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Great Big Story

Great Big Story

Published on 4 years ago

Real indigo-dyed clothing is not like the blue you know. Richer than the chemical blues used on most fabrics today, real indigo dye comes from a plant and has a surprising range of qualities: on fabric it is antibacterial, flame resistant and repels odor and dirt. With roots in Japanese culture dating back to the 1600s, indigo-dyed fabrics were worn under the armor of samurais to help keep bacteria from wounds. Today, five farmers keep the tradition of growing indigo alive in Tokushima, Japan.

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Comments :

Great Big Story

Great Big Story . 4 years ago

If you're interested in buying indigo-dyed fabric from Toshiharu Furusho, you can reach out to him directly at (copy & paste) [email protected]

Maximilien Robespierre

Maximilien Robespierre . 2 weeks ago

Can you tattoo with indigo?

Shafi Samiur Rahman

Shafi Samiur Rahman . 6 months ago

Great nation maintaining their culture with pride.


Slydemise . 7 months ago

Most jeans are dyed but have a massive amount of real indigo in them. Chemically breaking them down and you'll find this out.

gunarsa gerry

gunarsa gerry . 8 months ago

Nothing Made by the Japan are easy..


kuu . 9 months ago

dont mind me, just waiting for the sudden wave of people that'll get this in their recommended...

serena shatswell

serena shatswell . 9 months ago

That’s Beryls voice ! 😂 I hope I spelled her name right !

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Taacooz . 10 months ago



Markyboy68 . 11 months ago

I need that


765tgs . 1 year ago

@GreatBigStory you are by far one of the best channels on YouTube. Seriously. Thank for this.


Shan . 1 year ago

This is the kind of guy who you’ll feel stupid asking him about what is his favorite Color

Youth InAsia

Youth InAsia . 1 year ago

So it has a lot of functionality to it as well as looking incredible, the natural ability for wound protection as well as a natural fire retardant would have made it the obvious choice for use. It’s incredible to discipline these people possess to continue doing their craft the old way to be true to it self is respectable and these people should be proud of wonderful masterpieces they create

Sonya Dy

Sonya Dy . 1 year ago

I hope they can earn enough money for their family

krishna manda

krishna manda . 1 year ago

Indigo was brought from India to Japan

Gideon Paul

Gideon Paul . 1 year ago

sup wuuu


munando . 1 year ago

Does anyone happen to know how to purchase natural indigo dye in the United States?

Fionn Caoṁánaċ

Fionn Caoṁánaċ . 2 years ago

I wonder if Americans took inspiration from the Japanese when choosing the colors for their military and police force ?

Cheese Cake

Cheese Cake . 2 years ago

the voice is kind of annoying

marinara candle

marinara candle . 2 years ago

Is no one gonna talk about how dope that dude's manicure is??


HAMANSUTRA . 2 years ago

In terms of history, the production of indigo dye from plants is over 6000 years old. Indigo was a really popular dye with my Persian forebears thousands of years ago. However, Japanese Indigo/Denim is Fantastic.


vicente . 2 years ago

Japan has almost everything the world could ask for

Happy Hardiansyah

Happy Hardiansyah . 2 years ago

Woah! What a shot! 2:26

Truth Kangen

Truth Kangen . 2 years ago

My grandfather had used that color dyed before. It was cool to watch the cloth become new again.

Tejas Pradhan

Tejas Pradhan . 2 years ago

The original indigo found in india. That's why it's called indigo.


RE JB . 2 years ago



N T . 2 years ago

By the way, Japanese craft some of the most beautiful denim in the world.

Klara G

Klara G . 2 years ago

Way too short. This could be the intro ad for a very interesting tutorial on indigo in Japan.

Henk Janssen

Henk Janssen . 2 years ago

Come on guys, at least get someone to do these voice overs without vocal fry.


TheColdZephyr . 2 years ago

I was brought here out of curiosity after watching Dr. Stone. I was wondering how likely it could be that a character in Japan 3,700 years after humans disappeared could actually have blue clothes.

Waisake Ranamalo

Waisake Ranamalo . 2 years ago

Soo the real crips came from Japan? Hmm interesting.....


Mel . 2 years ago



derishas . 2 years ago

im not an artsy person but i can say the their blue colored products is pretty


Daniel . 2 years ago

"real indigo" same fucking molecule thoe...

Tursom Ulefits

Tursom Ulefits . 2 years ago

青出于蓝而胜于蓝 ——荀子,near 200 BC in China

John Ver Sosas

John Ver Sosas . 2 years ago

Fun fact: Manila, the capital of the Philippines, derives its name from "May Nilad" which means "a place where indigos are bounty".

Gabby S

Gabby S . 2 years ago

Hi dyes


Tiksup . 2 years ago



TealScarab . 2 years ago

Truly the masters of the bluest of blues.

Dexter John Yabut-Ilagan

Dexter John Yabut-Ilagan . 2 years ago

The japan peps only deserve the finest indigo 👌

Aarham Khan

Aarham Khan . 2 years ago

Guess I know what I'll be using to craft my armor now :D


Mel . 2 years ago

D-->All the likes are from lowb100ds

c9429 Same

c9429 Same . 2 years ago


Alyssa Lastimado

Alyssa Lastimado . 2 years ago

I heard about this from a anime " My roommate is a cat"😍😍


スペクター. . 2 years ago


Paul Denne

Paul Denne . 2 years ago

A more in depth story is here. https://youtu.be/5ZUQq_pV8P4


DBT . 2 years ago

I thought indigo people

Gil de Jesus

Gil de Jesus . 2 years ago

Deixa de besteira! Pra fixar esse corante apenas bastam um agente redutor e um alcalinizante. Isso aí é uma química das mais perigosas! Queria entender como funciona o processo fermentado q não deve dar tanto fedor!( Acho uma irresponsabilidade esses caras que ficam postando as coisas pela metade. Acho q já tem muita gente correndo o risco por aí. Se quer vender um produto, então diz a maneira menos arriscada pro praticante. É certo q um cidadão dormir com um "vat" de hodrossulfito dentro de um espaço pequeno é certeza de vida curta!) Não gostou, toma um suco!

Daniel D Lee

Daniel D Lee . 2 years ago

Indigo is still very common in Korea though.

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