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Published on 5 days ago

I've played thousands of hours of pokemon in all different ways, but I haven't played pokemon colosseum

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Comments :

Solid x Angry Joer

Solid x Angry Joer . 17 minutes ago

What, who said Quilava is a fkn mouse?! It's a headgehog! In german the name is even "Igelavar" Igel means headgehog.

The Legicken

The Legicken . 24 minutes ago


Oscar Shorthose

Oscar Shorthose . 31 minutes ago

ant someone has beat your pencil sharpening record

Chain Jail

Chain Jail . 36 minutes ago

38:34 ayo wtf

Trevan Morin

Trevan Morin . 41 minutes ago

Gen 8 but you can only use 1 move * I don't know it will be hard enough tho


Lilk_99 . 1 hour ago

Pokémon but the opponent always out speeds


Mattlol . 2 hours ago

We Absolutely love your Pokémon videos never stop making them!

Noah Nelson

Noah Nelson . 2 hours ago

I got stuck on the guy with raikou cause I accidentally KOD it and I couldn't get out of the room


WilltheLemon . 2 hours ago

Yo...fr you need to play Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. Genuinely love it ❤️ my fav Pokemon games other than Ruby and Sapphire.

Caleb Naeger

Caleb Naeger . 3 hours ago

This game feels like a fan game and I love that it's official

Xeno Warz

Xeno Warz . 3 hours ago

42 minutes and Ant hasn’t even beaten the game in this vid lol

Arkon Plays Games

Arkon Plays Games . 4 hours ago

I love how people who's favorite pokemon is Wooper (Myself included) are disgusted by Quagsire lol

Mn Nice

Mn Nice . 4 hours ago

tfw this game has better combat animations than sword and shield

Shah Abbas

Shah Abbas . 4 hours ago

look at scumbag chat when he time flutes entei


WildChildElsner . 5 hours ago

The Final Fantasy vibes in this game are off the charts lol

Actor Phoenix Nicholson-Phoenix Fire

Actor Phoenix Nicholson-Phoenix Fire . 5 hours ago

Hey ant, have you played Pokémon Let’s go Pikachu/Eevee on stream and I haven’t noticed because I don’t have twitch? It’s a really good game I think you should try.


Gonkzu . 5 hours ago

The darkest Pokemon games ever made🥲

Markus The First Martyr

Markus The First Martyr . 5 hours ago

Dang this was the hardest I remember beating this when I was like 9-10 years old


AugustTheNuz . 5 hours ago

Cyndaquil is the "fire mouse pokemon" however "Cyndaquil's appearance is based on the echidna, but it also has traits of shrews, anteaters, and tenrecs, such as its long snout, and having little to no tail. Its closed eyes may be a reference to baby honey badgers, as its final evolved form is based on one. When its fire is lit, the fire resembles the quills of the porcupine." That was all from bulbapedia. edit for quilava: "Quilava's body is similar to most animals in the weasel family, particularly stoats due to its lack of a tail and the fur on its upper body being significantly darker than that on its underbelly with elements of a badger. However, the pattern distribution and shape of Quilava's flames closely resembles the quills and crest of the crested porcupine, especially in its earlier sprites." for typlosion: "Typhlosion has traits of badgers and weasels. Its thick body, long neck, small limbs, and short tail are similar to those of badgers of the Meles (genus) family while its bipedal stance and color pattern are more similar to those of the stoat." Again all that info I just copied from bulbapedia.


Tomidoo . 6 hours ago

For the people that want to watch the full streams: Part 1: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/768877074 Part 2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/770792059 Part 3: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/778246219 Final part: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/786526330


Pokemaniac . 6 hours ago

Can you please do Mario but every surface is ice. It might not be hard for u so hard mode adds no Cappy where ever possible

Perfect Cell

Perfect Cell . 6 hours ago

The move animations are actually pretty cool ngl

dead uy

dead uy . 6 hours ago

Quilava and typhlosion are honey badgers


Swirl . 6 hours ago

I love Quagsire.

dustiest spade

dustiest spade . 7 hours ago

Pokemon colosseum and XD were both fun

Matthew Coyle

Matthew Coyle . 7 hours ago

I named my Umbreon Shadow too.

Joshbor gaming

Joshbor gaming . 7 hours ago

ampharos is my favorite pokemon :)

Loveless Prince

Loveless Prince . 7 hours ago

100% this game as a teen a few times.....I want to do it again.

Nessari Yasien

Nessari Yasien . 8 hours ago

We need a remake of this game. I forgot how good it was!


Unhinged . 8 hours ago

chat, does he ever start pronouncing "duking" the right way

Flavio Lujan

Flavio Lujan . 8 hours ago

Can we all just agree that these 3D pokemon models had some special sauce? Like, compared to the new pokemon.

Joel Mahon

Joel Mahon . 8 hours ago

wow, wasn't this stream like 3 years ago? glad to see it comp on youtube

A h h h

A h h h . 8 hours ago

Altaria is tied for my favorite pokemon, but Ive never seen anyone use it (that I remember). I am so happy seeing a youtuber I like using it for the first time.

alida flus

alida flus . 8 hours ago

So, I played this on GameCube back in the day. In Japanese. Didn’t take me long to beat it, and it was one of the best games for the system at the time

Andrew Daddezio

Andrew Daddezio . 9 hours ago

it’s kinda sad how they made these new pokemon games they’re so ass

Josh Hopper

Josh Hopper . 9 hours ago

This game was hard? I beat it when I was like 13 lol I don't remember it being hard

Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms . 10 hours ago

So is there gonna be a part two where he beats it?

Shannon Pickering

Shannon Pickering . 10 hours ago

It doesn’t affect misdreavus


crimsonpatty . 10 hours ago

Hoanestly wish pokemon had kept going with these games! I dont remember it being hard but i was a child with too much time on my hands. Such a gem.


stoic_rose . 10 hours ago



Noah . 10 hours ago

dude colosseum doesn't look like a pokemon game


S D . 10 hours ago

I don’t remember much from this game but I remember I caught entei with my first pokeball

Gaston Charloux

Gaston Charloux . 11 hours ago

i watch yur mum


Aoiii . 11 hours ago

Inmagine this, and inmagine the new Pokémon game that comes out next month… exp share for the whole party etc etc etc.. these new Pokémon games are made for toxic whinning baby’s that don’t grown up living they need to grind to get somewhere


nin10doadict . 11 hours ago

Ah yes, this game truly hates its players


AstraaL . 11 hours ago

0:05 you goitta love how he cuts the gaps in between his words


U R A M E S H I . 11 hours ago

I remember playing Colosseum heavily back when I was 9 never got past Venus that game was hard asf for me


DaringDasherX . 11 hours ago

I still to this day cannot get over the quality gap of the N64 Pokemon Stadium models crammed in to the game compared to the Gen 3 but still one of the fondest memories of playing Pokemon

Trent Crim

Trent Crim . 11 hours ago

For the justy battle, one if the best things u can do is use ur umbreon bc it can get the move taunt, and u can earn a toxic tm from one of the Coloseums as well

pete bagwell

pete bagwell . 12 hours ago

Its bad that this old game looks on par if not better than the newest games in the series, this is still one of my favorite pokemon games of all time

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