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Published on 5 months ago

Snipers are back in Fortnite (sort of) and I've come to claim my place as The Sniper King!

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Comments :


shawn⁴²⁰ . 4 days ago

hey lachlan I was the one you killed my team mate was siphon au


Gilltim . 1 week ago

That's what you think of being the best of 10 mins of dies


Gilltim . 1 week ago

Lol stop hard core raging bro


Adri . 2 weeks ago

Lachlan and mccreamy would be a god sniping team

hany sedarous

hany sedarous . 2 weeks ago

I use code lachy in the item shop

Joseph Yager

Joseph Yager . 2 weeks ago

I love those memes that he posts in all his vids and he is one of the best YouTuber I have ever watched

Joseph Yager

Joseph Yager . 2 weeks ago

I love those memes that he posts in all his vids and he is one of the best YouTuber I have ever watched

Lui Qarau

Lui Qarau . 2 weeks ago

When you started the next day what’s wrong with your hair😬


petra . 1 month ago

why doesn't this have more views wtf


KBMGO . 2 months ago

If automatic sniper riffle is unvaulted the sniper only will be interesting

Yahya Sinan

Yahya Sinan . 2 months ago

nice game

Donovan Barnes

Donovan Barnes . 2 months ago

you know he’s mad when his hairs bouncing


Bradyplayz828 . 2 months ago

I won’t to see a sniper off with mcreamy


LAIVER PARKOUR . 2 months ago

Wtf your not king of snaiper

Jayden Park

Jayden Park . 2 months ago

I think mccreamy is better but you did go really insaine

Noah Fuqua

Noah Fuqua . 3 months ago

You are the sniper king

Gaara Kun

Gaara Kun . 3 months ago

Dakotaz and more


Willby64 . 3 months ago

Watching this from season 7 railgun in this gamemode is OP.. Wait the railgun is already OP lol

Malek Habes

Malek Habes . 3 months ago



GameViper . 3 months ago

I think he could be one if not the best sipers


gin . 3 months ago

get with the pack


Aka_botboy675 . 3 months ago

Song at 2:02 ?


BooB . 4 months ago

If your the king at sniping 1v1 mccreamy in a sniper battle

Fire Gaming

Fire Gaming . 4 months ago

He always says in the chat but it's not actually a stream

ho mohammed

ho mohammed . 4 months ago

Lachy: I am the sniper king Me:ever heard of fe4rless

Aaron Silgen

Aaron Silgen . 4 months ago

He no scoped me in the head!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡

luke lamonica

luke lamonica . 4 months ago

Code lachy

Gary Medrano

Gary Medrano . 4 months ago

You are the sniper king


czm . 4 months ago

You really got that carma though

boyzz M

boyzz M . 4 months ago

How to play in fortnite with only sniper no any arms??

Graeme Cornette

Graeme Cornette . 4 months ago

Oh yeah mcreamy


Xandiego . 4 months ago

Code Lachy

Anthony Q

Anthony Q . 4 months ago

BRO! GG. Nice one

BenjiXx 123

BenjiXx 123 . 4 months ago

use code lachy

Bug a lug

Bug a lug . 4 months ago

Mccreamy’s been quiet since this video came out

Kyle Davenport

Kyle Davenport . 4 months ago

better than creamy officialy lets goo baby

Greer Roberts

Greer Roberts . 4 months ago

It is not The scope is the people are snapping at you

Charlie Crowther

Charlie Crowther . 4 months ago

Ur sniper king and always code lachy


Ttv_jayy . 4 months ago

One shot


Yk.Daqueen . 4 months ago

Finally the elf skin is back ✌️✨

Fernando Camargo

Fernando Camargo . 4 months ago

can we get a video of creamy vs lachy vs fe4rless

Cage Uzumaki

Cage Uzumaki . 4 months ago

Lachlan needs to remember different guns have different scopes

Leona Gonzalez

Leona Gonzalez . 4 months ago

The grouchy plant aetiologically bless because drink spectroscopically satisfy onto a scarce gymnast. offbeat, scared school

Mallorie Bowden

Mallorie Bowden . 4 months ago

The Caveman trying to speak: 8:40

Angling Alf

Angling Alf . 4 months ago

Can we just take a moment to respect how good Lachy is with the pickaxes 😎

Kyle L

Kyle L . 5 months ago

That’s cap, hard cap

linda Hartman

linda Hartman . 5 months ago

your amazing


P2_br1ck . 5 months ago

Man’s got eaten by a raptor 😂


TTVKillerYT4577 . 5 months ago

Fearless is way better


YourLocalBritishMan . 5 months ago

Not gonna lie these LTMS lately been carrying Fortnite

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