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Trisha: My Thoughts
Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous

Published on 1 week ago

Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.


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Comments :

Lauren Ricard

Lauren Ricard . 2 hours ago

I don't think Trisha is trolling, she's just confusing "being transgender" and being pissed of with those (seriously annoying) gender stereotypes, and the toxic masculinity/toxic femenenity that go with it

him sam

him sam . 2 hours ago

But you jave done everything to feel woman. You are not in the right position to say that too. You guys are one kind.


ufallyg8r . 11 hours ago

Love your makeup sis! So beautiful! Those eyes!!!!

Caroline Johnson

Caroline Johnson . 14 hours ago

She is bs you

Jeannette Meola

Jeannette Meola . 17 hours ago

Either Trisha played you for a fool or you’re totally fine with her making a mockery of trans and non binary people.

Nikki AN

Nikki AN . 19 hours ago

We all have highs and lows Stop playing the victim and being always offended that shows insecurity Trisha is a mental patient Just ignore move on People joke about stuff everyday

Lee Francis

Lee Francis . 1 day ago

Trisha is the troll queen


AmandaC . 1 day ago

So question: Gigi didn’t get the bottom surgery... she’s in a lesbian marriage with a lesbian. How is her wife identifying as a lesbian if Gigi still has her bottom part ? I NEED to understand this. So don’t post hate comments... how does it make sense to identify as lesbian in their situation? As for Trisha... how the hell does she identify as her birth gender 💯 AND as male 💯? When you’re transgender, I thought you identify only as the opposite sex you were born? 🤔 Am I ignorant? Gigi.... please help us understand here... Thanks love

Kendra Rose

Kendra Rose . 1 day ago

Not interested... you being manipulated yoh...

Pamela Corona

Pamela Corona . 2 days ago

I just love u sweet!!!! Well said !

Sarah S

Sarah S . 2 days ago

Trish’s act trivializes trans people. Not cool.


MikeComplexion . 2 days ago

"You never know what's real"... ...said Gigi

Crystal Haberman

Crystal Haberman . 2 days ago

Ok so I’m up in the comments, and I’m just gonna say this. If Trisha didn’t have the following she has and has worked for none of this would be relevant. She is loving her best damn life and as long as she is NOT hurting HERSELF or OTHERS along with the world. Her identity does not matter and is no ones business but hers. Just have some respect for people and realize that all that truly matters is if someone is happy within themselves.

Meg sechrist

Meg sechrist . 2 days ago

I love how everyone is literally saying “Trisha is or Trisha is this or that... Trisha is Trisha! It’s who she is and who the hell here thinks they know her truly. I don’t think she was trying to offend or upset anyone. It’s her story and I’ve watched her for a long time and I feel like it’s how she talks too. Leave it my lord... there’s actual problems in the world happening.

lil john

lil john . 2 days ago

Why is she orange?

Floris franken

Floris franken . 2 days ago

Gaga is that you?!?!???


Beckaboo3397 . 2 days ago

Thank you GiGi , you’re such a beautiful sound. I commented in her first vid ,maybe I don’t hate , educate.💖✨✨

Lu Garc

Lu Garc . 2 days ago

Okay but ya'll should know that Trisha is a troll (no I'm not defending her, she's a huge hot mess) She's clearly bored and wants the attention and merely exists to stir the pot. It excites her

Charles M.D

Charles M.D . 2 days ago

Trisha the trashy troll.


callyod . 3 days ago

Gigi, Trisha is a troll, she's trolling everybody, everyone can see it!!

Kyle Koala

Kyle Koala . 3 days ago

Unsurprisingly, this video is nearly all about Gigi and very little about Trisha & the contents of Trisha’s video...


SerenaAlice . 3 days ago

Gigi, PLEASE don't buy her bull.

toby schamburger

toby schamburger . 3 days ago

yes. educate the ignorant. trisha = ignorant. please educate her.

