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Dude Perfect Plus

Dude Perfect Plus

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Comment: Which race car would you choose?! Should Cody keep the 'stache?!

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Comments :

Peace, Truth, and Reconciliation

Peace, Truth, and Reconciliation . 30 minutes ago

NO STASH!!!!!!!!!!!!


FISHFANATIC95 . 4 hours ago

Stache codeโ€™s all the way

Katie Bonini

Katie Bonini . 5 hours ago


Mark and Emily Baldwin

Mark and Emily Baldwin . 1 day ago

Car 20

Hendu Gaming

Hendu Gaming . 3 days ago

I was waiting for the blooper where Cody fell off the plane

My ipad

My ipad . 4 days ago

beard codes


shabewi . 4 days ago

Cody, please its a beard or nothing

Arman Fadholi

Arman Fadholi . 5 days ago

Bucket List : INDONESIA๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ Come on DudeโœŒ

simon wang

simon wang . 5 days ago

The whispering brass orly clean because carol broadly slap with a crooked geese. halting, glamorous bumper

Austin 123

Austin 123 . 5 days ago

Name idea for your viewers: plus pals

Cameron Brown

Cameron Brown . 5 days ago

I was just waiting for "cody fell off the plane 8 times before he got it for real"

Lydia Macdonald

Lydia Macdonald . 5 days ago

no mustache


FryDays . 6 days ago

Clean face Codes!!!

Hau Lan

Hau Lan . 7 days ago

The black-and-white poison revealingly measure because jasmine bilaterally possess despite a delicate jar. sneaky, beautiful icon

SpyNinja Artaun

SpyNinja Artaun . 1 week ago

Chad wild clay is better than you

Ethan Arellano

Ethan Arellano . 1 week ago

I like the stash codes better

abbsnn cose

abbsnn cose . 1 week ago

1:21 Best part of the entire Bucket List series.

Shubh Gaur

Shubh Gaur . 1 week ago

you guys have pool list not bucket list

Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell . 1 week ago

Stash ... all the way, Cody! Beards are sooo last year.

Silvia Hrisca

Silvia Hrisca . 1 week ago

Make ot 30

Silvia Hrisca

Silvia Hrisca . 1 week ago

Make it 30

Nicole Miethe

Nicole Miethe . 1 week ago


90s kids

90s kids . 1 week ago


Brandon Stephens

Brandon Stephens . 1 week ago

Beard Cods for sure!

Megan Klosterman

Megan Klosterman . 1 week ago

I like your beard Cody.


Salemn . 1 week ago

The 55 million other people are missing out on this 2nd channelโ€ฆ

Kristy Hutchinson

Kristy Hutchinson . 1 week ago

The banana

. 1 week ago

why did i think they are saying btsers or is it just me

gioyu comi

gioyu comi . 1 week ago

I wished bucket list were longer vids like the first also it was super cool whenever one had to do the list


tgscritchCR . 1 week ago

That 80s music video montage needs to be a whole video on it's own. I would love to see all the guys do that ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†


Lennox_rl . 1 week ago

Seeing walking on a plane bloopers scared me lmao

brandon steinle

brandon steinle . 1 week ago

1911 winner

Invincible Gaming

Invincible Gaming . 1 week ago

Hold a candle is a phrase. It means to not be as good as someone or something else.

Kimberly O'Connor

Kimberly O'Connor . 1 week ago

i do not like it

Maria N

Maria N . 1 week ago

Cody just cracking up though.

. 1 week ago

How about dude perfect: submarine bucket list

Colleen Anderson

Colleen Anderson . 1 week ago

Beard Codes.

Kulwinder Singh

Kulwinder Singh . 1 week ago

Dose anyone know what glasses was Cody wearing..??

The Painter, Inc.

The Painter, Inc. . 2 weeks ago

number 20 for me (blue and orange)

serdy ximi

serdy ximi . 2 weeks ago

Ty we all are still waiting for that "You're Welcome" cover. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Rumples & Things

Rumples & Things . 2 weeks ago

Bearded Codes! When he has a moustache, his face looks naked...


vradict . 2 weeks ago

I like the stash

Soha Cregger

Soha Cregger . 2 weeks ago

Number 3 from chitty chitty bang bang

Sayanth mk

Sayanth mk . 2 weeks ago

Where is Alaska vdo...????

The Video Smith

The Video Smith . 2 weeks ago

beard Cody

Caleb Boblet

Caleb Boblet . 2 weeks ago

I hate the mustache


EJRC . 2 weeks ago

Cory can pull off mullet ๐Ÿ˜ค Have you heard the good news?Jesus Christ is coming soon so you better get ready. Heโ€™s coming and he died for your sins to give you eternal life. Believe in Him with all your heart, repent and turn away from sins to be saved

Nicole Heisner

Nicole Heisner . 2 weeks ago

beard Codes

Vividsunrise 12

Vividsunrise 12 . 2 weeks ago

The guy who threw up 4 times on a plane is now walking on one

Sarah Duron

Sarah Duron . 2 weeks ago

Wait! That bike Cody broke, was that... Ryan Dungey's!

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