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Total War

Total War

Published on 1 month ago

Every choice matters in MYTHOS, especially when you need to tame one of the three legendary beasts. Gather your hunting party and get ready to embark on a wild expedition to change the fate of Troy.

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Comments :


Olive . 3 weeks ago

LoL what a rip off, I just checked the game and it has so many DLCs thzt they amount for more than the price of the game alone 😂 and it just came out, they sell updates as DlCs lol


BottledBanana . 4 weeks ago

damn compared to TW3 it seems few people care about Troy. I guess most people arent fans of the Greek classical era.


maciek1929940 . 1 month ago

Yeah it looks cool but im not gonna invest in a game where moving my army north equals with factions to my south, even when i have non aggression path, declaring war on me. Its annoying. Focus on AI and how it reduces the fun factor cause you will use it in your next 10 games...

Snake Bolt

Snake Bolt . 1 month ago

I’m thinking of getting into games like these more but thot into too much realism, I like the warhammer ones of the series and I wonder what other fantasy like total war games they will have in the future

Void One

Void One . 1 month ago

Wouldn't play this crap for free.

Killershootin 69

Killershootin 69 . 1 month ago

Delayed...maybe it's because you guys are wasting time and resources on squeezing out a few bucks on dlc like this that only 20 people in the community want. Most want warhammer 3 and then medieval 3. Get to work and stop always trying to milk every bit of cash out of us. CA is turning into EA with these dlc prices.


EVANGELOSS54 . 1 month ago

Lol ! Another title ruined by the warhammer moronic fantasy trend !

Sanguin valentin

Sanguin valentin . 1 month ago

Hello, I pre purchased warhammer 3 cause of the quality of your games, the pre order needs an upgrade for each time you delay it, or at least the bugs be kept at a minimal

Johnny Lui

Johnny Lui . 1 month ago

Sick combat animations like shogun 2 pls for medieval 3

Chris McCarver

Chris McCarver . 1 month ago

Hey just as a thought how would a total war saga in Korea sound. Specificly during the imjin war. Ngl I think it would be an awesome game with alot of potential if done right

christopher fisher

christopher fisher . 1 month ago

Great but we havent heard anything about Warhammer 3 lately? Is everything still on schedule?

rophetam P

rophetam P . 1 month ago



Kevlord22 . 1 month ago

Since i'm bored and looking for a game i often hover over the buy button, but then remember 3k frankly. I need to find something soon.

BaND of BrOtHErS gg

BaND of BrOtHErS gg . 1 month ago

please mediaval 3

just Steven Yaffe

just Steven Yaffe . 1 month ago

I'm not super familiar with Greek mythology, but it seems like Cerberus is on a bit of a different tier from the hydra and the griffin. In the hydra and the griffin you have two amazingly powerful and iconic mythical beasts, whereas Cerberus is literally the guardian of the underworld. Wouldn't Hades care if you just took his dog? Wouldn't all the souls of the underworld come pouring out if Cerberus isn't there any more? I mean, I know it's just a game so whatever, but there is a bit of a "one of these things is not like the others" vibe from this set of three.

minova 70

minova 70 . 1 month ago

It's the time for Shogun 3 :-<

Sjdj jsjsjs

Sjdj jsjsjs . 1 month ago

Cathay trailer when?

Recreant Raze

Recreant Raze . 1 month ago

Still no warhammer 3 news!


SubtleAmbition . 1 month ago

I see about three to four times the amount of people bitching about "warhammer fanboys" than I do warhammer fans asking for updates and everything I saw was polite. This is why people don't like whiny historical players. They're basically twitter, complaining and then patting themselves on the back for addressing nonexistent problems.


Björne . 1 month ago

Yeah, so how about that Warhammer 3 release date?


Marcus . 1 month ago

This is all very nice. Still waiting for the new WH3 content to be released. 👍

divyanshu bhandari

divyanshu bhandari . 1 month ago

Hey total war....he a suggestion stop reusing Rome 20 and Warhammer assets and make a fresh game using a new engine. You have been milked this engine dry bros.

F Artz

F Artz . 1 month ago

Screw Warhammer3 fanboys, Troy is a WAY more solid game

SE Design

SE Design . 1 month ago

show us more TW WH3! omg


열두핀셋물회 . 1 month ago

I love this game.

Dave S.