Laura Buckley

Laura Buckley . 3 days ago

Thing is in a couple of weeks she’ll be back to showing her clothes haul and she’ll have forgotten all about being transgender, this time though she shouldn’t be allowed to


Sarcastically_me . 3 days ago

Instead of respecting her new gender, you should be admitting her to a rehab/psychiatric hospital.


laleczka1987 . 3 days ago

Wow Gigi you really don't care about the community, do you...

Kaleb H

Kaleb H . 3 days ago

"I'm 1000% trans and I'm 1000% 'natural'." Umm... That's not- that's not how it works


PinkandPurpleBullets . 3 days ago

Yeah I agree with lots of the comments, its not about being transgendered or not. She has a mental illness. Let's use that power to address this first.

Beckie Ross

Beckie Ross . 3 days ago

Oh ffs Trisha is not transgender. I would never ever tell someone they aren’t something they identify as but Trisha is just something else.

Taylor Ross

Taylor Ross . 3 days ago

Thank you for this. Someone in my life came out as transgender and It’s been hard seeing a point of view. I love you!

Ethany Yeah

Ethany Yeah . 3 days ago

when she said 🤠 i felt that

Roman King

Roman King . 3 days ago

so easy for you to say "its not about how you look" lol gtfo gigi

Hali Tsotetsi

Hali Tsotetsi . 3 days ago

What beautiful words!

Krystal Quinto

Krystal Quinto . 3 days ago


Nya Boyle

Nya Boyle . 3 days ago

i thought she was identified as a chicken nugget 😳


Skyedem . 3 days ago

It doesn't matter what we think we know about Trisha, or what we think of Trisha's content. We have no right to decide for someone else that they are or are not trans. You can choose to have an "opinion" on it, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. If someone identifies one way, that's them, weather or not it is believed, that is who they are. And no one can change that. Also, labels aren't permanent. They can change and change until you find one that fits you, or dont. It's all just a label, be who you are. That's all.

Isabella Mendes

Isabella Mendes . 3 days ago

It's not knowledge is common sense, I support the community but I'm not apart of it specifically and I understand simple common sense and respect concerning these topics

Candy Rain

Candy Rain . 3 days ago

Damn gigi not expecting this ....

Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez . 3 days ago

Yeah ok you try to ignore drama but then yet you making this nonsense video😑 ugh!

YaGirl_ Royalty

YaGirl_ Royalty . 3 days ago

Why would you be offended


tylerfrump15 . 4 days ago

She literally started her YouTube career being a troll and making offensive videos to get attention. You shouldn't take ANYTHING she says seriously tbh

Leah Brandman

Leah Brandman . 4 days ago

Great video, you beautiful soul (meaning your insides). You get so many compliments (rightly so!) on your physical appearance, but I want to tell you about what truly makes you stunning, a knockout: your heart of gold. Pax et bonum (heard you were Catholic)! 🥰🥰😘😘😘👼👼👼👼👼👼👼🧸🧸🧸🧸🧸✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻🍪🍪🍪🍪❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻

Justin Arnstein

Justin Arnstein . 4 days ago

I just hope Trisha figures it all out.

daisy rose

daisy rose . 4 days ago

*listens to joanne once*


amylynnbill35 . 4 days ago

She also said she was black.. and a chicken nugget. I suppose you believe that too?. c'mon Gigi I thought you were smarter than that... Sad

Sarah Love

Sarah Love . 4 days ago

why does someone need to tell anyone they are transgender or anything really if it’s who they are inside, surely the outside doesn’t change who you are inside. Apologies if this sounds ignorant I just wondered is all


honeyglow . 4 days ago

So Trisha is transgender 🤣😂🤣😂 I would love to know what Jason thinks🤣😂🤣😂

emily m

emily m . 4 days ago

but i promise you tmr she finna be a egg or a cat.

Jasveen K Gill

Jasveen K Gill . 4 days ago

Wow Just wow.

Nicolee Magnusson

Nicolee Magnusson . 4 days ago

Yeeeaaah she is not transgender, i call bullshit.

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