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Audi S4 - Everything You Need To Know | Up to Speed
Donut Media

Donut Media

Published on 1 year ago

This episode of Up To Speed is brought to you by Epic Game's Fortnite!

The Audi S4 pioneered the idea of a sports sedan behind the backs of their very own company. As other brands began to target the S4’s breakthrough market segment, Audi’s success was plagued by sabotage and misunderstandings. Only through Audi’s advancements in automotive engineering has the S4 remained ahead of the curve, and steadily within our hearts.

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Comments :

Donut Media

Donut Media . 1 year ago

Download Fortnite here! https://pixly.go2cloud.org/SHjb

Ghshr Ksidhc

Ghshr Ksidhc . 3 days ago

S4 the absolute legend and fortnite absolute piece of shit both in one video! *_-w o w-_*

Jonny Boy

Jonny Boy . 4 days ago

Just like me on new years...........dont do drugs kids


Jaws . 1 week ago

And now it's a diesel *sigh*

Dylan Crosby

Dylan Crosby . 1 week ago

I had an 02 jetta 1.8t with the awp engine with giac flashloader and every bolt on and it was soooooo much fun! Went through alot of clutches though.

Mo Ali

Mo Ali . 1 week ago

This guy needs a role in a TV show or movie or something man wtf

Adam Zeller

Adam Zeller . 1 week ago

6:30 “nobody delivered 227 horsepower in A sedan in 1991” bmw m5; 266 ftlbs and 310 hp😂


Andrew . 1 week ago

I’m disappointed in humanity.


ThatAudiGuy . 1 week ago

Let us praise and pray..... #B5Life


designer|NL . 2 weeks ago

It’s hurting my eyes that you have a Honda lawn mower behind you instead of an S4. It’s a fast lawn mower, but this is an S4 video....

Jony Harri

Jony Harri . 3 weeks ago

and where did the RS4 go?

Phuoq Yuu

Phuoq Yuu . 3 weeks ago

Fuck audi and their drivers

Jose Costa Junior

Jose Costa Junior . 3 weeks ago

change the music next time. toooo slow of a song,.

Devon Crouse

Devon Crouse . 3 weeks ago

Theyre all shite to work on though

coon_521 Granada

coon_521 Granada . 3 weeks ago

This is the only fortnite ad I won't skip


ResaRestart . 4 weeks ago

but that 4.2L V8

Shaun Dewey

Shaun Dewey . 4 weeks ago

Then the RS4 showed up and kicked the S4 in the face.

Justin Tackett

Justin Tackett . 4 weeks ago

Thankyou!!!!!! Wait why the Honda?


Skyliner04s . 4 weeks ago

0:00 Philipp Kaess in DA HOUSE!!! :D

Janelle Rae

Janelle Rae . 4 weeks ago

James's laugh is so wholesome.

Karl Karl

Karl Karl . 4 weeks ago

Audi used to be a good car but newer models are absolute shit.

Christopher Sage

Christopher Sage . 4 weeks ago

I love this guy. Where you been my whole life. :D More Audi!! mooore Audi!!! whatz zhe heck :D :D

Liam Duffy

Liam Duffy . 4 weeks ago

Trippen in you GOLF

Gregory Fairchild

Gregory Fairchild . 1 month ago

My A6 S-Line with the B4 engine 2.7 twin turbo came with 265hp but with only a couple of bolt ins is pushing over 350hp

thedizzle 27t

thedizzle 27t . 1 month ago

Love this vid!


Leviathan . 1 month ago

s4 is the definition of BORING. lets be real, the only cool s4 was the v8 one and its engine is an unreliable piece of shit!

JA Purnell

JA Purnell . 1 month ago

carlton lotus

JA Purnell

JA Purnell . 1 month ago

yanks did that loads companies

Ryan Lorow

Ryan Lorow . 1 month ago

You guys should do the Audi R8

John Sekhar

John Sekhar . 1 month ago

Love you James but wouldn't it have been the bread and butter A4 that save Audi?

Jason Van Der Byl

Jason Van Der Byl . 1 month ago

Fortnite bad


Kani . 1 month ago

The first video is from Hannover Germany, the owner is Philipp kaess and it makes around 1300 hp, I was at the dyno run and it was fantastic

Chicken Hashbrown

Chicken Hashbrown . 1 month ago

Dam that's fast hell

ralph roadster

ralph roadster . 1 month ago

You left out cars a pos....over enginered junk....

chris lafrance

chris lafrance . 1 month ago

up to speed yamaha banshee!

Runway runner

Runway runner . 1 month ago

The s4 was never a m3 competitor

Lukas Stotzem

Lukas Stotzem . 1 month ago

Phillip Kaess 😍

Kai Yuen

Kai Yuen . 1 month ago

why.... why oh dear god why fortnite?

Kirk Gardner

Kirk Gardner . 1 month ago

All the ear rape

Erik Arnesson

Erik Arnesson . 1 month ago

Please do a video on the a3


Alloutofdonuts . 2 months ago

I like this because it has the word donut and the letter S and the number 4 in it.

Carlos Krueger

Carlos Krueger . 2 months ago


Carlos Krueger

Carlos Krueger . 2 months ago

My Dad Owned A AUDI 80....IT WAS A Early 80's model 4 door...We loved it....But it did have problems...OIL leaks...Some brake problems...But he Took care of it to its end...

The Meme Plug On 5tH

The Meme Plug On 5tH . 2 months ago

Anyone here after Bugatti hit 304 mph in the Chiron longtail?

Carlos Garza Malagon

Carlos Garza Malagon . 2 months ago

Why is there a type r in the back ground

John Chaplick

John Chaplick . 2 months ago

We just dynoed my friends b9 s4 and it's currently making 591 hp to the ground, on a 103 degree day. (Yeah not a great idea). Super cool though, very fast.

Haftschale !

Haftschale ! . 2 months ago

The Audi S4 b6 2003 has 344 HP by the way. Top Video!


LozengerJ . 2 months ago

Fortnite is cancer


Anonymou5Gh0st . 2 months ago

Me: Awesome finally a video on my car !!!!! Donut: Skips the B7 😕


DeMøh . 2 months ago

The Car in the First Clip is a RS4 not a S4

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