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Published on 3 months ago

Catastrophe Canyon Special Effect scene on the Studio Tram Tour in Walt Disney Studios Theme Park at Disneyland Paris Resort.

There used to be this exact attraction over at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World Florida. It was removed couple of years ago for Star Wars Galaxy Edge.

Did you know there are 2 Disney parks in Paris? Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Theme Park. For more info and ticket, please visit their official website at

Filmed May 2019 at Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris resort

Comments :

Mickey Sightings

Mickey Sightings . 3 months ago

New to your channel again...I was unsubscribed by Youtube.

Jamie Dodger

Jamie Dodger . 3 months ago

They have to dump like ten gallons of water every 5-10 mins

the_Kolors_Stash _only_love

the_Kolors_Stash _only_love . 3 months ago

We love you and this attraction......from italy😍

Gamer Fox

Gamer Fox . 3 months ago

I want go on it

A world of magic

A world of magic . 3 months ago

The name of the first park is Disneyland Park. Disneyland Paris includes both parks (DLP and WDSP), Disney Village and Hotels😉

jmd kgn

jmd kgn . 3 months ago

Isn't there a 5 profiles ride video other than the “Born to Be Wild” profile of the Guardian of the Galaxy mission breakout ride at Disney California Adventure?


Recitales . 3 months ago

Studio Tram 1 was great! 🏃

Community Tours Australia

Community Tours Australia . 3 months ago


Mad Max

Mad Max . 3 months ago

Only good thing about this "ride"


ちのみ . 3 months ago



LoneSoul06 . 3 months ago

I imagined keeping the Catastrophe Canyon in Florida as some kind of walkthrough show.


rasputinafreak . 3 months ago

Disney-MGM is now dead

mister pony

mister pony . 3 months ago

En 2020 attraction va disparaître pour place a un Grand lac.

Brian Sutherland

Brian Sutherland . 3 months ago

Been on it twice during separate trips last year. Broke down both times. So, not that bothered if it goes on 2020.

Serp Odin

Serp Odin . 3 months ago

I really love that attraction

Yngol Ysgramorson

Yngol Ysgramorson . 3 months ago

That reminds me alot of the earthquake set in the california Universal Studios tour haha that's awesome

Avery the Cuban-American

Avery the Cuban-American . 3 months ago

Glad they're going to be retaining the last Catastrophe Canyon when the Studio Tram Tour closes

Simone Graffi

Simone Graffi . 3 months ago

Fun fact: this ride is going to be rethemed to Cars from summer 2020. So no more Backlot Tours at Disney parks.

Justin Henton

Justin Henton . 3 months ago

this was the only good thing about the tour ...everything else was stuck in the early 2000's and really needing of an update

Christopher Jeangerard

Christopher Jeangerard . 3 months ago

Ce n'est pas du tout le final de cette attraction, c'est le milieu lol

Mj Manoj

Mj Manoj . 3 months ago


denaa claudia

denaa claudia . 3 months ago


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