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Published on 5 months ago

With Beast Boy joining Fortnite we attempt the Fortnite Monkey Challenge! Which Teen Titan will be added next?

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Comments :

Ash Neill

Ash Neill . 20 hours ago

Donkey Kong skin epic can someone here friend me any9ne my name is doomsville

captain plague

captain plague . 4 weeks ago

will it ever come back in the item shop


gin . 3 months ago

get with the pack

MR. Coconut

MR. Coconut . 4 months ago


Vanessa Medina

Vanessa Medina . 4 months ago

Good job

Jude , is fan of kirbo .

Jude , is fan of kirbo . . 4 months ago

Great intro , 👏👏


Gmen2000 . 4 months ago

Literally missed some bananas at 6:10 in the video😂😂😂

arshi qamar

arshi qamar . 5 months ago

Today kids : takeing beast boy without who he is. 2000's kids : "seeing skin of beast boy remember there childhood for 1 minute. "


Slade . 5 months ago

Why lachlan why did you have to remind me that teen titans got canceled


Sparky . 5 months ago

Intro goated

The Cloaker

The Cloaker . 5 months ago

“Monke can run people over right...?” *y e s*

I’m sorry super killer 121 I’m Medo

I’m sorry super killer 121 I’m Medo . 5 months ago

The video was lit

dog bros

dog bros . 5 months ago

Day 3 of asking for Lachlan to bring back the Pixelmon island series

Tiffiany Waldschmidt

Tiffiany Waldschmidt . 5 months ago

Your pickaxe is not green


Slush. . 5 months ago

Short vid

Anne Ryan EFT

Anne Ryan EFT . 5 months ago

Yo lacy was ok


Blauw . 5 months ago

If you were playing arena, this would be impossible, or will it...

Sim kitchen

Sim kitchen . 5 months ago

You spelt monke wrong it is monkey

Jared Maughan

Jared Maughan . 5 months ago


sheeeesh I got some drip

sheeeesh I got some drip . 5 months ago

That intro tho


Thivyan . 5 months ago

Whoa 🤯 beast buy whoa whoa 😮


FETZ . 5 months ago

This is so well done especially the intro


RainFN . 5 months ago

my least favorite collab in fn is definitely this one...

MR Cake MR Cake

MR Cake MR Cake . 5 months ago

Do Minecraft


vivspeedy . 5 months ago

Lachy, do the colour wrap challenge. When you look at the weapon wrap and it got a colour go for the weapon rarity that got the same colour as your weapon wrap. E.g if you got the Kevin the Cube wrap go for purple weapons.

Cecilia Sparks

Cecilia Sparks . 5 months ago

The discreet venezuelan disappointedly fix because hubcap arespectively matter unlike a bite-sized pear. ossified, polite peanut

Sky Boy

Sky Boy . 5 months ago

i have dont have any v bucks or skins 😭😭😭😭😭😭


Julia3306 . 5 months ago

m o n k e


YMBLACKTEAM Ym . 5 months ago

Egyptians who playing on 200 ping then seeing his ping 0

Ngan Ho

Ngan Ho . 5 months ago


m u s h r o o m ッ

m u s h r o o m ッ . 5 months ago

Peely Watching This Video:😃


PlanarianPerson . 5 months ago

Bananas are actually really unhealthy for monkeys. It's more of a treat than a food source.


Cheater_fire . 5 months ago

Monkey** lol

Gamingbrotv Moo

Gamingbrotv Moo . 5 months ago

Ooo eeee ahhh ahh

SMZ Productions

SMZ Productions . 5 months ago

Intro was high quality

Big D

Big D . 5 months ago


cartoon character

cartoon character . 5 months ago


Blayyyzze 0

Blayyyzze 0 . 5 months ago

Remember when Lachlan play Pokémon 😢

SB Clan

SB Clan . 5 months ago

Claim your “ HERE BEFORE TITLE IS FIXED” ticket here 🎫

SB Clan

SB Clan . 5 months ago

I love how nobody said anything about the title being spelled wrong

Anthony Fernandez

Anthony Fernandez . 5 months ago

Fun Fact: The Infantry Rifle was also known as the M1 Garand.

Anthony Fernandez

Anthony Fernandez . 5 months ago

Who here misses the Teen Titans show on Cartoon Network?


Metalic . 5 months ago



GucciGecko . 5 months ago

4:00 why is no one talking about how the shots are in beat

The Goat

The Goat . 5 months ago



Joe . 5 months ago

you should try project polaris with the old map , i haven’t seen any creator try it out yet :)

Melissa Shaw

Melissa Shaw . 5 months ago

Useing code lachy

Xeno Kai

Xeno Kai . 5 months ago

That teen Titans edit is kinda fire

Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez . 5 months ago

gday mate

It's Linz

It's Linz . 5 months ago

Nice video as always :D

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