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styropyro shorts

styropyro shorts

Published on 5 days ago

have you ever seen a yellow laser? #shorts

Social media sillyness:
main channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/styropyro
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/styro.drake/
patreon: https://www.patreon.com/styropyro
backup channel and b-side videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz-3epzOdIyu-aXdeUaVP1A
discord: https://discord.gg/hVZMcWT

Comments :

bommer yeet

bommer yeet . 23 minutes ago


I am the globglogabgalab

I am the globglogabgalab . 40 minutes ago

Me when I’ve held my pee in for a long time


DEFINE . 49 minutes ago

Honestly Lasers are just a literally light sabers without the saber


sam222 . 51 minutes ago


Game Closet

Game Closet . 53 minutes ago

Where do you buy

Fan Review

Fan Review . 1 hour ago

Rebels lightsabers be like

Mark Pipkins

Mark Pipkins . 3 hours ago

Wonder if these things have made him sterile yet or not

Tyler MacDonald

Tyler MacDonald . 3 hours ago

Looking at the schematic is awesome

Amber The Good Witch

Amber The Good Witch . 3 hours ago

Ok, say that slower and in English.

monge cabeludo

monge cabeludo . 3 hours ago

I just love your channel and the way you show people new things or something intrersting

No Name

No Name . 3 hours ago

Thought that black balloon was an Airplane Window at night 😂

Bug Up

Bug Up . 4 hours ago

That paper got my mind like ,what he saaaaaay

BHD Doplio

BHD Doplio . 4 hours ago

I have no Idea what 75% of those words are but ot seems rad

Hi Ma

Hi Ma . 4 hours ago

Lightsabbe r


Halo-_- . 5 hours ago

Hmm yes I speak binary aswell


Michaelplayz123 . 5 hours ago

Where to buy

Ollies World

Ollies World . 5 hours ago

This dude is gonna make a lego Death Star that works.

Trench Monkey

Trench Monkey . 5 hours ago

How can this man restrain himself from using it as a lightsaber.

ThePotato 55

ThePotato 55 . 5 hours ago

Whats the thing he shined the laser at in the end?

Probally a cereal killer

Probally a cereal killer . 6 hours ago

This video is to smart for me

abbsnn cose

abbsnn cose . 6 hours ago

you know you got problems when he says "its no death ray" and are dissapointed

Hugh Thompson

Hugh Thompson . 7 hours ago

Have you ever seen an ultra violet lazer?


BB8KV . 7 hours ago

Have u ever seen a brown laser

Dexter Ivarsson

Dexter Ivarsson . 8 hours ago

me who has watched the end of star wars episode 9:👁️👅👁️

Clauna Gue

Clauna Gue . 8 hours ago

How long does the laser take to pop the balloon

Yeetur McBeetur

Yeetur McBeetur . 8 hours ago

Yes. Every time I pee 😎


IAMsnowchild . 8 hours ago

He's a shawn mendes nerd version

Steverson Productions

Steverson Productions . 8 hours ago

What happens when you shine it through a prism?

Code Dawn

Code Dawn . 8 hours ago

900. comment


HappyStalkers . 9 hours ago

More like yellow light Saber except it isn't powered by a crystal and can't cut everything


Random . 9 hours ago

Speak English please


Goraf3000 . 10 hours ago

I’m just waiting for when he pulls up with a death ray

Annie Rose5

Annie Rose5 . 10 hours ago

What’s this dude’s IQ

pixelated patter

pixelated patter . 10 hours ago

Yellow laser..... Rey Skywalker lightsaber


ABEEC . 10 hours ago

I love that I’m pinned and YouTube isn’t

Ozan Doruk

Ozan Doruk . 10 hours ago

where can i buy one please send shop

s k

s k . 11 hours ago

Where can I buy it!!!!!!

Nosaj 002

Nosaj 002 . 11 hours ago


Brendan Schoen

Brendan Schoen . 12 hours ago

Really cool!

HC Shorts

HC Shorts . 12 hours ago

Hey I was wondering creator if it burns you if it’s pointed at you for to long or if it will burn your wall?

Kasmah Rapaie

Kasmah Rapaie . 13 hours ago

Me who like yellow (Jotaro yes yes yes sound)


Kenny . 13 hours ago

Saying it again: this guy is on a mission of destroying eyes of viewers. My eyes hurt after watching his videos. Just joking btw or am I?


ICYY GAMES . 13 hours ago

NASA in a nutshell

Giorno Giovanna

Giorno Giovanna . 14 hours ago

Ive drink a water, pretty cool right?

Grant LeBaron

Grant LeBaron . 14 hours ago

I love this channel but I have no idea what he says

Jayesh Singhmar

Jayesh Singhmar . 15 hours ago

Is this the "i cant believe youve done this" Guy??

Ashwin Itty

Ashwin Itty . 15 hours ago

Of course they’re rare. To use one you must find the balance between the Jedi guardian and the crazies that believe the force is the solution to everything.

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