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Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie

Published on 2 weeks ago

Check out Guga Food's Video!! - https://www.apiyoutube.com/watch/ymzJxuith-g

One of the MOST EPIC Challenges I've ever done!!! I teamed up with the one and only Guga Foods to attempt to set 3 Wagyu Beef records. He did the preparing, I did the eating!

Full disclosure, I couldn't find a 100% reliable source on the calorie count, but they say it's 677 per 4oz, so thats crazy!!


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Comments :

Guga Foods

Guga Foods . 2 weeks ago

Matt that was EPIC! You are a Beast my friend! Can't wait to do it again soon.

Felipe Pamfilio

Felipe Pamfilio . 1 hour ago

His metabolism is even faster than I am in bed

Lawrencey John

Lawrencey John . 2 hours ago

It's like lui kang eating for the fate of earth realm! ☯️


Khan . 3 hours ago

this guy gonna take the most expensive shit ever.


Exøtic . 3 hours ago

Matt you should make the eggscelent challenge from regular show, and finish it under 1 hour (which i believe you will do). And make the custom light blue trucker hat.

Heather Carmichael

Heather Carmichael . 6 hours ago

Do a Culver’s challenge full menu


FatB00 . 6 hours ago

Way too many ads in the vid

Dawson 99

Dawson 99 . 6 hours ago

to everyone that thinks matt cheats and spits his food in his cup..... here you go haters

U Tube Surfer

U Tube Surfer . 7 hours ago

One word, Why?


aaa . 8 hours ago



vmuv . 9 hours ago

matt should do a weetabix challenge

Drew Ayers

Drew Ayers . 10 hours ago

Just remember, the real beast is LA Beast

Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones . 10 hours ago

Great job Matt. Jenn. Jones in Connecticut

Deamon Gaming

Deamon Gaming . 11 hours ago

His stomach is a black hole no matter how much he eat always hungry.


Guizee . 12 hours ago

Damn. Such a waste ! The meat is Overcooked and eaten without pleasure …


𝐁𝑹𝑈H .T𝗜𝙇𝘓 . 12 hours ago

When I see some Chinese: heh, I'm the pro now


DragonBat362 . 12 hours ago

Now I want to see him do the Homer Simpson New Orleans food rampage from Lisa Sings the Blues. He better do it or we’ll keep asking until he does.


mesamike85 . 13 hours ago

We love Guga!

Bill Xmas

Bill Xmas . 15 hours ago

I cant believe he ate all that with out Catsup.


Oof6969 . 15 hours ago

Is your stomach dying, cuz they are can’t digest all the amount of fat in it


CatFoks . 15 hours ago

Viewers: Such a waste , wagyu a5 should be tasted slowly and good to apprecite it's falvour. Matt : "Don't worry after the video its round two".


임현재 . 16 hours ago

1000 dollar for 1 min

t q

t q . 17 hours ago

Lebih baik menikmati makan banyak dari pada makan cepat cepat

fewRy -_-

fewRy -_- . 20 hours ago

You could say Guga was cooking up a storm

Omoni Mizukawa

Omoni Mizukawa . 21 hours ago

Try speedrunning a jaw breaker HAHAH

Dumitru Vegas

Dumitru Vegas . 1 day ago

I don't make 14k in a year :(

Tele Guy

Tele Guy . 1 day ago

Watching this asinine waste of wagyu, I've lost respect for Guga.


frankpaws . 1 day ago

Matt has to have a 10k toilet and daily clog removals.


frankpaws . 1 day ago

3:18 - you should have lit that one up.

Fedrick Elliott

Fedrick Elliott . 1 day ago

Treading with mrs khloe Forbes was never a regret to me ,all thanks to her,she is the best

Anti comment warrior

Anti comment warrior . 1 day ago

Next video Matt stonie eats a whole cow raw...

Bloxy Dark

Bloxy Dark . 1 day ago

:( he never eat I was waiting FOR 2:49

Turkey Creek Jack Johnson

Turkey Creek Jack Johnson . 1 day ago

Matt’s toilet bowl should run for office .


Dude . 1 day ago

Chef got some mad cooking xp with all that a5

Christian Stressman

Christian Stressman . 1 day ago

Eat some Velveeta mac and cheese

Bijeli B

Bijeli B . 1 day ago

This is just DISGUSTING.


goprocbr . 1 day ago

I got a gout attack just watching this.

Flawless Cowboy

Flawless Cowboy . 1 day ago

Why the hell does this have so many dislikes?


selimKar98 . 1 day ago


Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield . 1 day ago

*melts in his mouth* alright a world record of 10 seconds eating butter!

Charlie Krauss

Charlie Krauss . 1 day ago

I have so many mixed feelings about this vid I was excited to see it sad that all that steak had to be eaten so fast and mad at that point also and a bit disgusting cause you are litteraly more that my mom makes over the course of 8 weeks within 5 minutes but I digress great vid

Eazy McQueen

Eazy McQueen . 1 day ago

If those steaks are 14 Grand his shit must be three grand

Daniel Tejada

Daniel Tejada . 1 day ago

What does he do with all the food he consumes? After the camera is rolling does he allow it to digest or does he purge it?


DerPan . 1 day ago

Matt: Eats $15,000 A5 steak and not fat Me: Sip of water gain 10 pound

Roger Melgarejo Potot

Roger Melgarejo Potot . 1 day ago

Matt be like: gotta eat on best of my life

Donte Casas

Donte Casas . 2 days ago

Hispanic Dana white


IT’S CASHAY . 2 days ago

Matt always been a beast💯

Aaron Hayward

Aaron Hayward . 2 days ago

Dude me dropping a single piece of meat I will get bank rupture

tarun sanmay

tarun sanmay . 2 days ago

His body tilts sideways after a huge meal.

Matthew Nance

Matthew Nance . 2 days ago

Matt’s shit was really expensive after this challenge

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