Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN

Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN

Published on 7 months ago

What is up, humans?! ♡ Calliope Mori(森 カリオペ)here. Grim Reaper’s apprentice has a body! Can you believe it?

Using only a PS5 controller, a pocket full of dreams, and a shitty guitar I found in a dumpster on my way to the studio, the Grim Reaper's First Apprentice opens up the GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- beta test...

...and knows there will be no mercy.

Heaven or... Underworld?!

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Comments :


SurfingRaichu . 1 month ago

Love that you’re into fighting games, Calli!❤️ would love to see more of it in Hololive! Played any street fighter or king of fighters before?

Jessku Hatsune

Jessku Hatsune . 2 months ago



enderslayer87 . 3 months ago

Lets goooo, we got an icon slumming it with the FGC

louis foronda

louis foronda . 4 months ago

dad played the flames of the


人間即是地獄 . 5 months ago

mori很有毅力呢 😂😂😂 這遊戲的難道不低呢


Bliko . 5 months ago

mori vs gura?


Bronson . 6 months ago

Hey thanks for playing a fighting game! I never thought that'd happen and am excited to see more. I wish it was Tekken 'cause that's my jam and it's the most popular fighter in the world so you'd get a lot of views, but you said GG is your favorite so, so long as you're happy then that's what matters.

Sittran 0521

Sittran 0521 . 6 months ago

This just goes to show how important it is to play with what you're comfortable with, because calli has said that she's used to stick, but she was using pad this entire time, so saying "I'm not using to this controller" should not be looked down upon as much as it is, (mind you, "my buttons aren't working" is a completely different excuse, because they could just be scrubquoting, but if their buttons REALLY weren't working, they could prove it)


Shimatakami . 6 months ago


Akira the wildcard

Akira the wildcard . 6 months ago



AfroKing24 . 6 months ago

C O U N T E R !


ヰル . 6 months ago

IrUkAsAAAN!! *thwap*

No-Fault No Families; Divorce is someone's fault

No-Fault No Families; Divorce is someone's fault . 6 months ago

what a sweathurt


TeckTheBlooded . 7 months ago

Waiting for the Coefficient fight :3 It'll be cool to see Coe fight and hang with the Holo members


Rivershield . 7 months ago

Why do you refer you yourself as "your boy"? Don't tell me it's a T


Rivershield . 7 months ago

wait, Megurine Luka?


Derris . 7 months ago

Hope to see more Vtubers play fighting games.


GlacierFox523 . 7 months ago

Ah damn wish I knew about this I would of tired to match up


StardustSynchron . 7 months ago

April is going to be such a long wait. This beta was so much damn fun.


ChimericalWhite . 7 months ago

Ok so I am at the same damn level, let's run some matches sometime in Xrd or Accent Core Plus R LETS GO


朔田良太郎 . 7 months ago



sworda63 . 7 months ago

Soooo when is Arc System Works making a hololive fighting game?


西住ボコ . 7 months ago


Scott Crossan

Scott Crossan . 7 months ago

Really enjoyed watching. Should do more fighting games in the future 🤘


Juke . 7 months ago

..okay this looks cool might pick this up


Peonicle . 7 months ago

Rip gatlings

yung chilly

yung chilly . 7 months ago

why was she only allowed to play for an hour?

Laissen Faire

Laissen Faire . 7 months ago

No gun flame????

Avory Bernkastel

Avory Bernkastel . 7 months ago

wait how in thee world?


SleeplessKnight . 7 months ago

Is it just me, or does May legitimately sound like a younger Marine.

Colton Davis

Colton Davis . 7 months ago

Man I hope they add sin to the roster


Ethereal . 7 months ago

32:00 CPU May Arc starts here.

Kirkha Kaharsyah

Kirkha Kaharsyah . 7 months ago

Mori knows of the pain of dolphin dolphin dolphin bulls*it blazing Blame the fishes.... Dolphin or whale.... On different note, calli seems like a good character for guilty gear

Road to Dawn

Road to Dawn . 7 months ago

I love me some BlazBlue, but I know next to absolutely nothing about Guilty Gear. But this is fun to watch!

Tsuki Akiba

Tsuki Akiba . 7 months ago

I think the CPU actually kinda cheats with Mays Dolphins? They are a charge move, meaning you have to hold back for like 50~60 frames before pushing forward and either Slash or Heavy Slash. The rate in which the CPU can spam dolphins is insane.


TClaymore . 7 months ago

"'My friend can play Guilty Gear better,' hey, FUCK your friend! ::mashes::"


Madengine . 7 months ago

4:21 if you needed it

Casual Filth

Casual Filth . 7 months ago

What happens when someone is being found guilty for using way too many commas? They most likely get a very long sentence

Dr. Earthworm Robotnik

Dr. Earthworm Robotnik . 7 months ago

Would Mori be a Testament main if he's ever added in STRIVE?

Jeber Delgadillo

Jeber Delgadillo . 7 months ago

Aw man I wish I could fight her but I don't have a PS4 😔


Cr4bc4kes . 7 months ago

5:51 I believe that term is called "The Basement King". It's fine. Still means you're better than a normie casul.


Boyzby . 7 months ago

Fighting games are so much easier to watch than play. I started trying to get into things that aren't Melee in the past couple years, that game is also pretty brutal, and it's a really rough, yet satisfying, road to go down once you start learning things and seeing them bring put to use.


矢島義貴 . 7 months ago



ColtEagle77 . 7 months ago

I am 100% down for seeing you play way more Guilty Gear


お茶の葉 . 7 months ago

まさかアケコン派だったとは...!アケコンを英語で何と言うのか分からないけど良いよね。stick lever controller?

Weeb Extraordinaire

Weeb Extraordinaire . 7 months ago

As somebody with no prior knowledge of Guilty Gear this was quite the experience.


Tenjoubito . 7 months ago

As someone who still owns Guilty Gear X and XX, I do miss having some of the characters in here. Very neat to see the newest game here though.


ExplosionRock . 7 months ago

Calli vs Roberu at EVO, Lets gooooo!!!!

HLGN | Poi

HLGN | Poi . 7 months ago

so when's Calli's cover of "Smell of the Game"

Deizurus 456Vexus

Deizurus 456Vexus . 7 months ago

who the frick is this may character and why is she an op goddess? O.O

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