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Nicki Minaj – “Bed” (Feat. Ariana Grande)
Ruslan Ravilevich

Ruslan Ravilevich

Published on 1 year ago

Comments :

Ruslan Ravilevich

Ruslan Ravilevich . 1 year ago

they can be watched forever! please follow me!!! and you'll be the first to see Minaj clips!

Aaron McPherson

Aaron McPherson . 1 year ago

#QueenAug10th 👑

victor Gameplay

victor Gameplay . 1 year ago

The lets show nicki e Ariana

Kayla Simone

Kayla Simone . 1 year ago

This song has good beat

Jamal Rahming

Jamal Rahming . 1 year ago

Yall can be watched forever!! Good job🤗🤗😉

Jamal Rahming

Jamal Rahming . 1 year ago

Ariana twerking

Kezreallee Ancle

Kezreallee Ancle . 1 year ago

I love when nicki and ariana make songs together

İmanverdı Xalıqov

İmanverdı Xalıqov . 1 year ago


Jamal Rahming

Jamal Rahming . 1 year ago

0:09 queen of twerk

Jamal Rahming

Jamal Rahming . 1 year ago

0:04 that spin tho

Raffaele Buffoni

Raffaele Buffoni . 1 year ago

I have uploaded a cover of this song, it would be amazing if you could check it out ❤️

Sanaiha life

Sanaiha life . 1 year ago

You did good but u would of did better if u did not keep repeating

Kayann Eastmond

Kayann Eastmond . 1 year ago


Emma Tenembaum

Emma Tenembaum . 1 year ago

Ariana's birthday is next week. Sign her B-day Card here and share with true fans only https://www.wishyoo.com/card/2350


DJ KennyMACK . 1 year ago

Listen to the new "Nicki Minaj - Chun Li Remix (King Kong Version)"https://youtu.be/1PCKFWAYrIo

Marquis Balom

Marquis Balom . 1 year ago

I ready 4 this video


RRF F . 1 year ago

What is ari shaking?


V RECORDS . 1 year ago

Arianna GTFO

noa uwu

noa uwu . 1 year ago

Ariana tweaking. Someone bless this child.

Brandon Ray

Brandon Ray . 1 year ago

How come it's reversing over and over again that's really weird

Vedang Upadhye

Vedang Upadhye . 1 year ago

Minaj with with the best assets

Dionne Joyner

Dionne Joyner . 1 year ago

Go girl

Iamdrugz Only

Iamdrugz Only . 1 year ago

Make way for the new female of Latin trap music foxie blanco new single called “ensename” is catching fire 🔥🔥🇩🇴 click this link 👉🏽 https://youtu.be/2GyckKIiP84

Sunshine Hernandez

Sunshine Hernandez . 1 year ago

arianahas a 12 year ols body. No ass no tits. she cant twerk. But she is so beautiful so it dont matter.

Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson . 1 year ago


Stunna 77

Stunna 77 . 1 year ago

Ari don't have no cakes to be trying to pop... Lol

Jazzy Jazz

Jazzy Jazz . 1 year ago

Ariana been petite❤️😭


OOF . 1 year ago

Ari so cute when she twerking 😂

Aislynn Arteaga

Aislynn Arteaga . 1 year ago



NickiMinaj . 1 year ago


someone somewhere

someone somewhere . 1 year ago


Weronika Muzafarov

Weronika Muzafarov . 1 year ago



OneonOne . 1 year ago


Pedrovitor 410

Pedrovitor 410 . 1 year ago

Slko parça 😍😍😍😍 essa ariana vou ti falar 😋😋😍😍😍😍😍

Diana Flores

Diana Flores . 1 year ago

Ahh love this my god I hope you guys see this

Haruki Vistal

Haruki Vistal . 1 year ago

Cant wait to watch this music video 👑👑👯‍♀️🛏


manzelxx . 1 year ago

Check out my channel for bed video

Elsia Edwards

Elsia Edwards . 1 year ago


Victoria Monet

Victoria Monet . 1 year ago

I love Ariana ❤️bud I hate Nicky🤮

Mileven Queen

Mileven Queen . 1 year ago


Kamila Gomes

Kamila Gomes . 1 year ago


Mirimiti Review

Mirimiti Review . 1 year ago

okay...so where is all of the big part?XD


TEDDY 77 . 1 year ago

Just imagine if Ariana actually had tits not bee stings


kendal. . 1 year ago

Omgggg Nicki is soooo lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐉🐉

Miah Vlogs

Miah Vlogs . 1 year ago

Am I the only one who thinks Ariana is hotter

Sanat Art

Sanat Art . 1 year ago

Mmmhh big ass 💋💋❤️

Flower Princess

Flower Princess . 1 year ago

This video suck ass😞💯


CapricornTingz . 1 year ago

Who’s ready for this video and big bank??!? The outfit she had on when she posted the big bank video shoot was amazing. Tht HAD to be custom designed for her. AND PINK!!! MY FAV COLOR!!! Ladies you’re never EVER too old to love PINK!!

Kevin Sellers

Kevin Sellers . 1 year ago

Not yet

Queencurlyhead.12 Joanna

Queencurlyhead.12 Joanna . 1 year ago

They are so pretty 🤗

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