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Published on 10 months ago

I can ONLY use the weapon of the RANDOM NPC skin that I get!
Welcome to the Season 5 Random NPC Challenge in Fortnite!

NPC Map Credit: @MeetLootLlama

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Comments :

Katie Sweeting

Katie Sweeting . 5 hours ago

def again

Katie Sweeting

Katie Sweeting . 5 hours ago

your the goat my guy

Jack Searle

Jack Searle . 15 hours ago

you dont have kyle

Monkey 2007

Monkey 2007 . 1 day ago

Remember back to back wins in random ballon challenge

lil Jay

lil Jay . 2 days ago

Lacey hinting at season 6 why Lacey why


PugL0rd . 3 weeks ago

8:25 Jason is so proud of you!

Keira Wilshaw

Keira Wilshaw . 3 weeks ago


Rattles Magoo

Rattles Magoo . 3 weeks ago

This is a certified hood classic

Baxter Nicolson

Baxter Nicolson . 1 month ago

Yea def lochies light house


MEME Man . 1 month ago

13:41 okay 🤨😬

Owen Imola

Owen Imola . 2 months ago

Your POI would BE PWR PARK and it would be where plesent is


Cwiggy . 2 months ago

me a cosnsle player "wait p90 only is a challange?"

isaac kasprowicz

isaac kasprowicz . 2 months ago

probs pp dog house

Shravan Krishna

Shravan Krishna . 2 months ago

I am your biggest fan please send me a skin in fortnite


PR0_GGRAM3D97 . 2 months ago


Ricky McSwag

Ricky McSwag . 2 months ago

NPC's were SOOOOOO good and now they're basically nowhere :(

bhavjit Sohal

bhavjit Sohal . 2 months ago

Lockies lighthouse

Levi Hix

Levi Hix . 2 months ago

I don’t think you should be able to get bounty’s from other npcs

Clash Gaming

Clash Gaming . 2 months ago

DO a part 2!

LEGO Masters2007

LEGO Masters2007 . 3 months ago

And a keeper

LEGO Masters2007

LEGO Masters2007 . 3 months ago

Ruckus is a banger

Francis Krawczyk

Francis Krawczyk . 3 months ago

lockies light house


YaBoiPalmer . 3 months ago

Lachy lake Lachy landing Lachy lake Lachy lagoon


YaBoiPalmer . 3 months ago

Your place would be called Lachy landing.

Shadow Gaming

Shadow Gaming . 3 months ago

Jason is proud of you for using a grey pistol

Chris Ceja

Chris Ceja . 3 months ago

I love how Lachy tells us his plan even though we can't do or say anything to help him😅

Breyson Alheim

Breyson Alheim . 3 months ago

Lachlan with pistol come here 20 seconds later on my god no don’t come here me with pistol 🤣🥴

Tia Mitchell

Tia Mitchell . 4 months ago



Fortnite . 4 months ago


Gameplay . 4 months ago

How does he win with a pistol and a sniper when I can’t even get a win this seson with all of the good guns


영상초보아빠쭈니 . 4 months ago

Lazarbeam or fresh npc will located in the dong house

Jamie Ryan

Jamie Ryan . 4 months ago

You’ve done almost 15 videos on this kind of challenge

Apocalyptic Viking

Apocalyptic Viking . 5 months ago

They could add in lachys landing and the npc could be there

Oscarpie Franibogs

Oscarpie Franibogs . 5 months ago

The npc for lachy in season 6 should be lochies lighthouse

m sion

m sion . 5 months ago

Have You Got Rene gred ridder


DaFreshFish . 5 months ago

I love you videos

Johan Garcia

Johan Garcia . 5 months ago

Do this for season 6

Emerald Phantom

Emerald Phantom . 5 months ago

Power OP

Addison Behnke

Addison Behnke . 5 months ago

When Lachy says it was a bot but your the one he killed


Shidereno . 5 months ago


duxxy yt

duxxy yt . 5 months ago

POV ur watching from chapter 10 the final destiny

Sushila Sawmynaden

Sushila Sawmynaden . 5 months ago

P90 is soo op maybe do more of these vids


K G . 5 months ago

Lachy Nic should be at lockies lighthouse


MargaretMC . 5 months ago

It’s only Lachlan who actually has the exact percentage on who and who isn’t subbed and not edited it

The Eagle

The Eagle . 6 months ago

guy under stairs: no one will find me lachy:ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

The Galactic Gamer

The Galactic Gamer . 6 months ago

You should do this but you can also get loot from players with the same skin

The blazeakins

The blazeakins . 6 months ago


Cam Crazo

Cam Crazo . 6 months ago

You are my favorite youtuber

switch gaming

switch gaming . 6 months ago

Random NPC challenge V2.?? 😊

Isha & Ilesh

Isha & Ilesh . 6 months ago

when lachlan just headshot sniped the last person the table-(died) XD

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