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Published on 11 months ago

Fortnite SEASON 5 Fortnite Battlepass is here!
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Comments :


Lachlan . 11 months ago

If your picking up the battlepass make sure to Support a Creator! Code Lachy if you want to support me :) #Ad

Malachy 14 McNicholas

Malachy 14 McNicholas . 1 week ago

Thanks 🙏🏻 you have to have your weekend wee

Malachy 14 McNicholas

Malachy 14 McNicholas . 1 week ago

Fhdduff thanks 🙏🏻 for I hope 🤞🏻 can help you get it out Malachy17 Ps4


OmAr28rt . 4 weeks ago

All skins are trash accept lexa, mann it's so amazing

Unstoppable Game Plays

Unstoppable Game Plays . 1 month ago

Hey! Don’t forget that Jesus Christ loves you and he died for you have a blessed day❤️


Hydroboo22 . 1 month ago



BLAZE DYLAN . 1 month ago

I got to level 189 then chapter2 season6 came I was exited but I wanted an zero point skin

ЂаррЎ fіѕЂЎ

ЂаррЎ fіѕЂЎ . 1 month ago

New season are always exciting even if some skins are bad


Catal . 2 months ago

That’s Cool

stacey stacey

stacey stacey . 2 months ago

I use your code

Lucas PlayZ

Lucas PlayZ . 3 months ago

Chapter 3 is Next Year


Zeilnodario . 4 months ago

Bruh the star of the battle pass is literally the madalorian Edit: I think I spelled the Mando wrong


Thinklikeachip . 4 months ago

Mancake reminds me of Red dead redemption 2. We got the vibes of it.


McPoopy . 4 months ago

I was a tier away from menace aswell at the end

Iris Wright

Iris Wright . 4 months ago

I’m in season 7


Unpeelable . 4 months ago

Lachlan: Ooo there’s another style so you can be seen more, down for that! 😂

Scary Llama

Scary Llama . 4 months ago



Srikar . 4 months ago

11:01 when ever I see otto in lachlan skin that is my recation


yoAlyx . 4 months ago

*Who else was scrolling through lachys vids and came across this one?*


dinothomas1132 . 4 months ago

I'm in season 6

Sans The Reaper

Sans The Reaper . 5 months ago

Literally no one realized, so I thought I should say it if people return to this video and find my comment. Lachlan bought the Fortnite Crew... But got the battle BUNDLE, not just the pass.

Jaybro Gaming

Jaybro Gaming . 5 months ago

“I thought flint-knocks were coming back.” They came back later this season

hour of life

hour of life . 5 months ago


José ricardo Serrano

José ricardo Serrano . 5 months ago

i love watching these a season later :)

CoolPlayer2056 {CURRENT}

CoolPlayer2056 {CURRENT} . 5 months ago

5:20 he just predicted the Flint knock returning in the near end of season 5


PigPerson27 . 5 months ago

I mean the flintlock did come back

Jose Hurtado

Jose Hurtado . 5 months ago

Shout out to lachy

shachar movies

shachar movies . 6 months ago

This battle pass is so ocoll I love the mave skin


DEVIL335 . 6 months ago

Problem a secret collab with among us ?

adam gray

adam gray . 6 months ago



Skytwist . 7 months ago

He transforms into what are those


PersonDude . 7 months ago

5:17 well yes but no


Drew . 7 months ago

Here before season 6

TTVvicemice042 plays fn

TTVvicemice042 plays fn . 7 months ago

Lachlan: I *THOUGHT* Flint knock is coming back. Epic: Bro We Gotchu give us 3 months... Also epic: N0 LeT'S vUaLt It N0W cUz It H4S b33N In F0R 1 NiGhT n0W

TTVvicemice042 plays fn

TTVvicemice042 plays fn . 7 months ago

U got battle pass cuz fortnite crew gives it to u


STRBStromedy . 7 months ago

everything about it every skin in the battle pass well at least almost all of them have a special superpower to transform

Adriana Davila

Adriana Davila . 7 months ago

i have it

Professor Random

Professor Random . 7 months ago



JC . 7 months ago

Lochlyn I have your skin I subscribe to all your channels and I liked all your videos


Gamingboy123 . 7 months ago

I got the battle pass for Valentine’s Day and I’m on level 111

Karlo Coetzee

Karlo Coetzee . 7 months ago

The fing is the flint knock did come back

Jordan George

Jordan George . 7 months ago

Who is watching this right before season 6

Jeangelica Santos

Jeangelica Santos . 7 months ago

The battle bass epic thats why epic games made the name epic games


HudsonXKermit . 7 months ago

Here when flint knocks actually came back

Andra Balan

Andra Balan . 7 months ago



Logtube . 7 months ago

Lachlan: I haven’t actually watched mandalorian though. Me: WHO ARE YOU

yeet me

yeet me . 8 months ago

5:20 how did he know

Yusuf Bobas

Yusuf Bobas . 8 months ago

its almost ending,...

Kemaya mae Noronha

Kemaya mae Noronha . 8 months ago

His name is grogu not baby yoda

Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez . 8 months ago

I. Want. The. Batoopas

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