen the life to not work a regular 9-5 so I don’t miss those precious moments and memories. So happy for you and your family😁👏

Af colombia

Af colombia . 8 hours ago

El de que vive es decir qué hace en la vida para vivir tan bueno ?

Alberto Colella Garofalo

Alberto Colella Garofalo . 8 hours ago

Great job! Love u man😘

Anthony Shon

Anthony Shon . 8 hours ago

Casey! You are just so awesome. Thank you for being such a positive force.


NeoMARC . 8 hours ago

I had to really check if its really Casey coz its in 60fps. :D

Elizabeth Wang

Elizabeth Wang . 8 hours ago

i need the white NYC/LA shirt


Dodgerhouse . 9 hours ago

Drone shots of LA are great, but nothing beats NYC’s skyscrapers and hustlers on the street.

Samual Smith

Samual Smith . 9 hours ago

It is strange to hear you say you are going to work less after hearing you say work more but after the number of years and hard work you have put into not only your youtube channel but career in general you have certainly deserve a break

Jaraiya Builds

Jaraiya Builds . 10 hours ago

sadly, i’m not used to it, now that casey left nyc :(

Nick Hinnerichs

Nick Hinnerichs . 10 hours ago

glad to see you and the fam happy


Patar1441 . 10 hours ago

Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather...

Stanislas Fleury

Stanislas Fleury . 11 hours ago

you deserve your happiness

Eugene Naputi

Eugene Naputi . 11 hours ago


Katherine Jones

Katherine Jones . 11 hours ago

Casey you guys should move to California 🙂

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg . 11 hours ago

Imagine going into rehab to overcome an addiction to work. haha


1PRFILM . 12 hours ago

Definitely one of the best to do it. Glad California has been good to you and the family. I am In San Francisco hoping meet you one day. One of my biggest inspirations. Thank you!!!


BigChills71 . 12 hours ago

That boardwalk.... GTA5 mofo's 😋🤣

Brando Higgins

Brando Higgins . 12 hours ago

Casey- DO A Q+A!!

Jean-Philippe Côté

Jean-Philippe Côté . 12 hours ago

Hi Casey, I just want to say that your videos give me positive energy. Even if I have a bad day you just seem to light up my day with your positivity.

abel reynoso

abel reynoso . 13 hours ago

Im born and raised in LA and i forget how dope this city is.


JOANPi . 13 hours ago

You truly look happy. Lots of times less is more :)

Spirit Forest

Spirit Forest . 13 hours ago

Awesome! You are in my hometown.. I miss the constant nice weather. Looking forward to more videos.. I will watch you from my tent here in the beautiful Colorado Mountains! Cheers!

Almira MasteR

Almira MasteR . 13 hours ago

Light is perfect!

Kirsten Alana Photography

Kirsten Alana Photography . 14 hours ago

“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” - glad to see you figured that out, Casey, and let the haters hate. People don't own you just because you made a career out of putting a part of yourself online. I'm happy for you in this new chapter! (Also, just moved to LA from NYC in May 2018. I agree work/life balance and balance in general feels more natural out here.)

Community watch videos good citizen

Community watch videos good citizen . 14 hours ago

Enjoy life Casey what ever makes you happy we all will understand. Thanks for all the great content over the years.


SteveMarsh . 15 hours ago

sorry casey i don't like your new studio, sorry, just being honest

R. E. Hill

R. E. Hill . 16 hours ago

Why not give up completely and move to Florida....

Wiktor Wolf

Wiktor Wolf . 16 hours ago

Casey + Matt D'Avella !!!

Corey Shores

Corey Shores . 16 hours ago

Happy for you, bro... seem very content at where you're at and there's a lot to be said when you find a good balance between professional and your private life. Keep on keeping on and I will do my part in clicking play when it becomes available.

Scuba Madness

Scuba Madness . 17 hours ago

You should try out a electric skate board called teamgee h5

Robert Harezlak

Robert Harezlak . 17 hours ago

Do your job and take care, buddy <3

Matej Jakopič

Matej Jakopič . 17 hours ago

I'm happy for you and your family. I just hope you like the slower rhythm and don't miss the constant rush. Wife is happier? We do not need such a number of videos. Enjoy it and we will always be here. BR

Peter Paul Chato

Peter Paul Chato . 17 hours ago

Good for you. Clearly you have not been reading my comments or watching my odd video. I told you so. In fact when you disappeared for that Shawn Mendez gig I thought you were separated. But when you forced Fran to do those awful couples podcasts in the guise of involving her I told you it was bullshit. Glad you found time for your family. Nothing else matters.

PDP Tutorials

PDP Tutorials . 17 hours ago

Make more videos 😍

Live In The Woods

Live In The Woods . 17 hours ago

Love the nature mention! Keep out here brother 🌲

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