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Published on 8 months ago

You're watching the official music video for Sheila E. - "The Glamorous Life" from the album ''The Glamorous Life' (1984) written by none other than Prince Rodgers Nelson. To celebrate Black History Month, Rhino has re-issued 'The Glamorous Life' on electric blue vinyl ⚡🔵 and has partnered with Black-owned record stores in the U.S. to offer an exclusive print as a gift with purchase. Find a store near you here https://Rhino.lnk.to/ITGLBHM

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Comments :

Josh Stephens

Josh Stephens . 13 hours ago

Oakland's own Sheila E.

Frank Stared

Frank Stared . 23 hours ago

So damn tight!


nucavenged . 1 day ago

I’d take this song over 90% of Prince’s solo output

Domingo Santos

Domingo Santos . 2 days ago

Beautiful music 🎶 👌

Domingo Santos

Domingo Santos . 2 days ago

Matatan👉💃🕺👈Ribirin HS

Watch Them Grow

Watch Them Grow . 3 days ago

One of those songs that makes me wish I was born in the 80’s and not the 90’s

Bacchus LAX

Bacchus LAX . 3 days ago

Always been rough in the back of a limo.

paul paulmatt

paul paulmatt . 5 days ago

I sure do miss the 80's and the when MTV was MTV.

Stacy Hutchins

Stacy Hutchins . 5 days ago

Boys with small talk and small mimds really dont impress me in men

Dani Jones

Dani Jones . 5 days ago


God's Grace

God's Grace . 5 days ago


Jason Adams

Jason Adams . 5 days ago

Can out drum the black Keyes clowns Anyday of the week with both hands tied behind her back!

Earth Boy Sun And Rain.

Earth Boy Sun And Rain. . 7 days ago

2:14 on...those mournful, mesmorizing keyboards get me in my zone.


D C . 1 week ago

"Love is forever. That's all your life. Love is heaven sent. It's GLAMOROUS!" Long live Prince Rogers Nelson. Sheila E., you're fire, girl!!!


RAINE J . 1 week ago

The 80s were the BEST!!!!😭I want to go back.

Josie Manang

Josie Manang . 1 week ago

Shiela shes one of the best singer in her country

Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth Walker . 1 week ago

@1:11 She saw him standing in the section. Mark'd. If-You-Have-To-Ask [How much it costs?],-You-Can't-Afford-It-Lingerie.

Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth Walker . 1 week ago

Money only pays the rent

Lincoln Oliveira

Lincoln Oliveira . 2 weeks ago


Matt Guitar Roe

Matt Guitar Roe . 2 weeks ago

Everything about this song is SEXY!


高谷弘 . 2 weeks ago


José Luís Oliveira

José Luís Oliveira . 2 weeks ago


Stacy Hutchins

Stacy Hutchins . 2 weeks ago

Love is priceless.

Carol Johnson

Carol Johnson . 2 weeks ago

That is talent! sing and plays not only the drums. tell me which woman Entertainer does that today? they don't make them like the use to

Kristina Daubney

Kristina Daubney . 2 weeks ago

So beautiful and talented! A Legend!!

Kenneth Jenkins

Kenneth Jenkins . 2 weeks ago

Sheila enough said!!!

Usmc Todd

Usmc Todd . 2 weeks ago

Just a beautiful woman!


JAE X . 3 weeks ago

Love those Jeri Curl/mullet combos.

James Jones

James Jones . 3 weeks ago

I love your style. You are a dream come true. You're such a badass

The HighScience Project

The HighScience Project . 3 weeks ago

Timbales Sheila and Prince's guide vocals on it. Jamming.

Mona Iannucci

Mona Iannucci . 3 weeks ago

Proctor an gamble song

Mona Iannucci

Mona Iannucci . 3 weeks ago

The step moms

Mona Iannucci

Mona Iannucci . 3 weeks ago

Girlfriend lol

Anon Ymous

Anon Ymous . 3 weeks ago

1984-what a year for some jammin tunes!


ALEXIS SMET . 3 weeks ago


Black Mamba

Black Mamba . 3 weeks ago

She arguably the best female drummer.

JD Nieves

JD Nieves . 3 weeks ago

Why is she not naked? Why she is not doing some sleazy dance? How can she actually play an instrument? This cannot be real? - Today's kids

ray bon

ray bon . 3 weeks ago

If you take away all those idiots in the video. And leave her by herself the whole video drumming. You got the number 1 video in mtv history right there.


wittyexquisite . 3 weeks ago

Guys was hustling in that Reagan era to this they was chasing the glamorous life. Slopes of snow everywhere...damn that must've been everything...a year later I was born

Manu De Backer

Manu De Backer . 3 weeks ago

Ow yeah!

Robert Sims

Robert Sims . 3 weeks ago

The girl still have it at any age.

용팝의 세계관

용팝의 세계관 . 3 weeks ago


Elia Clemente

Elia Clemente . 3 weeks ago

80's men fashion is the pinnacle of cringe. And it is still awesome and we need it to come back. Also bring back clarinet in rock music

Steven Smith

Steven Smith . 3 weeks ago

She kicked it!


ChanBella . 3 weeks ago

The women were so slim and pretty in the 80’s

Phenix returns

Phenix returns . 3 weeks ago

Genesis invisible touch : cover :) intro

Ann Gonzalez

Ann Gonzalez . 3 weeks ago

A song always remembered

Taylor Harris

Taylor Harris . 3 weeks ago

As a child Sheila E. inspired me to want to learn to play the drums and I went on to learn to play for my high school and college band years later.

hey deanie

hey deanie . 4 weeks ago

"Boys with small talk & small minds, really don't impress me in bed" ... I feel that line...

Gerldine Dowell

Gerldine Dowell . 4 weeks ago

Sheila still has it going on.bring back that sound.u r the best

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