Dave S. . 1 month ago

This game looks great but it's too expensive for me :(


YRH#002B . 1 month ago

Softcore warhammer.

Igor Radojevic

Igor Radojevic . 1 month ago

Pure TRASH!! Nobody asked for this. Its boring and uninspiring. The only reason why CA still survived is because of Warhammer franchise. Unfortunately other developers were too stupid to realize they had a gold mine IP. Wake me up pls when you intend to publish news regarding WH3. Until then pls STFU with this trash "games" and similar sagas...

Michal Krasnodebski

Michal Krasnodebski . 1 month ago

The level of undeserved hate directed at Troy is a proof that total war fanbas is one of the most trashiest fanbases out there.

Garrett Benton

Garrett Benton . 1 month ago

The spoiled man-children in the TW fanbase series is so embarrassing. Just go outside for fuck's sake.

Tiber Septim

Tiber Septim . 1 month ago

Guys, I know you’re waiting for Warhammer 3 news, stop disliking other projects just for that.

Justin Butler

Justin Butler . 1 month ago

warhammer 3 wont be out for another 6 months to a year. Y'all should grab a discount bulk order of tissues to tide you over till then ya babies

Umut Ülker

Umut Ülker . 1 month ago

It doesn’t matter and i don’t care that you only want news about wh3. Stop disliking this video there is nothing wrong with it. And also troy is a great game maybe you can try anything it just to get away for a while from wh…stop being thirsty


Poturu . 1 month ago

As a massive Warhammer fan I gotta say the fans are indeed being a bunch of lil bitches, grow up and be patient jfc


Da_Alien . 1 month ago

man this Warhammer 3 trailer is a little funky, besides the "joke" you guys did a good job at making troy fun and playable, also would have been cool to leave a Warhammer 3 easter egg or anything at the end to reassure the fans

Alga´s Pizza Palace

Alga´s Pizza Palace . 1 month ago

I am a big Warhammer 3 myself, but heck some people need to chill and stop acting like damn entitled, spoiled brats. News will come, when it comes. CA doesn't owe anything to some raging, who seem to forget that structural delays and stuff still can happen, as COVID-19 isn't gone and the more dire situations in the world are not that long ago. Meanwhile ffs how impatience can people be, its seems like a most logical thing, that if you release a product you do not rush over to the next marketing project, give it 1-2 weeks to settle down with the Troy PR, before grabbing pitchforks.

Алдуин старается

Алдуин старается . 1 month ago

See that upvote/downvote ratio ? That's your beloved warhammer fanbase spitting on you because you dared put the light of another game for a month

Donald Crawford III

Donald Crawford III . 1 month ago

Once again CA; provided no support for 1 year for Troy. The game is 1 year old. Now you guys are trying to ram troy down everyone’s throats. People have moved on. How many sight, channels even show Troy. Ripped 3 kingdoms. People have little or no faith inCA and company. Besides costs to much fora 1 yr old game to boot.

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson . 1 month ago

this is not WH3

Brendan Nelson

Brendan Nelson . 1 month ago

I can't wait for warhammer 3 when it comes out


Dirtbag55 . 1 month ago

Show us more WH3 please, Cathay showcase vs Tzeench

Qasem Soleimani

Qasem Soleimani . 1 month ago

Video disliked, because the reddit kids get madder at review-bombing than CA itself.


Haydin1117 . 1 month ago

Man, you guys yelling about warhammer 3 in the comments are going to have a hell of a time when part of the announcement is a 2022 delay, huh?


K K . 1 month ago

That's a lot of dislikes

Josh Milner

Josh Milner . 1 month ago

Just here to say meh,,, !!!!!!!!!!WAR HAMMER 3!!!!!!!!!! Plz


DerSisch . 1 month ago

Thanks for this informative video. And to all ppl who cry for Warhammer news: I am a veteran of Warhammer (yes I also mean the Tabletop) and would love news to Warhammer 3 but honestly I am ashamed of this part of the community atm. Maybe have some patience and let ppl enjoy other titles in the Total War series.

Freaky Prick

Freaky Prick . 1 month ago

Amazing graphic. Can we expect such beautiful environment in WH3? and possibly in WH 1,2?


Notaro . 1 month ago

Mythos looks really nice. I like the replayability too.

hasbil ksar

hasbil ksar . 1 month ago

The art style is top notch


GAMES_KW . 1 month ago

we nees arbic languge

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