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Published on 2 weeks ago

Chlöe performs "Have Mercy" at the 2021 VMAs.

Check out more from the 2021 VMAs here: http://www.mtv.com/vma

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Comments :


MTV . 2 weeks ago

Chlöe Bailey on 'Have Mercy' & Her Solo Debut: https://youtu.be/TONx---8624

Maria’s WestSide Story

Maria’s WestSide Story . 35 minutes ago

Was that a damn tampon! Let’s come up with some diff dance moves

FollowTAY2.0 BeenOn

FollowTAY2.0 BeenOn . 40 minutes ago

Uhhh are we allowed to say that it's no need for another Beyonce👀(JK)... However, a Chloe Bailey would be great!!!☺️ TAY2.0


iamthee0fficialjr . 47 minutes ago

Did we not see the tampon?🩸

Alexisiana Monae

Alexisiana Monae . 57 minutes ago

Honestly the live version sounds better than the original. This chick is FIRE! Love u Chloe.

Ana Marie Clark

Ana Marie Clark . 1 hour ago

I watch this DAILY! This ain’t healthy😍🥴🤤

Shondrai McMillian

Shondrai McMillian . 2 hours ago

I liked the performance but its so much like watching a Beyonce clone. I think she should just be herself. Its different when you look at the sweet girls singing the different songs, to this this wild side. She even sound like Bey a little. Overall, still a good job tho

Edlane Gilman

Edlane Gilman . 2 hours ago

Did Beyoncé… reincarnate???

BROOK 11:11

BROOK 11:11 . 2 hours ago

Tampon! Uhoh

TrappedOut Bambie

TrappedOut Bambie . 2 hours ago

I don’t see the comparison to Beyoncé I’m just saying plus this girl tampon string was out the whole damn performance 🤦🏽‍♀️ she got too much money for that fr

This World IsCrazy

This World IsCrazy . 2 hours ago


Rebecca Elaine

Rebecca Elaine . 4 hours ago

Why is no one talking about the fact that she literally summoned a demon

Nd O

Nd O . 4 hours ago

I love chloe. Love her energy, esp in this performance. Her voice is jus insane. She has been waiting to bust out for YEARS but didnt do too much out of respect for her amazing sister and their duo. That said...this performance was good but her movements are a bit awkward. Esp the focus on her ass. I dont mind sexualized chloe...just sell it with a little more gravitas. This wasnt as convincing. Also, I'm getting rock vibes from her. Seeing her perform "poppy flower" with her sister told me thats the sound where her heart was at. She gives me live band sound

Lyric Spencer

Lyric Spencer . 6 hours ago

Why not just really go for it and give head right on stage? You know? Just really bring it!

Leighton Kenneth Long

Leighton Kenneth Long . 6 hours ago

Full on witch craft lol jk

maria isabel jamillo roldan

maria isabel jamillo roldan . 6 hours ago

The intro looked scary

Crislaine Dutra

Crislaine Dutra . 8 hours ago

So faltou meter um remix de alguma outra música no meio 😂

Elissya Bar-EL

Elissya Bar-EL . 8 hours ago



JesusAboveAll . 8 hours ago

so yeah her tampon was out the whole time so sad for her

It’s Whatever

It’s Whatever . 9 hours ago

Why are people upset when someone says she pre recorded her voice? It’s still her voice👍🏾she can sing, it’s just not possible to be swinging your neck back and forth like that and hold the same note flawlessly. Unless this woman was with Tanjiro at the Butterfly Mansion perfecting Constant Full Concentration Breathing, it ain’t happening🤷🏾‍♀️ She still has a beautiful voice.

D'Negrio Discusses TV

D'Negrio Discusses TV . 9 hours ago

She sounds just like beyonce...

Splashy Bae

Splashy Bae . 9 hours ago

Her performance gave me chills down my spine

Shelby Hart

Shelby Hart . 9 hours ago

does anyone know what kind of garder belts those are?

Magui Magui

Magui Magui . 10 hours ago

Do it like it sho bday

Keisha Willingham

Keisha Willingham . 11 hours ago

She is sooo AMAZING 👑🖤🖤👑🥰😍😍👑🥰👑😘🥰🖤😍🖤🥰👑


Nysean . 12 hours ago

“she’s performing a ritual “ y’all do know it’s almost halloween time, right?

Christianna Mareus

Christianna Mareus . 13 hours ago

She’s literally giving Shasha fierce

Zachary Denny

Zachary Denny . 14 hours ago

Her voice control is so impressive. Let’s not forget HER ENERGY. Holy f*** 🔥 this is everything.

Kelly Vesey

Kelly Vesey . 15 hours ago

I love watching you Entertaining!!!! Love Kelly I'm a Fan!!!!

Gurl M

Gurl M . 16 hours ago

Sell sex is her driving force for success & fame exposure, SAD & EVIL INDUSTRY


sxylvnys . 17 hours ago

She is a demon


ThatgirlJo . 20 hours ago

This child has wanted to be Beyonce since...forever! Do your thing Chile..

melanie Brown

melanie Brown . 21 hours ago

i miss janet Jackson!! im mean chole is Talented.. but when you know you're a real talented artists.. you don't need to expose so much skin.. ijs.. lets dress n redo . then view this again..

Michaela Hooks

Michaela Hooks . 22 hours ago

She bodied that yessssss queen

Mickey Jean

Mickey Jean . 22 hours ago


Ranae Horton

Ranae Horton . 22 hours ago

I see my black queens

Miss Mc Intosh

Miss Mc Intosh . 22 hours ago

Love it I got goosebumps


vantelovie . 23 hours ago

isso sim é uma apresentação digna de vma

Tiara D.

Tiara D. . 24 hours ago

💜 Chloe

Grace Sarfowaa

Grace Sarfowaa . 1 day ago

2:38 Myself & the audience: yaaayesss! 💥💥💥

Ana Barros

Ana Barros . 1 day ago

A melhor da noite.

Lihle Nombula

Lihle Nombula . 1 day ago

they did her wrong though in the thumbnail 😭😭

Mimi G

Mimi G . 1 day ago

Not another naked azz over specialized female!?! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Can anyone just be talented these days?

Roxana Torres

Roxana Torres . 1 day ago

This is sorta scary...idk something about it...the vibe was lowkey demonic. I almost dont want to comment this because I dont want hate but my spirit is telling me to say it so here it is....

Nia Dawn

Nia Dawn . 1 day ago

And I knew my baby would kill it like this

Evelyn Ramirez-Agosto

Evelyn Ramirez-Agosto . 1 day ago

Why did she look like she’s imitating Beyoncé??? Is it just me?

Nahje Chambers

Nahje Chambers . 1 day ago

Her tampon came out


jordan . 1 day ago

I don’t know if the Beyoncé resemblance is a good or bad thing but that girl has too much talent to be someone’s copy cat.

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