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Published on 2 weeks ago

After Bobby Lashley retains against Randy Orton, Big E cashes in his Money in the Bank contract against The All Mighty to capture the WWE Championship. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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Comments :

Muhammad Safrudin

Muhammad Safrudin . 16 minutes ago

Now two members of new day has won wwe championship and we gotta wait till xavier win it too

Aman Gurung

Aman Gurung . 22 hours ago

Big E deserved to be Champion a long time ago .... Congratulations to our new Champion 😊👏👏

Fact tech Ashirbad

Fact tech Ashirbad . 22 hours ago

After a lot of waiting finally


Crawfo . 1 day ago

what a joke

Tristan Birch

Tristan Birch . 2 days ago

Now it's Xavier turn

Ilu MUddin

Ilu MUddin . 2 days ago

Roman vs brock Lesnar when

Karthik Kumar

Karthik Kumar . 2 days ago

Dude lesnar is back...


Yuhin . 2 days ago

Lmao the WWE championship just keeps dropping in prestige with each passing day. Can't wait until Xavier Woods (out of all people) becomes a "champion" too 😂😂

Afi James

Afi James . 2 days ago

Big E finally got his revenge against bobby lashley for hurting the new day and goldberg's son.

Sìyam ìsLam

Sìyam ìsLam . 3 days ago

1:42 LoL 😂

Guang Pasang

Guang Pasang . 3 days ago

Yes Big Bro

Roderick Mayo

Roderick Mayo . 3 days ago

So well deserved

Rohan Ghosh

Rohan Ghosh . 4 days ago

Finally, Black wrestlers are getting pushed. Nice, I hope Big E carries the Belt for a long time

Terrell Rayfield

Terrell Rayfield . 4 days ago

Haven't seen a crowd pop like this since John Cena came back Royal Rumble wow


Yandrii . 4 days ago

i hope xavier woods wins wwe championship too

Blake Cropley

Blake Cropley . 4 days ago

Best thing wwe has done in years. Didn’t see it coming. Just How it should be

Lriv. 03

Lriv. 03 . 4 days ago

Woods is definitely finna turn heel

New Zealandball

New Zealandball . 5 days ago

Bobby lashey: “I am god nobody can beat him” Big E: “Hehe cashing in the money in the bank goes brrrrrrrr”

Robert Beria

Robert Beria . 5 days ago

This is long term story telling. They split up new day and reunited them after months to lead to this.


LiveNow06 . 5 days ago

Big E. Congrats Brother!!! I am so happy to see you carry the championship!!! You deserve it bro!!! Enjoy it!!!


HulkVahkiin . 5 days ago

First now Kofi, now Big E. AMAZING!

Lawrence Smith

Lawrence Smith . 5 days ago

Give it back to Lashley. Big E is devaluing the championship.

joshwa stilwell

joshwa stilwell . 5 days ago

Hell to the yeah BIG E!!

Tatenda Magidi

Tatenda Magidi . 5 days ago

Waaal Big E congrats um so happpy


Umashankar . 5 days ago

Congratulations big e enjoy your victory


BrainTest . 5 days ago


Daniil J. McDonald

Daniil J. McDonald . 6 days ago


Farhan raja

Farhan raja . 6 days ago

The Rko to Mvp was totally fake Watch clearly he holded his hands and face didn't touch the ground.

Joshua Deutsch

Joshua Deutsch . 6 days ago

Lol... The name is just as bad as Lil' Poopy.

Not Dasha

Not Dasha . 6 days ago


Mr. Whisper

Mr. Whisper . 6 days ago

Having so many wrestlers use it, I have come to despise the spear.

Geo Bismarji

Geo Bismarji . 6 days ago

congrats big e you deserve it


bluemymind . 6 days ago

Props to Big E. Even tough I want Rey Mysterio to win it for once

Matthew Strode

Matthew Strode . 6 days ago

Can see the moment Lashley remembers he's meant to be selling a leg injury lmao


PKFILMS . 6 days ago

wtf i didnt even see this


alireza . 6 days ago

why they cut the match?????pls anwser

Naveen Vignesh

Naveen Vignesh . 6 days ago

RKO is so fake.

levi singleton

levi singleton . 7 days ago

This almost makes me sad I stopped watching WWE awhile back......almost....

Super Slavonac

Super Slavonac . 7 days ago

Finally Bobby Lashley is not Champ

ToysUnboxer Soham

ToysUnboxer Soham . 7 days ago

2013- Big E is the bodyguard of Dolph Ziggler and a jobber 2021- Big E is the WWE champion Meanwhile Dolph Ziggler- It should have been me !

Chris Miller

Chris Miller . 7 days ago

Congrats Big E

Bad Hombre

Bad Hombre . 7 days ago

Goddamn, who still watches this shiiii

Wrestling content

Wrestling content . 7 days ago

Give it another week and all you smarks will move onto someone else

Mikey Lucas

Mikey Lucas . 1 week ago

Just didn’t wanna show the clip no

Bill Mendoza wissman

Bill Mendoza wissman . 1 week ago


Angel Jason

Angel Jason . 1 week ago

why im i so happy watching this lol maybe is time to start watching wwe again

Nemesis Prime

Nemesis Prime . 1 week ago

good for him!

Priyotom 444

Priyotom 444 . 1 week ago

Please Finn balor win ...😭😭😭🙏🙏wwe Championship

Mexico Great

Mexico Great . 1 week ago

Big E is such a GREAT GREAT Champion its been so many many years and he fully deserves this, and before i stopped watching Raw for years but now i will see bits of raw again because of this.

Abeid Abdullwarith

Abeid Abdullwarith . 1 week ago

The MVP got Fake R.K.O

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