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Published on 3 days ago

Looking for revenge 😤 Me and Kenny came out with a vengeance against Nick Briz & Carlos in 2v2 basketball😈
Nick's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrJuPjLQ-xg3WxjHjO2I2XA

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Comments :


CashNasty . 3 days ago



BigFog728 . 5 minutes ago

Everybody on that purple team is corny as fuck


Sinatracks . 14 minutes ago

“This effect requires gpu acceleration” lol


Itsjeffrocuz . 15 minutes ago

EXODIA...Carlos the Forbidden One LOL

i’m ryan

i’m ryan . 18 minutes ago

carlos a menace , a school threat all of the above 😂

Mama Cat

Mama Cat . 25 minutes ago

Good stuff cash


Seⱥn . 37 minutes ago

It sounds racist when Carlos says the n word

Gabriel Penaflor

Gabriel Penaflor . 38 minutes ago

Nick got Carlos used to the good games 😂😂

super sparks bros

super sparks bros . 39 minutes ago

Anybody on the squad but Carlos and Nick wins. But props to CASH nice shootn

marko smith

marko smith . 41 minutes ago

Worst basketball I’ve ever watched 😭

The derpy pug

The derpy pug . 43 minutes ago


marko smith

marko smith . 46 minutes ago

I don’t think any of these dudes played high school ball at the least


A R . 52 minutes ago

cash lost to chris from the savage squad wtf , he probably won't post it to his channel

Jacob Papadopoulos

Jacob Papadopoulos . 54 minutes ago

2 hype is hot fucking garbage holy


Septembersveryown . 55 minutes ago

Bro ion even know why nick did all the talking in the 5v5 when he wasn’t even top scorer

Alexis Martinez

Alexis Martinez . 1 hour ago

0:10, is that Quinn Cook?


vNana . 1 hour ago

We miss malcolm


LoLTronguy . 1 hour ago

But y’all got smacked 5v5 lmao

Boots Bailey

Boots Bailey . 1 hour ago

I don’t like laughing at people but it’s hard with Carlos… 😂 I’m sorry

Nv NoisyBoy

Nv NoisyBoy . 2 hours ago

Carlos you talk to much stfu and play

Ben Vopni

Ben Vopni . 2 hours ago

We have to see flight vs Carlos


Retr0hype . 2 hours ago

Carlos acting like he lost game 7 of the finals 😂

AJ Basketball

AJ Basketball . 2 hours ago



nomadxpert . 3 hours ago

Yall know Carlos is... umm special, right?


MO BITS . 3 hours ago

why you get mad carlos, you are not a baller! jajajaja

Islam Lover

Islam Lover . 3 hours ago

You should 1v1 adam sandler

Breezy Breeze

Breezy Breeze . 3 hours ago

Cash were you afraid of hurting Carlos??

Oğuzhan Berkkaçan

Oğuzhan Berkkaçan . 3 hours ago

Alper abi cek buna da izleyek djdbdjdhd

Andrew richey

Andrew richey . 4 hours ago

Carlos is really nicks biachhhh😂😂


Jared21 . 4 hours ago

Well nick’s team was only good cause Chauncey tbh


Vlade-Dottie . 4 hours ago

The only thing Carlos is good for is fouling the shit out of opponents and taking ill-advised shots. He airballs more shots than he makes! 😭

9 j

9 j . 4 hours ago

that dude with the hat and beard on nick teams be talking all this shi but he aint do nothin in the 5v5 💀💀

Whgu ybnm

Whgu ybnm . 4 hours ago

Carlos better keep his mouth shut, all that talking, they quiet now😭😭😭😭

Nyce Gaming

Nyce Gaming . 4 hours ago

How do these man disrespect you in that 5v5 like that like you didn’t make his channel I promise you more than half his subs came because of your reaction


Dimension-23 . 4 hours ago

Kenny sellin

Chris Lopez

Chris Lopez . 4 hours ago

What about your reaction to the 1v1 you did wit Chris ?

Timothy Westbrook II

Timothy Westbrook II . 5 hours ago

Carlos be tired on Nick half the time lol


OG PUSHO . 5 hours ago

But why don’t y’all see nick briz part?

Daniel Rivas

Daniel Rivas . 5 hours ago

Yo that tall guy, who's dad is that

Mi’Tiy Carter

Mi’Tiy Carter . 5 hours ago

dawg you still got dropped off the first time by carlos there wasn’t even a revenge needed cause he abolished you

Dominic Bennett

Dominic Bennett . 6 hours ago

Cash at 7:07 they did not score nick walked backwards amd tookthree steps thats a walk

Dewayne Perdue

Dewayne Perdue . 6 hours ago

they all stuck at basketball

Noah Perez

Noah Perez . 6 hours ago

They got there two best guys and well that’s cash and kenny

Dillon Williams

Dillon Williams . 6 hours ago

Glad to see y'all not beefing

XxGoldxn Xx

XxGoldxn Xx . 6 hours ago

Cash that water that you was drinking before the game made your shots we like waaaaaaata

D.N. Aye

D.N. Aye . 6 hours ago

Does anyone else notice this is the same day, but they wanted the 2v2 for some day (Nick's words) and everybody is buddy buddy 🤔😂

Roddy Hendrixx

Roddy Hendrixx . 7 hours ago

Wet like waterrrr

Aaron Velander

Aaron Velander . 7 hours ago

1:06 dude says zoom in on that slow mo it see what he did. Bruh he barely got the top of your head on accident quit acting like such a bitch 😂😂

Michael Garrett

Michael Garrett . 7 hours ago

I realized y'all ain't ball players... Your all hype men for each other...

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