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Published on 2 weeks ago

On Monday, September 13 at 8:55 p.m. PDT, SpaceX launched 51 Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E) at Vendenberg Air Force Base in California.
This was the tenth launch and landing of this Falcon 9 first stage booster, which previously launched the Telstar 18 VANTAGE, Iridium-8, and seven Starlink missions.

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They Landed UFO Report

They Landed UFO Report . 3 days ago

A prominent white object directly under the Falcon rocket on descent. Showing none ballistic motion, self-illuminated. Space x removal of cameras also noted.


petpillow . 4 days ago

Like clockwork!

Марина Сорока

Марина Сорока . 4 days ago

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ThrasherTime DiscGolf

ThrasherTime DiscGolf . 5 days ago

Been waiting for starlink for a couple years now. This 3Mbps download speed sucks and can't get any faster due to the telecom company not wanting to cover the 50+ houses in the middle of our road, line stopping a half mile away from my house. Signed up for starlink 6months or so ago and can't wait to give them another $400 to send me some equipment. Please Hurry SpaceX!!!

Anita Saad

Anita Saad . 7 days ago

Kamu baik sengat ita fafilah

Anita Saad

Anita Saad . 7 days ago

Kamu tungu fadilah aku bg kamu rasa duduk penjara sebatan sebab sendudukkn dgn sky warga cina laki org.sambil isap dadah depan ank se kaka

Anita Saad

Anita Saad . 7 days ago

Tungu laka fadilah

Anita Saad

Anita Saad . 7 days ago

Aku nk bg sku rasa duduk penjara kena sebatan kerana fadilah bersedudukkn dengan laki org warga cina sky...ank nya kerajaan ambil.



SpaseX pun intended

bilishu aliss

bilishu aliss . 1 week ago

don't dare to dream about Mars yet.

doliio volay

doliio volay . 1 week ago

don't dare to dream about Mars yet.


gegi207 . 1 week ago

This reminds me of SN11


Ikson . 1 week ago

Cool music!

Lionel Spencer-Ward

Lionel Spencer-Ward . 1 week ago

SpaceX progress leaves Jeff Bezos so little time to overcharge NASA for delayed projects....

John Adams

John Adams . 1 week ago

Does SpaceX have like a public Spotify playlist? The pre-stream sound tracks are mentally soothing 😌

sokin jon

sokin jon . 1 week ago

Congratulations on Elon musk for never giving up because re-landing a rocket is insane and launching starship will be an even more ridiculously cool feat

Hasif Ishak

Hasif Ishak . 1 week ago

Why signal always loss when stage-1 is near to landing platform?

Cast Alt

Cast Alt . 1 week ago

What is the name of the music their playing 29:13


Brian . 1 week ago

I love 💕 liftoff/landing ~ everything!

Justin Hargis

Justin Hargis . 1 week ago

You took my deposit months ago! Get us the starlink ye wizards of tech.....come save us here in SE Oklahoma from this deadzone i live in!

greg heffley

greg heffley . 1 week ago

Hey elon, can you send a toilet to uranus? it would be funny.

wnnalis cioov

wnnalis cioov . 2 weeks ago

Congratulations on Elon musk for never giving up because re-landing a rocket is insane and launching starship will be an even more ridiculously cool feat

Chris Harris

Chris Harris . 2 weeks ago

No offence but the woman who does this commentary is kind of bad at what she's doing. No offence but she's like a robot that laughs when others cheer.

Dinith Tharindu

Dinith Tharindu . 2 weeks ago

Congratulations SpaceX

John Doepker

John Doepker . 2 weeks ago

Absolutely amazing that this dirty b¡+¢# has flown 10 TIMES.... I can't wait to hear the news of a SH Booster pulling off the same feat!!!


RAZVAN . 2 weeks ago

Congrats! Many more successful ones needed ahead!


{-_-} . 2 weeks ago

@SpaceX: How long before each satellite becomes space junk that creates an impenetrable wall of flying shrapnel that would trap humanity on Earth?

David Dangen

David Dangen . 2 weeks ago

18:24 I have to say it's a way better countdown than the girl's "liftoofffffff"

miko foin

miko foin . 2 weeks ago

don't dare to dream about Mars yet.

Rusty Shackleford

Rusty Shackleford . 2 weeks ago

The video thumbnail looks like part of the X in SpaceX’s logo. 🤩 🚀 (Reverse the photo and it would be in the matching direction.)


chiefbosnmate . 2 weeks ago

Amazing from cars to rockets!


B.M.P . 2 weeks ago


Tyler Baldwin

Tyler Baldwin . 2 weeks ago

had to watch in 240p since im still using my garbage $200 a month 500kbps internet.. come on starlink give more people in Saskatchewan starlink open some cells in less populated areas already. or change your website to say its only for citys/towns because its virtually impossible for us real rural living people to get a dish.

Regulator Machine

Regulator Machine . 2 weeks ago

18:24 10 second count down, here we go!

Ken Helmers

Ken Helmers . 2 weeks ago

Congrats SpaceX and Starlink!

Church of Truth Rebel

Church of Truth Rebel . 2 weeks ago

Elon is an alien. Aliens aboard SpaceX https://youtu.be/wvqowauf0HY

Simply Human

Simply Human . 2 weeks ago

Why the f is the camera signal always lost at the most interesting moment - landing?


C F . 2 weeks ago

Why yes, I will be a customer of this someday. ✊🏼

Jay Del Rosario

Jay Del Rosario . 2 weeks ago


abbsnn cose

abbsnn cose . 2 weeks ago

12:45 Great explanation of the gravity turn and what it means to "orbit."

Alfonso Rodríguez

Alfonso Rodríguez . 2 weeks ago

When the Starlink internet service will be available in Florida???


雑魚一味の騒がしい部屋 . 2 weeks ago

What is the intro song?

Джейкоб Блек

Джейкоб Блек . 2 weeks ago


FunTro Gaming

FunTro Gaming . 2 weeks ago


akar abdallatyf

akar abdallatyf . 2 weeks ago

kudos once more indeed masha'a ALLAH!!!


SpeedCameraPOI . 2 weeks ago

Awesome time to be living! Though made me think, I dislike middle middle seat on an international flight, can't imagine on a 3 day journey.. window seat all the way!


KingtheBingg . 2 weeks ago

Sadly missed this

BOB ;)

BOB ;) . 2 weeks ago

Uh in stage 1 it failed? I saw Lost signal but it's landed perfect

doire aintu

doire aintu . 2 weeks ago

man I've missed the awesome space tunes, as well as these great launches.

min wang

min wang . 2 weeks ago

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